My First Red Sox Game

About 2 or 3 months ago my husband decided that since the Boston Red Sox were playing the Oakland A’s (we live 5 hours from Oakland, CA) that he decided we were going to spend our Labor Day weekend going to the game.

My First Red Sox Game ~ Domesticated Momster
To say he was as excited as a child on Christmas would be an understatement.  He’s a huge Red Sox fan and one of his best friends got to go too, so that made things even better for him.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was excited too but I knew it was going to be a rough weekend dragging three small kids around Oakland, CA, which my first and only impression of, was an absolute cesspool dump, and we also decided to cross over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Fransisco, where the entire population of the town we live in, was located on just one pier.  As our friend Seth said “there are too many people everywhere.”.

kids leashes crowds
It’s no joke when you have 3 little people in a crowd of transients


I can see why there are people who have their kids attached to leashes in large crowds.  I was constantly counting and watching my children that I didn’t really get to enjoy the few hours we spent there.

I did however enjoy this fabulous sourdough bread bowl…My First Red Sox Game~Domesticated Momsterfilled with the best Clam Chowder I have ever had at a restaurant called Boudin Sourdough Bakery And Restaurant.  I also had the combination tacos which were full of flavor and did not disappoint on the freshness of the seafood inside of them.  The place was a bit pricey, especially since we were a large party but there was a great view and the service was fantastic.

golden gate bridge san fransisco
We also visited a half dozen sports memorabilia stores while we were there, in search of anything David Ortiz that we could possibly get signed, since he is planning to retire after this season.  You would think that one who had planned months ahead to go to this game, would have said memorabilia with them already.  *taps head*

We get to game day and my husband wants to get there early to watch batting practice and hopefully get a signature.  The desk clerk assures us it’s just a short 15 minute walk to the stadium.  More like 30, through the trashiest part of town, and a ton of traffic.  Again I wish I would have had leashes as my kids are too big for strollers.  And my anxiety level of them falling off the curb, into oncoming traffic, was off the charts.

Boston Red Sox Oakland A's Stadium

We finally made it there, waited in line to get in for about 30 more minutes and finally got to our seats.  Ten minutes later my poor 4 year old was fast asleep.  She had the starting of a cold that morning and also had gotten her ears pierced…one of which fell out that night and the hole closed and she was so traumatized by the first time that I think it will be a while before she decides to get that side done again.  So for now, she only has one side pierced.

sleepy girl sick tired

As the night went on my son also started getting sick.  He would get cold and then hot and his nose, no matter how much he blew it, would not stop running.  It was the top of the 7th and it was pretty clear that the Red Sox were going to win but I also knew that my hubby would want to stay to the end so I decided that I would take the kids and call uber (it’s like a cab company but with independent drivers who have been screened) and head back to the hotel.


Not that our hotel was bad or anything, but just the night before we had an Über driver tell us that the Wal-Mart in the neighborhood had closed down because they were losing $10,000 a day in theft.  He also laughed at my husband (who grew up in East Las Vegas) when he replied “this doesn’t seem like a bad area.”.

Apparently Uber is not allowed to come inside the stadium property so here I am, in the dark, with 3 small children, in an area that is just plain scary and my Uber driver can’t find where I am located.  So I then decided we will just walk back to the hotel using the walk app on my iPhone.


bad neighborhood lost dark
I’m not exaggerating

It’s dark and I am totally turned around and the walking app kept trying to take us on the freeway.  I ended up in a neighborhood that no woman and her 3 small children should have been walking in after dark.  I was trying to stay calm but my kids were clearly scared, tired, and just wanted to go back to the hotel.

Little did they know SO DID MOMMY!

Finally I cancelled out the first Uber and ordered another who actually had to call me to find out exactly where I was and when I got in the van he asked how I ended up in this neighborhood and what a bad neighborhood it was.  I was just happy to be inside a vehicle and headed back to the hotel.

uber driver lost night
What I literally felt like once the uber driver found us


Someday it will be a story to tell my kids.

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57 thoughts on “My First Red Sox Game”

  1. The Coliseum is somewhat dumpy, in a not-awesome part of town, but I grew up in and love the East Bay. I’m sorry you didn’t see it at its best. San Francisco is amazing, but ridiculously expensive, but oh, the sourdough bread and seafood! Next time you go, gimme a heads-up and I’ll point you in the right directions! My oldest two were born in Oakland. 🙂

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    1. I was lost on Snell and 25th street…well actually a ways up from there where there weren’t any street signs … I finally found the train tracks and the two street signs and that’s where I stayed until the über driver got to us. I would have been fine had it only been me but my poor 3 sick and tired kids were of course my priority of safety. And at one point there was a couple of times where there were people doing drugs and I didn’t feel safe at all. It was a bad decision to leave and I should have just grabbed a cab and cancelled the über. Bad mommy moment.


  2. It sound like you had a fairly good time. Your story sound like when I got stuck at a concert and I couldn’t find a cab. I also had to walk home in the dark!😰I so relate to your story.

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  3. Just think, years from now your kids will tell the tale to their kids how crazy grandma tried to get them killed. I think you only have to wait 4 years until the Red Sox come to AT&T park. It’ll be a much better experience.

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    1. My husband wants to go to Fenway. It’s his dream that I am sure at some point will happen. I still really enjoyed seeing a professional baseball game and being literally feet from David Ortiz. And the feeling of the Boston fans around us. Just probably shouldn’t have left but my poor son looked so miserable and I know that feeling when you just want to go lie down and sleep.


      1. I totally understand how he feels. I grew up 6 blocks from Yankee stadium and loved visiting the new park, although it devoid of it’s ghosts and doesn’t have the same feel like the original. We did the Fenway trip a few years ago. It was fantastic. My son and I have visited 14 ball parks now. It’s been great.

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    1. It was just pure craziness and I’m just not used to that many people in one place while trying to get around with my 3 littles. You can talk to them about stranger danger and they know but it’s so hard to ever know for sure what could happen.

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  4. Oh gosh sounds like an eventful trip!! The sourdough bowl would have sold it for me though, that looks amazing!! As for kids on leashes, I so need a three way leash, it would solve most of my problems!! #momsterslink

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  5. OMG that sounds terrifying! I’m so sorry you had such an awful experience :/ I live 15 mins outside of London (by fasttrain) and I have been all over the city by myself, day and night, but the thought of wandering lost even in a familiar city, especially with the kids… *shudder* you poor thing! #momsterslink

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    1. Yeah I walk here at home around my town all the time by myself and even if I would have been by myself that night I don’t think I would have been so freaked out but of course the safety of my kids is EVERYTHING and I was trying so hard to stay calm because they were starting to get really scared. Thanks for linking up!


  6. Eekk, that sounds like my idea of hell. I dont do crowds at the best of times. The only thing I knew about Oaklands prior to reading this was it is the home of Green Day #momsterslink

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  7. It made me laugh when you said you were counting your kids all the time. Reminded me when I was a camp leader or on a school trip, you are always checking the number of kids. Boudin is French, was it a Frenchie place you went to eat? It looks yummy! And the bridge… So jealous! I would love to go there. It’s like in the old movies!
    More seriously what a scary experience with the uber later on!!! But you are all fine, pfff #momsterslink

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    1. No, it wasn’t french… It was actually a sourdough bakery and they served lots of different kinds of breads and seafood. It was delicious. At the time I was scared shitless but now that we are all home, back to normal, and safe and sound it’s just a story to tell. Thanks so much for linking up and as you can see I am so far behind in my blogging. Been a busy couple of weeks trying to get into school and sports routines.

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  8. I grew up in Baltimore and have visited DC many times during my life but when I was pregnant with Adam and my sister had my niece when she was just 2 years old (she’s 16 now, gasp!), we took the Peter Pan bus to Virgina for my mom’s wedding to my step-dad. Somehow having children with you makes the parts of town that I was use to, so much scarier. Even though we were with my Ex at the time, every time my sister and I went to the bathroom alone in DC during a stop over, several men would try to grab us. Thankfully, we’re both tough chics and know how to get out of scary situatiions like that but being responsible for little people makes the situation that much worse. As you said, being there alone, you would have been fine but having 3 little ones to worry about and keep safe brings on a whole new set of scary doesn’t it? I’m so glad you and your babies are safe! I went to an Orioles game when I was eleven and I was so damn bored, I have not attended another professional baseball game since, LOL! #momsterlink

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    1. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the game while I was there but when my poor son just looked like he was so miserable and I know what’s it’s like when you get the hots and colds and the body aches…you just want to lay in a bed. Little did I know that I would be dragging him around the streets of Oakland trying to find the safest way back to our hotel because Uber wasn’t allowed on the coliseum property. It was a great trip but just so glad that I didn’t have to encounter some crazy lunatic with my 3 children. Never again will I do that in a city that I have never been to before. Thanks for linking up.

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  9. I think I literally stopped breathing reading the end part! You lulled me into a false sense of security with some pretty fabulous looking bread bowl shots and by the end of it I wanted to run and hug my children! 😂 Sounds terrifying lovely, but thank goodness you were all OK and finally got back safely. Although you are the ultimate Momster so I’m sure anyone that tried anything would have ended up bitten! 😉 Great read Trista. Thanks so much for hosting xx #momsterslink

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    1. Yes I was surely on my top guard but trying not to let my kids see that mommy was freaking out on the inside. Other than that thought the trip was amazing and I really enjoyed San Fransisco and would love to go back when we have more time to spend there. I will just be more prepared with leashes of some sort next time. Thanks for linking up!

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  10. Scary stuff! Nothing worse than finding yourself in a dangerous situation with your kids- bad enough by yourself! I also hate crowded areas when out and about with the kids and when you’ve got more that 2, you run out of hands to keep hold of them! Glad you’re ok and the cab found you! xx #momsterslink

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  11. Oh my goodness! Bless you! What an ‘adventure’. Hope you feel relaxed and recovered now, The clam chowder looked incredible, We loved San Francisco. I hope hubby enjoyed the game and it was all worth it! It is so difficult keeping hold of little ones in busy crowds. Reigns definitely help in those situations when they are still toddlers. Thank you for hosting. xx #momsterslink

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    1. Hubby is STILL talking about how great the game was. Me, not so much lol. Although I did enjoy being there but when littles get sick while you’re away from home it’s just the pits. I ended up catching it too the following Monday …ugh…but think we are all good now **knocks on wood** Thanks for linking up Rebecca!


  12. WOW! Your weekend didn’t go quite to plan did it! I live in England, most places are rough lol, however places in America always seem a lot scarier, I think because everything over your way is much bigger than our little toy country!! I think any time away with 3 little ones is tough and then for them to get a little ill too!! I hope you have much better weekends in the future 😀


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    1. It’s funny because we are really rarely home. We went somewhere this summer on every days off my husband had. It was a great summer but when you are in a city that is that big and weirdos everywhere it is just a little scary. It was dark too which didn’t help matters at all. Thanks for linking up.

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  13. I think you’re biggest mistake was taking the kids with you, but I give you credit for it. I’ve never been anywhere west of the Appalachians except for two trips to Vegas. It always makes me nervous when I’m in a big city that I’ve never been to before. I take it you didn’t get any signatures or that would have made the post. Was that the game that they blew at the end? If you guys ever do make it out to Fenway give me a heads up and I’ll show you guys the bests bars around town


    1. This somehow got placed in my spam folder. No, the game we went to they won. Thank goodness. It would have been the worst trip ever had they lost lol. I took the kids only because they were all tired and sick and I didn’t want my hubby to have to leave. What I should have done was just jumped in a taxi that was right outside the doors of the stadium but I had never had a problem with Uber before and they really are a lot cheaper. Unfortunately we didn’t get anything signed even with the efforts of my 16 year old trying to get through the crowd of drunk adults who were hogging getting signatures. Some getting signatures from more than one player. Our seats were awesome though and for the time that I was there I thoroughly enjoyed it. We do plan to come to Fenway someday so I will take you up on the bar hopping my friend.


  14. Sounds very stressful and very scary. Glad you’re all ok. I hate being in large crowds at the best of times but with my kids the anxiety levels are off the charts. On the plus side, that soup looked amazing

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  15. Glad you’re okay. I can’t stand large crowds with my kids in tow! The leash concept holds a heck of a lot of pull for sure. My hat is off to you trying to walk back to the hotel in a strange town with two sick kids. I was nervous for you just from hearing your story.


    1. Actually it was 3 sick little ones and my youngest being 4 was so tired and really having a hard time keeping up with her frantic (on the inside) mother who was trying to find her way. And I had stuff I was carrying so I couldn’t carry her. Never again will I do that. Lesson learned.


  16. There must be something about baseball stadiums because I’ve been to the Milwaukee Brewers and Yankees games alot and they are in bad neighborhoods! I’m so sorry you went through all that. Laugh at me if you will but I’ve always either leashed my young children or worn them in a kid friendly backpack. We travel to NYC alot seeing as we only live 2 hours away, so I don’t trust just letting them free roam lol. But you did God mama and you kept your cool and kept the kids safe. Good job! Xoxo I’m sending you tons of hugs, I wished we lived closer for so many reasons.

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    1. It was an experience in which I can laugh and joke about now but at the time I was just so happy when the driver found us. I am for sure going to invest in some leashes for the next time that we visit a big city like that. No shame in it what so ever. I wish a lot of my blogging friends lived closer…I have so much more in common with them than any of my neighbors.


  17. Hey,

    Oh how I love ‘The leash’ we call it ‘reigns’ in the UK. I used them for both of our girls – particularly our 1st, she was an enthusiastic toddler…!!
    You are very brave taking them with you, my husband and I are not nearly as brave as you…
    As for Uber – what would we do without them!!!
    big love, L

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