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What’s Happening Today?

Every time I turn on the news these days there is some kind of hate crime happening.  It leaves me asking myself daily “What’s Happening Today?”.

We the people” starts with YOU as an individual.  In order to have a strong, good, and kind community…you need to first start with who YOU are.

You want to change hate…start with yourself first.

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Be a good person.  Hold a door open sometimes when you see someone coming in behind you.  Smile or give someone a compliment.  Follow through with acts of kindness…don’t just “think” about doing them all the time.

Don’t cause harm to other people.

Help someone in need once in awhile.  (I know this is a tough one as it’s hard to help those who don’t want to help themselves)  But at least you can say you tried.  At least you can say you tried to be a better person.

It’s not about who’s standing beside you…it’s about who YOU are.  How YOU treat people.  How YOU react to things.  It’s the choices YOU make.

It’s not about what our ancestors did to one another but what we are doing to each other today…the here and now.  Yesterday is gone.  TODAY is here.  And it’s time to change.

The person standing beside you didn’t tell you what choices to make.  Of course this rules out your parents.  Yeah maybe your parents didn’t make some good choices which then caused a failure in choices for yourself as well.

So then change who you are right now.  TODAY.  Let your past remain in the past and not make you into a miserable person.  *could use a dose of her own medicine*

Don’t become a hateful person.

I don’t care what nationality you are, I don’t care about your religion or your political views, I don’t care what your sexual preference is (as long as you’re not a pedifile), or what you and your lover do in your bedroom. I DON’T CARE….as long as you aren’t out to harm innocent people, then be whoever the fuck you want to be.

Just be kind.

KINDNESS MATTERS.  Because without it then no. person. matters.

I can’t even begin to touch the irony of a man tired of the hate crimes against his nationality by policemen but then goes and shoots INNOCENT PEOPLE! hate crimes corruption evil People who had nothing to do with the original controversial act.  Just because they were policemen.  Now that’s a true act of HATE.

Hating another human being who you know nothing about.

Hating them so much that you, as a human being, just want to kill another human being for NO REASON.

For no reason other than HATE.

I don’t care who you are…if you are a corrupt, dishonest, unethical, untrustworthy, fraudulent, EVIL individual then you are a menace to this society.  To your community.  You are POISON to humanity.

hate crimes corruption change
So think about who YOU are.  Change who YOU are if you are unhappy with who you are.  Because change doesn’t happen unless change in yourself happens first.

Don’t be the poison of humanity.

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46 thoughts on “What’s Happening Today?”

  1. You hit it dead on Trista! When I wrote about this I went from very different perspective but I think I got the same thing across. At least that was my intention but you said much better:) Straight and to the point! I love your quotes too and I couldn’t agree more. We, as a society really need to start asking ourselves individually what kind of person we each want to be and then strive to be that person. But we do have several problems in our society that we need to come together and discuss and hopefully come up with sound solutions. Like our education system, social services, criminal justice….but none of that justifies anyone to go out and kill innocent people because they are angry. We are all angry but there are better ways of dealing with our frustrations and anger than killing each other. When calmer heads prevail, problems tend to get solved. Love your post lovely lady! I literally couldn’t have said it better myself, LOL!

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  2. “We the people” starts with YOU as an individual. You hit the nail right on the head. Changing the world for the better starts with us as individuals. We cannot fight hate with hate. Sometimes I honestly don’t watch the news because everytime I watch it, I feel as if the world is coming to an end because of all the hate and violence happening. Why cant we all just love and appreciate one another and not be caught up in the dreadful cycle of hate. My heart breaks to see the society that my son is going to see. I can only teach him love and pray that he implements it in his daily life towards people, no matter their skin color, religion, or their sexuality. Love starts in the home. With our selves and also teaching our children so that they may grow up and break the cycle. and thats how I believe we can change this cruel world we live in.

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    1. I am right there with you. I hate that this is the world my boys are growing up in. I wrote my own post on this subject. I don’t understand why we can all just come together and have construction and intelligent conversations without resorting to hatred and violence. This world sucks sometimes but I will still raise my boys to be kind and compassionate and respectful towards others. At the end of the day I believe this is what we all want but some where along the way we got lost in a sea of hate. Hopefully, we will find our way back soon!

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    2. It really is something that we need to change in society but changing ourselves is the start. I too am raising kids in this world and I want them to be kind but not helpless. Thanks so much for popping over. I’ve been on vacation with no cell or wifi service so I apologize for the late comment.

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  3. Hate, racism, homophobia … It’s all about that on the news. So depressing to think that humans are like that and can’t resist doing so. A good movie on the topic of hate is ‘la haine’ by Mathieu Kassovitz. A good movie if you want to check it out #BloggerClubUK


    1. Yes, I am terrified what my children will be faced with if this society doesn’t make some kind of peaceful change. Thank you for popping over and I apologize for the delay in commenting as I have been without internet for days while camping.


  4. Great post, and totally agree about those acts of kindness, do it don’t think it! In fact I said I loved an outfit a fellow school run mum was wearing, her face lit up! It made both our days! #BloggerClubUK

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  5. I absolutely love this post Trista! And really needed it right now! I am guilty of blaming the past for my shortcomings and being resentful about it. But as you say (and my husband always says), I have to deal with it and move on. Only I can change myself if I am not happy with myself.
    You really have nailed it as always!! Thank you for hosting. #momsterslink

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    1. I think we are all guilty of that. I am trying really hard to let my past lead my future in more of a positive way. To be a better parent than I was patented and just to try to be a better person overall. Thanks Rebecca for taking the time to read and comment :))


  6. Love this post, and I love you! You talk such sense, we can’t blame others for our short comings, everything that we do, say and think all comes down to US. I have never been one to pass the blame or make excuses, I accept all of my failings and flaws and I try to learn from them, sometimes easier than others. When my marriage ended it would have been very easy to point the finger at my ex husband and declare myself the innocent victim, and yet I was able to look at myself and admit that actually, I failed too. And now, in my second marriage I use those lessons to be a better person. Really enjoyed this post, thanks for hosting. #momsterslink

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    1. Thank you doll. I think we all sometimes think it would be easier to just blame someone else. But to be humble takes even more strength. Thank you for linking up and I apologize for my delay in all commenting. I’ve had a busy few weeks and just got back from camping where I had no internet or cell phone at all.

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  7. Again, you talk the truth oh you goddess! more seriously, it’s so easy to blame others and the hate spread out. I think we are all guilty of it. One pitfall of our human nature… #momsterslink


  8. I love this post for it’s focus on what the individual can do – because that’s what it all comes down to – what each of us do – and how each of us act and treat others – as individuals. I’ve read a number of posts on what I can do and have to admit I end up confused as to what I should say and shouldn’t say. But I know – like you said – that if I focus on being kind, treating people as I’d want to be treated, then hopefully I can’t go too wrong.

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    1. It truly doesn’t cost anything to be kind. I’m so afraid that people have lost site of that. Somewhere a generation has been taught to think they are entitled to something and hate or blame anyone when it doesn’t go their way. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I apologize for my delay in response as I’ve been on vacation with no internet.


      1. No apologies needed! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! And yes, I find myself thinking quite a bit about entitlement and how to raise my kids to NOT feel entitled.

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  9. I love your last quote. So often people blame their past on their present behaviour. You have to move on and become a different person. You have to change. So you hit the nail on the head with this post. It’s especially poignant this morning after the attack in Nice. Alison x #momsterslink

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    1. I am behind in the news as I’ve been camping where there was no internet or even cell phone service. It is just happening all too much. Too much hate in people’s hearts. Needs to change. Thank you for linking up.


    1. Thank you! I’m really saddened by all the hate. I’m afraid to turn on the news anymore. Thanks so much for linking up and I apologize for the delay in response as I’ve been camping with no internet.


    1. If everyone could just find forgiveness instead of revenge. Revenge solved nothing and only creates more hate. I’m just sick of the hate. Thanks so much for linking up and I apologize for my delay as its been a busy few weeks and I’ve been camping the past 5 days with no internet.


    1. Thank you Sarah. It seems like daily something bad is in the news…so sad that so many people are so full of hate 😦 Thanks so much for hostessing #coolmumclub. I’ve had the week off with my bestie here…today is her last day here. 😦

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