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Throwback Thursday ~ RLS And Sleep Deprived

I am so not a morning person and anyone who knows me knows this about me.8136414_orig

Now this probably stems from the fact that I am a night owl and have a hard time getting to sleep anytime before midnight without a dose of Ambien or a couple glasses of wine…oh who am I kidding if the bottle of wine gets opened it’s getting drank to the last drop.  I also suffer from RLS aka Restless Leg Syndrome which if you don’t have it then you have no idea what it is like to deal with it.

When I was pregnant it was really bad and because I couldn’t drink wine or take anything to help me sleep I looked up home remedies on the internet…yes I was desperate and aggavated and just wanted to SLEEP!!! Several people who claimed they suffered from RLS had “try this” and “try that” …I tried everything from eating spoonfuls of mustard to taking bars of soap and putting them in my socks because there was actually a couple comments from people that had tried this.  Well nothing worked, and trying to explain to my husband why there were socks laying around with bars of soap in them was quite comical…I think in his mind he might have thought I was getting prepared to swing those suckers at his head if one of my hormonal episodes should appear.

Well since having my children my RLS has gotten worse.  Now on the WeBMD website it gives suggestions of what to do and what not to do to help with your symptoms.  One suggestion is to go to bed later and to sleep in because those morning hours of sleep will probably be the best hours of sleep you will get.  Obviously whoever wrote that does not have kids.  It also states to cut out caffeine…once again obviously a suggestion from someone who doesn’t have kids.

No tv or computer before bed, no alcohol…WHAT! that’s about as bad as no caffiene.  I actually tried giving up caffeine and it was unsafe for my entire household. I have pretty much tried everything mentioned on this website and still find no relief with any such “medical” advice. 1d0f57936cb803c3282eeea53ec36810

I remember when I first started noticing these tingling pains in my legs.  It was in my 20’s and I actually thought that I was going crazy.  That I had some phantom feelings in my legs until one day a commercial came on and answered my ever so growing question…I AM NOT CRAZY…it’s a real disease!  Of course there are people who still believe that it’s a “made up” ailment.  Like my husband for instance, when we first got together he thought I was bluffing even though I pulled it up on the internet and showed him he still thought it was all in my head.  “Can’t believe everything on the internet” he said.

Well then he had to take a sleep disorder class for work and guess what one of the sleep disorders listed was?  Yep, RLS,  and because it came out of a physicians mouth then he finally believed me.  Not that it changed anything he now just thinks I exaggerate it.

One of the other suggestions on webMD is to have someone massage your calves before bed.  I couldn’t even get my husband to rub my aching legs when I was pregnant so there is no way in hell I am getting that now.  (He doesn’t like giving or receiving massages…yes he is weird)  He says he would rather pay for me to just go get a massage…maybe I should take him up on that and hire a massage therapist to come over every night before I go to bed and massage me…yeah that won’t put a big dent in our already “totaled” budget.

So I just live with it and some nights are good and some nights are really really bad and I have just come to the realization that I will probably never have an extremely excellent night of more then GREAT sleep…that’s life.

UPDATE:  Last year I finally went to the doctor about my restless legs.  I couldn’t stand not being able to sleep any more even with Ambien and wine.  He put me on a medication that actually WORKED.  The only set back is I have to remember to take it 2 hours before bedtime because that is how long it takes for it to kick in.  But besides that it has been a life saver for my sleep.

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16 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday ~ RLS And Sleep Deprived”

  1. I also have RLS, amongst other neuropathy pains in various other parts of my body, and it drives me insane! I’m on all kinds of medication to try and help it (gabapentin and amitriptyline) and it works to a point but then it’s like my body builds up immunity to it and unless I continue to increase the dose, the effectiveness wears off! I so miss the nights when I used to sleep when my head hits the pillow!! What do you take for it? #momsterslink

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    1. Rohipinole I think is how it is spelt. It’s worked really well for me and I haven’t had to increase dose but there are some nights that I know it’s really bad so I will take two of them. I am quite certain that during getting the shot for my c-section they hit a nerve in my back. I felt a sharp pain go down my left leg. And since then it has been worse than even before I had kids. Thanks for linking lovely.


  2. I gave up caffeine after suffering with migraines and it was a trigger- a much beloved trigger. The entire house knew about it for quite some time. I haven’t drank it now in a few years. I’m glad you’ve found meds that actually work! #momsterslink (sorry I was early on the link!)

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  3. Ooh I do remember suffering with this with both pregnancies and it is awful!! I just wanted to scream. I haven’t suffered with it since (touch wood) But even thinking about it is making them tingle and twitch. So pleased that you’ve found a cure! Although hiring your own masseuse might have been quite a nice alternative therapy! 🙂
    Thanks for hosting #momsterslink hun! 💕 x

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    1. Sometimes the meds won’t work and it drives me crazy! There’s nothing like being so damn tired but you can’t fall asleep because it feels like you must push your legs up against something. When I was pregnant I would sometimes shove my feet into the head board just so that I could finally fall asleep. Talk about awkward. Thanks so much for linking fabulous!

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  4. My husband has RLS too. The bed jiggles for the length of time it takes him to fall asleep, which luckily isn’t long. It’s like i own a vibrating bed. :/ I’ll have to get him to try the soap in the socks, just so I can laugh at him. I love that you tried that! lol

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    1. I have heard tonic water helps too. Takes like shit but apparently a couple of people I have talked to says it’s an actual remedy. LOL I was desperate to try anything when I was pregnant that I was sure wouldn’t hurt the baby.


  5. I had never heard of this! I can’t even imagine not being able to get a decent nights kip… so although I have no way of relating to your problem, I absolutely feel for you! glad the docs have found something that helps #momsterslink

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  6. I often wonder if my husband has this as his legs move continuously throughout the night,but no tingling from what I know. Lol. Glad to hear you found something that worked and brings some relief. I too struggle with the caffeine battle. Must be difficult to have people not believe you about the issue.

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    1. When I first started having the symptoms there wasn’t a lot of research about it so people really thought it was in my head. Then the commercials for the medication started popping up and I was like SEE I’m not crazy! I do caffeine, I just cut it off at noon. Otherwise people may die or not see me because I’ll be zonked out in a corner somewhere lol.

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  7. Oh Trista, really sorry to hear you suffer. From RLS and poor sleep. It sounds rotten. I sympathise with the sleep as I’ve had sleeping problems since I was 15. 5 hours solid is a leap out of bed and high five myself kind of night!!!
    I’m glad the medication is helping – cutting caffeine and alcohol and laying in in the morning is a definite no! X

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    1. Yes it’s a real nuisance sometimes and sometimes the meds don’t work which can be frustrating as well. But before the meds there were times I would cry in aggravation. And yes I have found that depriving myself of caffeine and alcohol just isn’t a good idea lol.


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