My First Red Sox Game

About 2 or 3 months ago my husband decided that since the Boston Red Sox were playing the Oakland A’s (we live 5 hours from Oakland, CA) that he decided we were going to spend our Labor Day weekend going to the game.

My First Red Sox Game ~ Domesticated Momster
To say he was as excited as a child on Christmas would be an understatement. ¬†He’s a huge Red Sox fan and one of his best friends got to go too, so that made things even better for him.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was excited too but I knew it was going to be a rough weekend dragging three small kids around Oakland, CA, which my first and only impression of, was an absolute cesspool dump,¬†and we also decided to cross over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Fransisco, where the entire population of the town we live in, was located on just one pier. ¬†As our friend Seth said “there are too many people everywhere.”.

kids leashes crowds
It’s no joke when you have 3 little people in a crowd of transients


I can see why there are people who have their kids attached to leashes in large crowds. ¬†I was constantly counting and watching my children that I didn’t really get to enjoy the few hours we spent there.

I did however enjoy this fabulous sourdough bread bowl…My First Red Sox Game~Domesticated Momsterfilled with the best Clam Chowder I have ever had at a restaurant called Boudin Sourdough Bakery And Restaurant. ¬†I also had the combination tacos which were full of flavor and did not disappoint on the freshness of the seafood inside of them. ¬†The place was a bit pricey, especially since we were a large party but there was a great view and the service was fantastic.

golden gate bridge san fransisco
We also visited a half dozen sports memorabilia stores while we were there, in search of anything David Ortiz that we could possibly get signed, since he is planning to retire after this season.  You would think that one who had planned months ahead to go to this game, would have said memorabilia with them already.  *taps head*

We get to game day and my husband wants to get there early to watch batting practice and hopefully get a signature. ¬†The desk clerk assures us it’s just a short 15 minute walk to the stadium. ¬†More like 30, through the trashiest part of town, and a ton of traffic. ¬†Again I wish I would have had leashes as my kids are too big for strollers. ¬†And my anxiety level of them falling off the curb, into oncoming traffic, was off the charts.

Boston Red Sox Oakland A's Stadium

We finally made it there, waited in line to get in for about 30 more minutes and finally got to our seats. ¬†Ten minutes later my poor 4 year old was fast asleep. ¬†She had the starting of a cold that morning and also had gotten her ears pierced…one of which fell out that night and the hole closed and she was so traumatized by the first time that I think it will be a while before she decides to get that side done again. ¬†So for now, she only has one side pierced.

sleepy girl sick tired

As the night went on my son also started getting sick. ¬†He would get cold and then hot and his nose, no matter how much he blew it, would not stop running. ¬†It was the top of the 7th and it was pretty clear that the Red Sox were going to win but I also knew that my hubby would want to stay to the end so I decided that I would take the kids and call uber (it’s like a cab company but with independent drivers who have been screened) and head back to the hotel.


Not that our hotel was bad or anything, but just the night before we had an √úber driver tell us that the Wal-Mart in the neighborhood had closed down because they were losing $10,000 a day in theft. ¬†He also laughed at my husband (who grew up in East Las Vegas) when he replied “this doesn’t seem like a bad area.”.

Apparently Uber is not allowed to come inside the stadium property so here I am, in the dark, with 3 small children, in an area that is just plain scary and my Uber driver can’t find where I am located. ¬†So I then decided we will just walk back to the hotel using the walk app on my iPhone.


bad neighborhood lost dark
I’m not exaggerating

It’s dark and I am totally turned around and the walking app kept trying to take us on the freeway. ¬†I ended up in a neighborhood that no woman and her 3 small children should have been walking in after dark. ¬†I was trying to stay calm but my kids were clearly scared, tired, and just wanted to go back to the hotel.

Little did they know SO DID MOMMY!

Finally I cancelled out the first Uber and ordered another who actually had to call me to find out exactly where I was and when I got in the van he asked how I ended up in this neighborhood and what a bad neighborhood it was.  I was just happy to be inside a vehicle and headed back to the hotel.

uber driver lost night
What I literally felt like once the uber driver found us


Someday it will be a story to tell my kids.

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~Ocean World~Crescent City, CA~

Ocean World Crescent City Aquariam vacation California coast

Crescent City, CA sits on the northern California Coast just south of Oregon. ¬†It’s a cute little town with a population of 7,000…which is less then the town I live in yet they have many more amenities. ¬†It was the closest town to the campground that we stayed at.

There’s a cool little place called “Ocean World” there. ¬†Yes it’s a place that has wild animals held in captivity but the good news is that most, if not all, are rescues brought to them my various people who find them. ¬†Some that most likely wouldn’t have survived in the wild due to their injury.

The day we went had followed a previous day to the beach where someone forgot to bring the sunscreen.  And rather then hopping in the car and driving her happy arse across the street, from the beach, to get some, she sat, visiting with friends, all while her skin was gradually starting to resemble that of a cooked lobsters.  Below is me that same night.  It just kept getting redder and redder and the sun had been gone for hours.

beach sunburn sunscreen lobster Crescent City

When I awoke the next morning to go put something in the car the sun shined on me and I felt like what probably a vampire feels like when the sun rises! ¬†Ocean World was all indoors…Ocean World it was.

When you arrive you are greeted by lovely ladies behind the desk that inform you when the next tour will be and gladly take all the money out of your wallet.  Then they point you in the direction of the gift shop while you wait, where there are toys and sweatshirts, and nick nacks of all kinds of glorious dust collecting entities.  We escaped there just in time to start our tour.

First stop is the tide pool…

Ocean World Tide Pool Sea Creatures

Ocean World Tide Pool Sea Creatures

The kids got to touch a starfish and some sea urchins all while the guide gave us an informative speech about what all was in the tank.

Next the guide led us into an old barge type ship and to the depths of it where the tanks full of sharks and other sea creatures were. ¬†She also informed us that these sharks swim in 3 feet of water. ¬†So if you are “wading” around in the water…so are they. ¬†Good news is that they don’t bite…much. ¬†Below is one of them. ¬†He looks just like JAWS to me.

sharks ocean world

Beautiful stingrays. ¬†Little bit of info for you about stingrays. ¬†The females are much larger then the males. ¬†When I saw two in a tank I thought that it was a mother and her baby. ¬†Nope just her mate…oops. ¬†Napoleon thought he had it bad.

stingrays ocean world crescent city

And here we are to pet the sharks. ¬†Oh did I say we? I meant my kids and my husband. ¬†You were’t getting my hand in there. ¬†I like my shark cooked on a plate with a nice red wine.

sharks petting ocean world tank

For some reason my youngest daughter chose this pirate to sit next to for a picture. ¬†He’s a wee bit creepy looking if you ask me.

Ocean World Crescent City

My husband looking being funny…

Ocean World Crescent City pirates vacation

And the best part of the 45 minute tour was the sea lions.  They were so cute and the kids thoroughly enjoyed watching them perform all their tricks.

Ocean World Crescent City sea lions vacation IMG_4286IMG_4298IMG_4300

Now remember in the beginning when I said we escaped the gift shop?  Well of course at the end of the tour you go through a door that leads you right back into the gift shop.  We each got a sweatshirt and let the kids pick one toy each.  Out of all the beautiful sea related toys what does my 5 year old son pick?  A Minecraft toy!  **shrugs**


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