To The Gene Pool Of My Stepsons:

Let me just start this lovely blog rant off by saying how ridiculously FATUOUS  you are.  You can’t even make a Facebook post without at least 10-15 grammatical errors.  And your posts are always some depressing analogy of how you interpret your life.  Like somehow anyone is listening. I would like to know how someone can complain so much about their life when they are responsible for every choice they have made.  We all make bad choices but let’s face it…the majority of us try to learn from our mistakes and not keep repeating them over and over and over again.

You complain that I have never bothered to get to know you? Really? I am raising your blood line and I am somehow supposed to reach out to you?  Make the effort?  Excuse me while I laugh my ass off at that.  Based on the facts I have gathered in the last seven years, I don’t want to get to know you.  The two boys I have been raising in those same seven years are almost grown…one foot out the door to adulthood and now you think that I need to have a relationship with you?

Here’s an idea…maybe you should have been building a better relationship with your blood line.  Talking to them on the phone is not having a relationship with them.  And I am sorry to say but kids aren’t raised on emotional support alone.  It takes a lot of financial support to raise them as well.  But how would you know since you have never raised any from birth to adulthood.

Over the years I have seen you make promises to them that have been repeatedly broken.  So much so that now when you “promise” them something I see them just roll their eyes and carry on having no faith in your “promises” what-so-ever.  You like to refer to me as “being judgmental” I am a MOTHER…therefore I have the right to be judgmental about someone who gave birth to children and then left them to be raised by others.  And your excuses of “I was young and stupid and an addict” don’t fly with me.  We were all young and stupid once.  But the day I decided to become a mother was the day that “being stupid and selfish” was no longer a choice.  Maybe if you weren’t ready to get your life in order then you should have taken means to not get pregnant.


My husband and I have been raising those boys without ever asking for a single penny from you and yet you want to make us out to be the bad people when we won’t “pitch in” to help finance their trip to see you?  Like somehow that’s our responsibility?  Here’s another idea…why don’t you get a job and pay for something yourself for them, for once!  Could you please explain to me why you don’t work?  You don’t have any kids at home.  You are a 30 something adult.  And yet you just sit at home and do nothing.  But then need financial help to buy a ticket for your blood line to come visit.  According to you “love is all you need”.  Well love doesn’t buy gas, plane, or bus tickets.  News flash there.

Now you think that you want to give me parenting advice?  That’s hilarious coming from someone who has never had to actually BE a parent.  Even for the extremely short and most crucial time that you were in their lives you were an addict and on drugs and never had to deal with any REAL emotion.  They were so young then and like sponges and maybe in your warped mind you think that they don’t remember but let me assure you that they do.  And it’s like somehow you don’t seem to realize that I have been around for the last 7 years and watched enough of your bullshit to form my own opinion of what type of mother aunt person you are.   And quite frankly I have never had such a despise for anyone the way I have for you two.  You want to send me messages talking about how to raise your blood line but then can’t take the lashing back of truth that I spit back.  You have no right what so ever to tell me how to raise a turnip let alone a child.  So please stop wasting my time with that.  Matter of fact just stop wasting my time at all.  Nothing you ever say to me will change how I feel and I have no desire to have any kind of relationship with either of you…EVER!

Not a single fuck given,

domesticated momster


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RLS And Sleep Deprived

RLS And Sleep Deprived.

Browsing through some archives and came across this one…I now take a medication specifically for this condition and so far it seems to work pretty well.

Worry About Your Own

This morning I woke up to find myself tagged in a message on Facebook that I felt had nothing to do with me. ¬†It was from my stepson’s aunt. ¬†Today is their grandmother’s (her mother’s) celebration of life ceremony. ¬†She passed about a month ago. ¬†My stepson’s loved their grandmother for she was the mother figure in their life for many years before I came along. ¬†But they will not be there today. ¬†And some how I was tagged and blamed for this.

They have known for a long time (long before her passing) that she was very ill and wasn’t given much more time to live yet they still leave the obligation of getting the boys there up to us. ¬†They live 7 hours away. ¬†My husband took responsibility of both boys a long time ago (one boy is not even his biological son) and he has never asked for a single penny from anyone. ¬†Yet every time something comes up about getting the boys there the responsibility is somehow left up to us.

In the tag the aunt claims to know me and that the grandmother thought of me as one of her own yet I have never spent more then 10 minutes with her and I have only met the aunt once in which she pretty much ignored me while she panted all over my husband. ¬†Yes they used to date many years ago. ¬†Long before I came along. ¬†Yet she still, to this day, harbors some kind of feelings for my husband. ¬†And still has never made any effort what so ever to get to know me. ¬†So I was quite baffled when I awoke to find myself directly tagged in her post. ¬†So I read the post that I could hardly even understand due to the multiple grammar mistakes in which it withheld. ¬†But what I did understand, loud and clear, is that somehow my husband and I are the bad guys because we won’t load up our family of seven, miss work and school, pay all the finances of said trip, so that her nephews can be there. ¬†While she sits back and does nothing to help. ¬†Because somehow she thinks love is all anyone needs to live. ¬†Yes love is important but love doesn’t buy gas or plane tickets or hotel rooms or food to feed seven on a trip. ¬†Maybe I will just tell her that all of us will just hop on our fancy unicorns and be there by noon. ¬†Because that is what kind of delusional world she lives in.

The truth is we are over here working and taking care of 5 kids while she sits on her butt, to my knowledge, doesn’t work, has never spent a significant amount of time raising her own kids, and really has no responsibilities other then herself right now. ¬†I am sorry for her loss. ¬†Her mother was a good woman from what I have heard from my stepsons. ¬†Like I said I don’t know any of the “other” family. ¬†Everything I know is through someone else telling me.

I am sorry the boys won’t be there but I refuse to be the one to blame. ¬†If they feel like they need to do something in memory of their grandmother I will be more then happy to be there for them and help them with that. ¬†I have experienced loss in my life and everyone deals with it differently and no one should be forced into dealing with it how someone else sees fit.