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Momsterslink ~ March 17, 2016

momsterslink linky link-up blog hop

It is with great regret that I will not being running #momsterslink this week.  I need time to catch up on the plate of stuff that just keeps piling up and I somehow just keep adding to.  I have photographs to finish up for 2 clients who are patiently waiting.  I have a shit ton of commenting to catch up on, I have a review with a giveaway to write, and to add even more to my plate I have decided to start making the following skirts to make some extra money and I already have some orders to fill, which I am so not complaining about because who doesn’t like to make some money right?

fabric tutus girls skirts

I made this for my 3 year old on a whim and have gotten a great response from them.  I plan to make sports teams ones and superheroes as my 4 year old now wants one but it must. be. superheroes.  I am actually really excited about this adventure.

I will find time to manage my life better but for now it’s just all over the place.  Being superwoman is hard work. LOL.

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Hope to see you all next week, same time, same site!

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I am a mother of 5, a wife to 1, and a fully certified domesticated momster who likes to blog about motherhood, marriage, and anything else that pops into my crazy head all with a side of sarcasm and a glass of wine.

19 thoughts on “Momsterslink ~ March 17, 2016”

    1. So cute! Wish I had another grandchild and specifically a granddaughter that I could order one for…I’m not complaining as I am nuts over my little 3 yr old grandson! But darn, they are soooo cute! Happy sewing!

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    1. Thanks doll! I just have not quite bounced back to myself …I always get this way at the end of winter though cause I’m just so sick of the cold and the bundling up…sometimes we don’t see the sun for weeks…and I’m just not used to that after living in Las Vegas for over 20 years! But I do it for my family…I live here where my husband has a good job and can come home everyday. Maybe I’ll just tell him I need an infrared light in the bathroom above my tub 🤔

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      1. Oh I hear ya! I am not a Winter person and winters in MA can really suck. We have been having really nice weather until today. It’s cold and windy out and the forecast says we might get snow on Monday and Tuesday. Have I mentioned I hate winter? After living here for the last 14 years and I’m still not used to it but I am here for my kids. This is there home and the schools are great in my town. I like the idea of the infrared light! I might look Into that too, lol!😎

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    1. I’m sorry love! I am just bombarded with trying to fit my life into a 24 hour period and sleep! Vacation is coming and I am going to be exhausted by the time it gets here! Thanks for popping over though…I appreciate your support as always!


  1. I just found out about this linkup, so I’ll be back next week! The skirts are super adorable by the way! I used to make something similar for my daughter when she was little… found lots of fabric scraps to make them at garage sales!

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    1. Ooooh thanks for the idea! I am hoping to find a fabric wholesaler when I go to the city on Friday. I have a ton of ideas for them. See you next week for #momsterslink. Leave me your Twitter handle if you need a reminder.


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