Quote Of The Week ~ March 6, 2016

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Today is Mother’s Day in the UK so in honor of all the wonderful mothers who I have met through blogging this quote is dedicated to you and of course all mothers everywhere.  

Being a mother, for me, has been the greatest gift and the biggest challenge of my life.  Motherhood fills your heart with joy and love like no other and some days can test the deepest parts of yourself  you didn’t know existed.  But a good mother finds balance.  She finds strength and she loves unconditionally.

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Quote Of The Week ~ Feb 29, 2016

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Love ❤️ this quote especially since I have been working on getting my photography page up and running.  

I’ve loved photography since before I can remember.  In high school I used to spend hours just taking pictures and using the developer room at school to develop them.

I love capturing life’s moments whether it be my own or someone else’s.  

“Develop from the negative” … Learning from mistakes is part of the journey in life.  Taking chances sometimes doesn’t always work out but you can always start over and try again.  Moving forward…always moving forward.


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Quote Of The Week ~ Feb 21, 2016

 Betty White quotes Domesticated Momster

I love this lady’s witty humor.  In many ways she reminds me of my late grandmother who always had a sure fire way of making you laugh.  And I don’t think anything ever embarrassed her.

As for this quote it’s true on so many levels.  People are so busy worrying about what everyone else is doing that they lose track of their own crap.  

Sometimes I think it’s easier for people to focus on others to avoid having to deal with themselves.

If your beliefs are different from the person sitting next to you, who cares?  As long as no one is physically hurting anyone else then just go about with your nose in your own business.  

Put yourself a tutu on and twirl your way out” 
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Quote Of The Week ~ Feb 14, 2016

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In honor of Valentine’s Day this is dedicated to my husband.   He drives me crazy sometimes but just enough to keep love interesting.

I believe that love and marriage aren’t always perfect.  That you always have to put effort where effort is needed and pay attention to the person you chose to spend your life with.

Love doesn’t belong on auto-pilot.  It deserves to keep being reinvented.  To be reminded of what made love spark in the first place.

And remember if you are lucky enough to find someone who makes living, loving, and spending your life with, worth every minute…never…ever…take it for granted.


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Quote Of The Week ~ Feb 1, 2016

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Well I really splurged over the past several days and yesterday was really feeling the effects of it.  

I dwelled on it all day yesterday but decided that today is a new day and the best thing about starting over is just that…getting to start over.  So I am focused and back on track! 


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Favorite Quote ~ Jan 24, 2016

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This quote really speaks to me especially feeling that I have become such an introvert the last couple years since moving away from a place I had spent 20+ years building and creating a life.

But how long do I use that excuse?

I have vowed that 2016 I will be more outgoing and try to communicate better with those around me.  Make an effort to initiate friendships, and work harder on the ones I have made. 

My kids are truly my inspiration to do this because when I see them make a new friend or when I’m picking up little monster B man from school and he’s saying hi and bye to all his new found friends, it reminds me that all you have to do is reach out, speak, say hello.  The worst that could happen is they don’t respond.  But at least I can say I tried.


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Quote Of The Week ~ Jan 17, 2016


Amy Schumer is my new “it” girl.  If you have never seen her stand up act I highly recommend it.  She’s vulgar and hilarious…two fabulous traits every woman should have.  

In a world that puts everyone under a judgmental microscope I find this quote to be totally empowering.  

There’s always going to be people who don’t like you or agree with you.  They might think that what you have to say doesn’t matter to them.  But it matters to someone….you.  

They may think you’re unattractive or that you aren’t making the right choices for yourself.  They may think a lot of negative things about you.  But the only person you should bother trying to impress is yourself.  Of course I always think a person should be kind to another person but opinions are just that …opinions.  I am learning to go by the motto of… I don’t give one unless I’m asked.

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