Bad Moms

The other day while scrolling through Facebook I came across the trailer for the new movie “Bad Moms”.  Holy mother of the power of being a mom!  I can’t wait for this movie to come out!  Like I am pretty certain that it’s going to be my new favorite movie.

In case you haven’t seen the trailer…you can watch it below.  Please note there is a lot of vulgarity.  So if you are easily offended….just leave my blog stop reading now.

First of all it has Kristen Bell who happens to be one of my favorite actresses.  Not to mention that her and her husband, Dax Shepard, are one of the cutest couples in Hollywood and I love watching her in “House Of Lies” on Showtime.  In case you haven’t seen it you should check it out.  It could be a binge watch since it’s on like season 5 or 6 right now.  I’m somewhere in the middle of  season 4 or 5.

Then there’s Mila Kunis who we know must have a sense of humor to be married to Ashton Kutcher and even spawned had a child with him.  And does anyone really own a bra like that?  I mean sure…it looks comfy but I agree that it looks like she wrapped her boobs in an ace bandage.  I like comfort but whoa let’s not go overboard here.  **adjusts boobs in her pretty bra that’s for looks really and not functionality**

The best part of this clip is listening to Kristen Bell talk about her limp dick “never hard” husband’s penis.  It took me watching clips for a good half hour to find this exact one…that means watch it …that had that scene in it and I am still crying from laughing.  Please note:  It’s not because I can relate to any of those issues.

I do however, relate to this thing called “bad mom”.  I mean trust me, if “perfect mothers”, like portrayed in this movie, really existed, I’d stay FAAAAAR away from them. But luckily I’ve never had the nightmare of meeting one of those “fictional” characters.

Bad Moms The Movie ~ Domesticated Momster
In the real world we all have days relating to “nothing going right” and your kids looking at you and telling you to “try harder dude”.  Of course, if I was driving and my teenager said that to me, I’d stop the car and make him get out and walk.

True story.

Can’t believe I have to wait until the end of July to see this movie…can’t wait!

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16 thoughts on “Bad Moms”

  1. Looks like an ideal movie for the next plane trip. Visiting from the Anything Goes Linky Week 44 Party. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And because you think about this motherhood stuff I am sure you are becoming an expert.

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  2. This movie looks brilliant, I’ll definitely be watching it! I love a good comedy and especially one with a bit of crude humour 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

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  3. Hehehehe I love this review! Good to hear from a mother what she thought, especially about the penis bits (do mothers talk about such things…?! lol). I roared with laughter during the film. I felt it could have pushed harder than a couple of p*ss-ups to make them ‘bad’ moms and touch on this in my own review. What did you think?

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    1. I am so disappointed because I haven’t seen it yet! We live in a small town with 1 movie theatre so the movies rotate quickly. So if I want to see it I’m going to have to drive into the city or wait for it to come on Vudu. And yes, mothers/woman do talk about penises and sex and all that stuff. At least the mothers and women I know do but I come from a different breed lol.

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      1. And so they should talk about such things! I’m so sorry you don’t have a good cinema/movie theatre near you – I have a massive multiplex right on my doorstep (10 min walk). I am spoiled!

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