National Dog Day Roxy German Shepard

National Dog Day


Today is National Dog Day.  Yep that’s right…a national day dedicated to the extended family furry canine hound mongrel dog friend we call a pet.

We have a wonderful German Shepard named Roxy.  And when I say she is wonderful that is probably an understatement for she endures pure torture from my 4-year-old DAILY!National Dog Day Roxy German Shepard Just last week my said 4-year-old dressed the poor dog up in this contraption.  I am baffled where she found a matching pair of socks as I can’t find a matching pair to save my life!

Roxy was given to us by my dad because he had 3 dogs and 2 of them (one being Roxy) wouldn’t get along.  I was glad it was Roxy he was willing to give up, because I wouldn’t have taken the other dog.  She was dumber than a box of rocks and I swear must have been a pig dressed in a dog uniform.  She ate more than my 5 kids put together.

Roxy was originally a pound puppy who apparently came from a family who fell on hard times and couldn’t keep her.  But for me, she has been the best dog I have ever had…and I have had a lot of dogs.


She loves my kids like a second mother.  She sleeps with them, lies on them, and if they’re outside in the yard, so is she.  Like she is watching over them to make sure they are safe.  It can be 100*F out there and she will lay her ass somewhere and wait until they come inside.

Now granted, even though the 4-year-old loves to torment poor Roxy she is also always sneaking her little hand in the treat bag and let’s just say that Roxy is never in a lack of 10-15 treats a day.  And if anyone forgets to give her a treat well she will stare at you for whatever length of time it takes, until you finally pay attention to her neediness.

“Are you going to give me my treat or am I just going to have to sit here batting my eyes at you for hours???”

She also loves to claw get your attention with her paw.  This will usually end up resulting in a scar where ever she has decided to do this.  If you are playing and run…you better run fast because her and her vicious claws paws will come in contact with whatever bare skin you have exposed.  Fuck the teeth…look out for my dog’s nails!

I have thought of painting them a time or 12.

Most days she can be found sleeping on the couch or any varations of beds in the house.  She has a dog pillow which my kids use more of as a pillow than she does.  I think I have seen her laying on it maybe twice in the 5 years we have had her.  And if you are in her spot on the couch she will lay on top of you until you either move or she farts and makes you move.

Yeah, we usually blame it on Frank around here too! 😂😂😂

So if you have a dog then remember to make sure to give him or her that extra attention today for today is their day…National Dog Day.

Could I get A National Fucking Momster Day over here???

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