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Workout Wednesdays ~ March 23, 2016

It’s been awhile since I have posted about my health and fitness workout progress.  Not to worry…I haven’t given up on it…just been quite busy piling more and more stuff onto my plate, no pun intended,  and haven’t had a lot of time to write my weekly progress reports.

I am officially down 27 pounds since weighing myself Jan 1, 2016.  And lately I have been asked by a few people what I did to shed it.

First off, I didn’t drink or eat any junk food for an entire month…well 28 days but whose counting close enough.  I really think that this jump started my weight loss and tricked my body.  Just beware that if you are a frequent drinker, then suddenly stop completely, and you are female, it can throw off your cycle.  I am quite certain that’s what has happened to me.

I do a lot of cardio.  As you know I have fallen in love with Zumba.  But I also walk my neighborhood of hills when it’s nice outside, and when it’s not…and there is no Zumba…I resort to the frightful horrifying grievous dreadful treadmill.  Luckily I have learned to tread and blog without falling off (multi-tasking talent I tell ya)  which makes the time go by much faster.

I have also been taking GNC Women’s Ultra Mega Energy And Metabolism.  It’s a 30 day supply separated into one day packets of pills. GNC Women's Ultra Mega Energy Metabolism Pack It doesn’t make me nauseous or jittery and gives me great energy.  And whether or not it’t helping shed the weight, I don’t know, but I have been losing consistently, every week since I started it about a month ago.  The cheapest place I have found to purchase a 30 day supply is Amazon.

I usually take the one day supply about 1 hour before I am about to workout.  And on days that I forget to take it…I can tell.

I also do some weight lifting and weight machines with my cardio.  Usually in the mornings 3 times a week, as it’s always good to let your muscles rest.  In my 40’s my body is really good at letting me know when it has had enough needs rest.  I find a lot of workout routines on Pinterest…if you would like to check out some of the workouts I have found, just check out my workouts board.  I have been trying to add to it frequently.  And when I can’t get to the gym…YouTube is my best friend.  You can find any and all types of workouts there.  I usually like doing my ab workouts at home as I don’t like laying on the gym floor and the mats they provide look like they go way back and would probably be part of a science experiment.

As for what I eat.  My biggest thing is that I try to burn more calories then I consume.  I drink a lot of smoothies which usually consist of a banana, spinach, kale, cucumber, a small amount of frozen fruit variety, and either plain or coconut water.  I also like to throw in some chia and flax seed as it seems to make me feel fuller longer.  Below is one of my favorite meals.  Seared piece of tuna (found in the frozen section at Wal-Mart), and lightly sautéed kale and spinach mix.  Literally takes 5 minutes to make.  The seasoning I use is McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Steak Seasoning.  I use it to season pretty much every type of meat eaten in my house.

seared tuna spinach kale power greens yummy healthy food

I drink A LOT of water!  And I like putting lemon in my water.  And when I am craving some carbonation…I have Perrier water on hand.  I also like to brew green tea and flavor it with just a small amount of light Agave syrup or my local honey.  Consuming your local honey can also help you fight the allergy season of pollens in your local environment.

And even though the Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine meals are not that good for you, I still keep a section of my freezer full of them so that when I am in a hurry (which normally means resorting to fast food), I have them on hand.  Much healthier than fast food.

I have also recently discovered that coconut oil is high in cholesterol.  Therefore if your cholesterol is high…it is better to use light virgin olive oil or canola oil.  I actually found a mixture of both at the grocery store.  I know there has been a hype about coconut oil being the new super oil to go to but not if you are trying to keep your cholesterol under control.

I have started allowing myself cheat days about every 7-10 days.  I consume some yummy, usually full of carbs  food and cocktails and it doesn’t kill me.  I actually think it helps me stay on track as I am not depriving myself of some of the goodies and setting myself up for failure.  I did however for the first 28 days have absolutely no goodies of any kind.

I have been having a lot of fun with my FitBit challenges with friends.  I must say that the fab lady of Bumbi’s Mom has joined my #activitytrackerchallenge

FitBit activity tracker steps calories exercise
My best day of steps to date.  My goal is 20,000 in a day and 100,000 in a week.
and I am loving her competitive side and the fact that she now chooses walking over golf carting at work!  You go girl!  Having a little competition amongst friends is a great way to stay motivated.

The biggest difference I have noticed since starting my journey is the fact that I have more energy and when I don’t work out for a couple days I get really grouchy.  I realize that I have to rest sometimes but it’s become a physical and mental challenge for me now.

Below is a current picture that I took about a week ago in a public bathroom.  Don’t ask me why I decided to take a selfie at that particular moment but I did.  And it’s not the best pic since I am wearing a sweatshirt but I can tell the difference from pics of the past.

selfie domesticated momster

Vacation is fast approaching and I am hoping to shed at least 10 more pounds before we go.  It may be a little unrealistic but I am going to try my best.  That way I have some leeway while on our trip.

Happy Hump Day,

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17 thoughts on “Workout Wednesdays ~ March 23, 2016”

  1. Great post! Well done u to the weight loss and other benefits you are feeling from these changes. I’m approaching 40 this year so am really thinking of my health more than ever. I don’t exercise, almost at all, so this is one thing I plan to change.
    Just noticed, under the fit bit pic, it seems some wording is missing? Thought I should let you know 🙂
    Also, I follow a lady Christine Cronau here in Australia. She talks a lot about how having high cholesterol is a bit of a scam, it’s not actually a health issue. Not sure if you’ve read much on that theory? We personally use coconut oil a lot in our cooking (safest oil for high temps), we have recently started oil pulling and it’s a great totally natural moisturiser. And helps u lose weight to boot! I wouldn’t go without it here and I don’t even like coconut taste but enjoy how we use it. Food for thought…pun intended lol!

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    1. We were using coconut oil for everything …I don’t even mind the taste and then my husbands Doctor told us to switch. I haven’t read about the cholesterol not being a serious health issue but I know heart problems and diabetes runs in my family so trying to do what I can to live longer 👍🏼. I turn 43 on Sunday and my youngest turns 4 so I want to be around to see all my kids grow up. I was very healthy and fit before I had kids then I just got lazy and made excuses about no time or too tired and decided this year was the time for change.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You are doing amazing! I’ll be going to GNC today to check out those supplements.

    I love the FitBit group and all of you have definitely kept me motivated. I have consistently hit 10k a day since we started and it kind of feels good. I even get on a treadmill on the rainy days. (This was never me before!) Now I need to get you awesome multitasking skills mastered on the treadmill. Blogging and walking should be a thing!

    I haven’t had as much success with weight loss but have only recently incorporated some dietary changes. I haven’t gained anything either so that is a plus.

    Anyway- congrats on the 27lb loss! You look fabulous and you have inspired me so obviously you are fabulous! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe! Thanks lady! I’m so glad to inspire anyone to feel better. You kick ass with the steps so I bet if you made a few simple diet changes you would lose the weight! And yes do check out the GNC product! I love it! Mainly because I get no jitters or crashing and energy that lasts me through the day but I go right to sleep at night. Keep it up girl! Love having you as part of my challenges!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You look fantastic, dear friend!! I too recently made that discovery about coconut (*sigh*) so I now eat it sparingly because high cholesterol is a problem for me too. Staying comitted to eating healthy and working out is sooo hard, and you’re kicking serious butt! You said it all in your Zumba post- when you find an exercise that you enjoy (and even crave), it makes living a healthy lifestyle easier. I’m in a mental lull lately as far as working out goes. I’ve been dreading pressing the play button, so it think it’s time to change things up a bit!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can understand your reasons my friend. But nothing relieves some stress like a good workout. But believe me I get it. I have had a lot of daily “funks” lately. Sunday I woke up sick again which then brought on a battle of depression all day and I pretty much didn’t get out of bed except to check on the kids who thank goodness just somehow knew mommy was having an off day and they entertained each other. But Monday, even though still feeling the depression, I put the gym shoes on and got back to it. One day at a time 😉


  4. Wow you’re doing awesome! And there’s some great tips in here too. I’m considering a Fitbit and had no idea that there was a whole community out there to encourage one another. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the 10lbs! #bloggerclubuk

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You really are an inspiration! You are eating so healthy & exercising so much. Look at all those steps in one day! The tuna looks really yum & your smoothies sound delish! I could do you with you as my coach! I hope you hit your goal for vacation but if not you look fab & I hope you & hubby have an amazing time together! Thanks so much for linking up with us! #bloggerclubuk x

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  6. wow you sound so motivated and you are doing really well. I am not being so good, but oh well thats a whole other story. You should be so proud of yourself, I can feel the energy in your words! Thanks for sharing with me #mg

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I’m getting in vacay mode this week because I haven’t been to the gym in almost 5 days now! But I have promised myself to pick back up after we get back. I’ve worked too hard to give up now. Thanks so much for hostessing!


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