~National Get Smart About Credit Day~

National Get Smart About Credit Day

I remember when I was just starting out with my life…graduated high school and was ready to tackle the world…but how would I do that without a credit card?

Luckily I was 24 when I got my first credit card…it was a Sears Card (still have it) and I had watched enough friends go through “credit hell” to know that credit cards were bad news.  I also had a wise old grandfather who liked to remind me all the time that “credit cards were the devil.” he would say.  And by golly he was right.

Today is National Get Smart About Credit Day and I have decided to share a few things that I have learned along the way about credit and your credit score.

Don’t open a charge account every time a department store tells you they will give you a discount for opening one.  Department store credit cards are always higher in interest.  Usually averaging in around 23% or higher.  Not to mention that the more credit cards you have activated…the more it hurts your credit.

Pay attention to your debt to credit ratio.  This means that the amount of credit you have available should be higher than that you are using.  Much higher.  Your credit score with be majorly affected if you go above a 50% ratio.

Don’t close unused accounts.  This goes with the statement above.  If you have cards you don’t use it’s not always a good idea to close them because that also lowers your debt to credit ratio and believe it or not also takes points off your score.

When buying something via loan be aware that every inquiry on your credit hurts your credit score.  I am sure you are asking, then how am I supposed to find the best deal for a loan?  Staying on top of your credit score and having this information readily available with you can avoid them having to do an inquiry on your credit report. Credit Karma is a great place to keep track of your credit report and score and it’s free!  It really is.  If you have been with a particular bank for a long time your best bet would be to check with them first about obtaining a loan.  Especially when doing a car loan.

Don’t use a credit card unless you can pay it off each month.  I know that for some this is a very difficult task, so try to limit your use to only using credit cards for emergencies.  Not to obtain a want, but a need, rather.  Yes that new dress would be great hanging in the closet but just add up in your head how much you will actually pay for it after you have taken 6 months and lots of interest payments later to pay for it.

When getting a major credit card try to obtain one with a points perk. And make sure they don’t expire! You can build up points quickly by using the credit card for everyday purchases and making sure to pay it off before the grace period.  Just make sure you keep track of what you are spending so you are not surprised when you go to pay it.

National Get Smart About Credit Day

Zero interest or same as cash is awesome.  If you can purchase something with one of your cards and get so many months same as cash…go for it!  Just make sure that you pay the amount before the end, or the credit card will charge you all the back interest for not paying within the said time limit.  Best way to do this is to take the total of what you are going to owe and divide it by how many months you have to pay it and then pay that amount every month.  I am all for borrowing someone else’s money for free and not having to dig into my own savings for a big purchase.

Try and get lower interest rates.  When  your credit score is in good standing and you have been paying your bills on time call your credit card companies and see if they would be willing to offer you a lower rate or a special offer on a balance transfer.  Only do balance transfers if they are really going to save you a ton of money.  The hidden fees in balance transfers sometimes out weigh the money you think you are saving.

Always have one credit card in use.  To keep your credit score up you must always be using your credit.  Therefore even if you hate using credit cards, if you love having a good score then you will want to always have one card you are using at least once a month.  Even if you just make a small purchase with it and pay it off before interest.

Please note that I am not a financial advisor or banker, I am just sharing with you what I have learned through my history with credit.

Do you have anything to add to this with your personal history?  Please let me know in the comments.

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~National One-Hit Wonder Day~

National One-Hit Wonder Day, #NationalOneHitWonderDay

Who doesn’t love a good one-hit wonder? Well today is the day to celebrate them cause it’s National One-Hit Wonder Day!  You know…that one song that one band had that never stopped playing on the radio and then some how the rest of their music never even hit the charts?

Let’s take a little peek into some from the years…starting with my favorite decade…

 *1980 Cars by Gary Numan personally I never knew who even sang that song but I can sing it pretty much word for word.

                                 Funkytown by Lipps Inc Oh let’s get out the roller skates!

                    *1981 Believe It Or Not by Joey Scarbury Who didn’t love some “Greatest American Hero“???

                    *1982 Mickey by Toni Basil I remember making up dances with my friends to this song…over and over again!

                                Tainted Love by Soft Cell This song has had some good remakes but nothing compares to an original.

                    *1983 Come On Eileen by Dexy Midnight Runners This is my all time favorite 80’s song!

                                Puttin On The Ritz by Taco A talent show favorite!

                    *1984 99 Red Balloons by Nena This comes into close second of my favorite 80’s songs!  The original being in German and even though I took 3 years of German in high school…still don’t understand a word of it. But the English version ROCKS!

                                Warrior by Scandal Instant girl power!!!  Shooting at those walls of heart ache in the 80’s.

                                All I Need by Jack Wagner Now here is a guy who didn’t make it as a singer but has gone on to be a famous soap opera actor starring in shows such as Melrose Place and General Hospital.  I even surprise myself with some of the information I seek.

                     *1985 In My House by Mary Jane Girls I was 12 when this song came out …why was I listening to these kind of lyrics???

                                  Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood At 12 I knew exactly what this song was about **😳**

                     *1986  I Wanna Be A Cowboy by Boys Don’t Cry This is my dad’s theme song…luckily he doesn’t read my blog.

                                  No Easy Way Out by Robert Tepper Who the fuck heck is Robert Tepper?  But I love me some Rocky IV! I will crush U!

                     *1987 Heart And Soul by T’Pau One of those songs you sing really loud when the chorus come on.

Living In A Box by Living In A Box Who names the song after their band?  These fools that’s who!

*1988 Honestly by Stryper Go ahead and laugh but me and my big haired friends of the 80’s loved us some Stryper. **shakes head**

Pump Up The Volume by Marrs Classic…that is all!

*1989 When I’m With You by Sheriff It’s songs like these that makes one realize why they are one hit wonders.

Don’t Close Your Eyes by Kixx OMG! The memories of being 16! Did I seriously listen to this shit???

Man I loved the 80’s…There are tons more songs that I could have listed but I would be here writing this post until Tuesday of next week so moving on…

*1990 Nothing Compares To You by Sinead O’Connor The best looking bald girl I have ever seen!  Britney Spears has nothing on her.

Joey by Concrete Blondes Could we please get some music like this today???

*1991 I Touch Myself by Divinyls I was masturbating long before this song.  Yes I said that.  Shocking I know.

I’ll Never Let You Go by Steelheart I am pretty sure I have heard this a time or 20 at karaoke usually by drunk guys with mullets.

*1992 I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred Fred is in no way, shape, or form remotely sexy.

Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot This song may be a one hit wonder but will never go away!

*1993 Woot There It Is by 95 South I am grasping at straws here.

*1994 Baby I Love Your Way by Big Mountain … got nothing but maybe a car commercial.

*1995 Rhythm Of The Night by Corona I am pretty sure I danced drunk to this song a few times.

Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex Oh the days of being drunk in the country bar and trying to learn those line dances.

*1996 Missing by Everything But The Girl Somewhere in the back of a club somewhere…I was missing no one…what did you think I was doing???  Geesh!

In The Meantime by Spacehog I wonder what happened to these guys…no punt intended.

*1997 Bitch by Meredith Brooks I am pretty sure this is a lot of bitches nice girls’ theme song. 😇

If You Could Only See by Tonic  The song explaining why every man loves the “crazy” bitch.

*1998 Closing Time by Semisonic Why is this listed as a one hit wonder???  It’s still paving the way for all those drunk guys sitting at the end of the bar at closing time.

Crush by Jennifer Paige paved the way for every drunk girl at the end of the bar at closing time.

*1999 Praise You by Fatboy Slim The video helping dorky people hit their 15 minutes of fame in the mall.

She’s So High by Tal Bachman Again, not sure who Tal Bachman is but can think of a few movies I liked with this song…”American Pie anyone???  **takes note to blog about 90’s classic movies**

I really had to strain myself with that decade…probably because I was still listening to 80’s music 😜onto the next…

*2000 Take A Picture by Filter Where lyrics don’t need to make any sense what so ever!

I Will Love Again by Lara Fabian Hmmm wonder why her career never went anywhere???

*2001 Butterfly by Crazy Town I am pretty sure there were lots of drugs revolving around this song…I am talking about consumed by the band of course…**looks around while whistling**

Breathless by The Corrs Somehow this song was from their 3rd studio album…what happened to the first 2?

*2002 Where Ever YouWill Go by The Calling The music industry called…and hung up…after this song.

Wasting My Time by Default  A real “fuck forget you for wasting my time on you” kind of song.

*2003 All The Things She Said by T.A.T.U…I am pretty sure the only thing I remember about these girls is MTV music awards and their showing up in their underwear.  And they make out in the video.

Stacy’s Mom by Fountains Of Wayne  Putting hot moms on the map!!!

*2004 Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard I have nothing.

1985 by Bowling For Soup Are these guys singing about me?

*2005 Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz My kids are dancing.

*2006 About Us by Brooke Hogan Not quite as much success as her father.  Notice I said success not talent.

Lips Of An Angel by Hinder Can’t for the life of me think of why these guys didn’t make it. **sarcastic voice**

*2007 Here (In Your Arms) by Hellogoodbye  It’s all in the name of the band.

Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Cleaning the house in my underwear!  Yes I used to do that before kids.

*2008 Sorry by Buckcherry …………..sorry.

All Summer Long by Hit Masters Oh the drunken memories…of the summer before I got married and knocked up!

*2009 Shut Up And Let Me Go by The Ting Tings still lives on my iPod…*bows head*

Wanted by Jesse James …good thing she’s so pretty and her husband still plays football.

Wow…I must not have listened to the radio much in this decade…plus I was in my own band making music.

*2010 According To You by Orianthi My 4-year-old just went and got her guitar and requested I paint her nails purple.

Bulletproof by La Roux I have seen that hair-do somewhere before…in the 80’s.

*2011 Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People Bought the album…based on this song…MISTAKE!

*2012 Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye Didn’t buy the album because of one song…YAY ME!

*2013 Get Lucky by Daft Punk Bringing back the 70’s y’all!

*2014 Let Her Go by Passenger The voice doesn’t fit the face…AT ALL!

Wow!  It’s been a long day and I need to listen to some good music now…**turns on Five Finger Death Punch**

What’s your favorite one-hit wonder?  Let me know in the comments!

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~National Cheeseburger Day~

National Cheeseburger Day #NationalCheesburgerDay

It’s my weekly post dedicated to a “National Day” of my choice.  This week I am picking…National Cheesburger Day.  I mean really… who doesn’t like a good burger?  Vegans and vegetarians need not answer that question although there are so many ways to substitute meat these days.  But I myself just like good old fashioned meat as a burger.  I also like a lot of pickles and mustard and occasionally a good slice of onion depending on what my plans are for later **winks**.  Oh and let’s not forget the bacon, mushrooms, jalapeños, etc.  There’s not much I don’t like on a burger.

Here’s a little history of the burger

So for today forget about the diet plan and changing of eating habits.

National Cheeseburger Day #NationalCheeseburgerDay

What is your favorite toppings on your cheeseburger?  Where is your favorite place to get a cheeseburger?  Answer in the comments below!

Bon Appetit!

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~National Wonderful Weirdo Day~

National Wonderful Weirdos Day #NationalWonderfulWeirdosDay

Today is a day dedicated to all you weirdos.  The weirdos who don’t shower or bother to get out of your pajamas before invading the supermarket, the weirdos who stare at my brightly colored hair and tattoos and attempt to say something nice but then completely fail.  Or the lady last week that couldn’t stop staring at me. I thought about asking her if she had a camera so I could take a picture for her as a keepsake.

National Wonderful Weirdo Day

Now…I am not exactly normal in any way what. so. ever.  I had 3 kids in 3 years and none of them were twins.  I also met my husband on the internet and was married and knocked up within 5 months of drooling over his good looks while sitting across from him gnawing on my chicken wing and downing a yard of beer.  He was just that irresistible.  Or maybe that was the beer making him look like he was.  Either way…I decided to keep him.

I also like ice in my milk and ranch on my pizza.  I pour clamato juice into my beer and a couple of green olives along with their juice and I find it mighty tasty….no not weird at all.

National Wonderful Weirdo Day

I can’t sleep with anything over my feet…no socks….no blankets and especially NO KIDS!  The winter time …the only reason I wear closed toed shoes is because being all bundled up from head to toe, only to find that the toe part is presenting flip-flops, is rather frowned upon.

Since quitting my medication I can see a lot of my OCD weirdness returning…but hey my sex life has returned as well so fuck the OCD I say!  All of this just means I will be having sex in a spotless house.  Or possibly trying to clean….while I am having sex but who cares…want to know why?  Because today in National Wonderful Weirdo Day and I am going to be as weird as I want to.

National Wonderful Weirdo Day

I also sleep with the tv on and check every single door and window lock before I go to bed.

So tell me….what’s your weirdness…I KNOW YOU GOT SOME IN YA!

Wonderfully Whacky And Weird,

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National Pink Day is June 23

National Pink Day

Yep that’s right.  Today was National Pink Day.   In honor of the day, I am going to give a list of things that I like in regards to pink.

Balloons.  Obviously since my photo above displays the beauties of color.

Underwear.  I love when my husband wears pink underwear.  He doesn’t read my blog therefore I can joke about that.

The Pink Panther.  I have loved that cat since I was little.  As the tune has now entered my head and will continue to reside there probably until tomorrow.

Pink Panther

Pink diamonds.  Although I don’t own any diamonds of any color let alone the pink fucking kind.

These lips are pretty photoshopped awesome.  I wish my lips could be that plump, pretty and sparkly….not really.

Lips Sparkly Pink Plump Domesticated Momster

I love October and the fact that it’s breast cancer awareness month and there is just something so coochie wiggling uplifting watching grown athletic men wear a bit of pink here and there to represent!Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Pink Image

Pink flavored jelly beans.  Yummy explosion of flavor in my mouth!

pink jelly bean image

This girl rocks right here!  And is always looking good smothered in her husband Corey Hart the color pink.

Pink Rockstar Music

And that’s all I really have for now folks as it is almost 10:30pm my time and I have been at the blogging phenomena all day long working on my logo which is also got hints of pink in it.

Domesticated Momster ©2015 Logo Brand

Do you need a logo designed?  Inquire within.  Have a Happy Hump Day Everyone.  Its Swim A Lap Day tomorrow…maybe I will take my kids swimming for our fun day.  It’s also National Fairy Day so dress up like fairy princesses with your daughters, and It’s National Pralines Day as well.  I will be honest…I am not sure what those are exactly.  Maybe feed them to the fairies?

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