~Fit Organics Product Review~

I was so lucky to have kind of stumbled upon a conversation on Twitter with a representative of the Fit Organic Company.  I happened to mention how much I love the fruit and vegetable wash, which I have been using for a few years now, and they asked if they could send me some samples of their new products.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the box to find this…

Fit Organic Product Review Domesticated Momster

Those are 6 full sized bottles and a strainer/bowl combo!

Needless to say I was super excited to try these products out!

I wil start off with the fruit and vegetable spray.  I can’t say enough about this stuff.  Have you ever been to the store and brought home apples that felt like they were caked with wax?  Disgusting right?  Well I keep the handy spray bottle filled and right next to the sink.  I give the fruit or vegetables a good spray.  (This is where now the strainer/bowl that they gave me comes in handy).  I spray the fruit or vegetables in the strainer part…give them a good rub…rinse with water and then place the strainer in the bowl and let dry.  Then my mini-monsters usually eat whatever has been washed right from the bowl.  I can’t say enough how awesome this product is and I will continue to use it for years to come.  You can read about or purchase it here.

Next will be the dish liquid.  It was strange at first for it’s not thick like regular dish washing liquid that I use nor does it suds up either.  This is probably due to the fact that it doesn’t have all the nasty chemicals that they use in other brands of dish soap.  It is an organic product.  It still cleaned my dishes just fine and because it’s a safer to use product I will surely be buying more of it.  You can read about and purchase here.

The cleaner and degreaser spray comes in a concentrated form which can be diluted to make up to 4 gallons from the above container.  And it works great on grease.  I used it on my stove after cooking bacon.  We all know what a mess that makes.  I sprayed it and waited a couple minutes then used a hot rag and wiped.  NO ELBOW GREASE INVOLVED.  And again because I know it is safer to use then other products I will buy this product again.  You can read about and purchase here.

The dishwasher liquid unfortunately didn’t live up to our hard water problems here in rural Nevada.  I have found that there is only one kind that keeps the dishes from coming out of the dishwasher with hard water stains.  And I am quite certain that is because of certain chemicals in my leading brand.  I will say though that the Fit Organic brand did better then other brands with the organic label on them.  Therefore, if you don’t have horribly hard water then I highly recommend Fit Organic if you are looking for an organic dishwasher liquid. Comes in citrus scent as well.  You can read about and purchase here.

Last but not least the laundry detergent.  Now I will honestly admit here that I am just very addicted to one brand of laundry detergent because well, when I scratch my clothes the smell that is released is amazing.  I know it’s strange but I just don’t see me ever changing laundry detergents.  But I will say that Fit Organic’s laundry detergent did the job of cleaning the clothes and they even make a gentle baby formula, so if you are looking to go the organic route it’s a great product and it even comes in “he” for energy saving washers and citrus as well.  You can read about and purchase here.

I want to thank Fit Organic for giving me the wonderful opportunity to try their new line of products.  Did I also mention that none of their products are tested on animals?  Makes their products even more fabulous! They also contain no synthetic detergents or artificial surfactants. They are a certified USDA organic product.

Disclosure:  I received these products for review and all the words and opinions above are of my own.

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Local Flavors ~ The Griddle

Griddle restaurant review Winnemucca Nevada #breakfast

If you are ever in the area of Northern Nevada on I-80, between Reno and Elko, may I suggest that you stop for a bite to eat at “The Griddle”.  But only if it’s between the hours of 6am and 2pm (PST)…because they are just that good that they aren’t like the rest of Nevada where everything is at your fingertips 24 hours a day.

The decor is like the rest of this town…a little outdated.  And when you first walk in, the first thing you will probably notice are the bright green colored upholstery on all the booth and breakfast counter chairs.  I am talking 70’s, one shade away from, neon green….green.  You will also notice that the place is packed.  No one cares about the antiquated decor because they are too busy enjoying the delicious food.
Griddle Restaurant Winnemucca Nevada #breakfast

They have classic french toast, almond crusted french toast, stuffed french toast, to name a few.  There are raspberry crepes and peach crepes, and of course pecan crepes.  And if you like eggs, they come in a variety of ways including my ultimate favorite “The California Eggs Benedict”.  The Hollandaise sauce is so good you won’t want to leave a drop of it on your plate.  They also squeeze the orange juice from fresh and have an assortment of salsas and jams that you can taste and purchase to take with you!  All homemade!  For a complete menu click here.

Griddle restaurant review eggs benedict breakfast Winnemucca Nevada
California Eggs Benedict

The Griddle is located right on the main road of Winnemucca Blvd.  You can get to it from any exit off of the I-80.  So remember if you are passing through or have stayed overnight here and wondering where there is a great place to get breakfast or brunch,  try “The Griddle”.  It also has a patio in the warmer months to sit out on and it’s very kid and big party friendly.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Bon Appetit,

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ZIC Folding Reading Glasses ~ Review

I was contacted by Daniel about doing a review for ZIC Folding Reading Glasses.  He informed me that these reading glasses were simple and durable.  Of course the first thought that came to my mind was “Oh my 3 little monsters will put the durability to the test!”  Challenge accepted.

Upon receiving the package and opening it up, my 3 year old INSTANTLY wanted to play with them.  So of course I let her.  It wasn’t 5 minutes and she had popped the arm off.  But much to my surprise …it popped right back on with ease!  She was unable to break them.

ZIC Reading Glasses Review

As you can see in the picture they are sleek and made of a very durable plastic.  The arms of the glasses move up and down to form it’s own carrying case as well and there is a small clip (like that of a pen) on the side of each frame for easy storage in a pocket or bag.

ZIC Reading Glasses Review

All of the items above are included with the package of eyewear.  I chose red but there is an assortment of colors.

Below is a short video showing just how flexible and on the go these reading glasses really are.

For ordering information and more details please visit their website here.


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DCKids And Warner Bros’ Toy Basket Giveaway

Check out some of these amazing new Youtube videos from DCKids & Warner Bros’ with included favorites such as Batman Unlimited, Scooby Doo, and DC Super Friends!  There will plenty of updates of the videos over the next year, so go subscribe to their channels and also enter the chance to win 1 of 5 Rafflecopter Mystery Toy Baskets worth a minimum of $50! (Entry time has ended)

Click on their links below to subscribe to their channels:

DCKids Channel

WBKids Channel

BATMAN UNLIMITED (My mini momsters’ favorite)

Hope you enjoy and good luck!

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