Photography 101: Mystery


Mystery.  The stories within the walls of this ship.  What lurks beneath the ocean.

Photography 101: Landscape


Landscape.  This picture was taken at Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge in Nevada.

Photography 101: Moment


Moment.  What can be captured in a moment?  A memory of a great day.  The joy on my son’s face.  The water streaming full speed out of the hose.  This moment will always exist in this precious photo.

Photography 101: Warmth


Warmth.  A beautiful sunset.  With every sunset comes reflection of the day in which is ending.

Photography 101: The Natural World


Nature.  I absolutely love nature. Especially when I can hear and see it.  My favorite sound is that of water.  This photo was taken at a duck pond.  Was one of my favorite places to take my kids and photograph them.  On this particular day the sun was setting just right and I was able to capture this photo.