Staying On Track: 2 Months Now

I can’t say it has been a solid two months of getting in shape but I am however being consistent. ¬†I am finally noticing a change in my fleshy anatomy body and my poundage weight is down by 12 numbers on the scale. ¬†And regardless if I have a few days of “unhealthy” eating it stays steadily at that weight. ¬†My next goal will be another 10 pounds and to have it regulated at that weight as well. ¬†I do this so that the chances of gaining the weight back are less likely to sneak up on me.


I will be the first to admit that I loathe going to the gym. ¬†Especially if it’s at 4:30 in the morning. ¬†My body just does not know how to operate in that kind of manner anytime before noon. ¬†I will take a 5 hour energy, get to the gym at 4:45, and when I get ¬†back home sometimes go right back to sleep. ¬†No joke. ¬†Other days I am up, showered, and waiting for the kids to wake up. ¬†Thankfully those early morning gym times aren’t everyday.


A couple days ago my workout partner and I attempted a new torture device exercise machineUnknown

It’s working great don’t you agree? ¬†Oh whoops that’s not me. ¬†Anyway that’s what the machine kind of looks like and let me tell you every muscle from my neck to my ass hurts. ¬†I was a walking conglomeration of Salonpas last night even after a hot epsom salt bath and a gallon jug bottle of wine. ¬†And today isn’t any different only I no longer smell like medicinal mint and I am out of wine…again.

Getting On Track Again

Getting On Track Again.

It’s been one month that I have been on the healthy track again. ¬†And I feel fantastic! ¬†Not much has changed with my body yet but my mind and attitude have changed drastically. ¬†It really is true that exercise and eating right ((we won’t talk about the several pieces of pizza I had the last few days)) truly is the key to feeling better.

Lastnight I took a walk around the neighborhood…something I had done at the beginning of the “getting on track” process and I could do it with much more ease. ¬†I had more energy even though it was 5:30 in the evening. ¬†Oh in case I forgot to mention…my neighborhood is full of hills…very big hills that are equivalent to putting the treadmill on a 10 incline. ¬†It’s a workout. ¬†But afterwards I just felt great! ¬†For those of you starting out on the healthy track or you started a new year’s resolution but then it faded…it’s never too late to start again! ¬†Grab a friend, your husband, hell…even grab a kid or two if you have to and get moving!

Getting On Track Again


After taking a few months off from getting fit I finally have decided it’s time to get back on the healthy track. ¬†For the past couple years I have lost and gained weight but I could not get lower then a particular weight. ¬†Therefore I would get discouraged and just give up because let’s face it, that’s just easier in my chaotic life. ¬†Well I am happy to say that I got on the scale the other day and I am finally under that weight. ¬†Nothing like a little weight loss incentive to get me in “the mood”….for the gym….geesh…where are your minds?

For Christmas my husband (per my request) bought me a Fitbit. ¬†At first it was just a gadget that I wore on my wrist to remind me how lazy and unfit I was becoming. ¬†Then, with the help of my bestie, I discovered there were challenges that you could set up to have contests with friends and family who also have the device. ¬†Nothing like a little competition for me to convince myself that I need to get up and get moving…especially when my own mother has taken the leader spot for several weeks now! (I swear she must have that damn thing attached to a fan blade) ¬†Of course there are some days that I think I am motivated and getting my steps in only to check my device and find that it has been on sleep mode. ¬†It’s about equivalent to getting on the scale after eating rabbit food for a week only to realize you haven’t lost a single pound.


Luckily for me my husband wants to get on board the healthy track as well which makes it much easier for me to be motivated.  Granted we have been here before and then gotten sidetracked but at least we have never completely given up.  He of course wants to get some workout equipment for the house but I sincerely believe there is a reason why the internet is flooded with people trying to sell their workout merchandise, that they just had to have, because in time it became just like the rest of the furniture.


I really don’t like exercise while I am in the middle of doing it. ¬†Let’s face it, sweating and panting is not sexy unless you are in the horizontal position…and no I am not referring to planks or push ups. ¬†Not to mention I always feel like the “underdog” at the gym. ¬†Like somehow everyone else knows how to work out so much better then I do. ¬†But at the same time, I like being in a gym environment and around other people with motivation to get healthy. ¬†So for now I will set tiny goals for myself to try and stay on the fit track. ¬†And regardless of how comfy my sweats and yoga pants are I will remind myself that they are just as comfy to get up and get moving in.

0c1a39074e47fa9dfa34ee519c042212¬† ¬† to be continued…..

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My 3 Day Diet

I have come to the realization that it is time for me to get on the healthy track because who wouldn’t want to be cute and sexy and fit in the clothes that have been hoarded in my closet long before the days of having babies? ¬†It’s a never ending cycle really…lose a few pounds, fit in those jeans you love (when I say fit I mean trying to jump into them from a second story window and then doing 20 or 30 squats to try and get them lose enough to breath) eating with such said jeans on, is of course, not an option. ¬†Then I decide that the jeans are over rated and so is this whole idea of trying to be skinny so onto the hanger go the jeans and off to the store in my favorite sweat or yoga pants I go to obtain all the beer, wine, and goodies that I can fit into one basket. ¬†The next morning the scale is my worst enemy and the cycle starts all over again.

So here I find myself at the gym again skimming through Pinterest while passing the dreadful 20 minutes of the treadmill when something catches my eye. What is this? A diet for 3 days that can help me lose up to 10 pounds!!! Is this for real? And of course in the midst of my excitement I find myself missing a step and having to push the emergency stop button on the machine. ¬†After recovering myself from complete and utter treadmill failure I continue to read about this glorious 10 pounds in 3 days diet…cause let’s face it anyone can stick to anything for 3 days right?

Well here I am in the middle of day two and the children are still alive and my husband,lucky for him, is getting ready to go to work. ¬†I haven’t had any caffeine which for this mother of 5 means that someone’s white shirt will soon be pink and the milk will switch places with the cereal and find it’s resting ground in the cupboard and at sometime before the end of day I will be shuffling around in a manner in which resembles one of those walker characters on the “Walking Dead”. ¬†I also am not allowed any alcohol which means after my long day of ¬†3 toddlers when usually I would draw a bubble bath and pour a glass (very large glass in which holds half a bottle) of wine and slip into what feels like a small coma, instead I will be trying to find something to do, which lastnight consisted of thumbing through food recipes on Pinterest only to make me realize even more the sacrifices I am making for these 3 days.

Do I feel better? Have I lost any weight? Am I hungry? The truth is I have no energy and I am quite certain that I burned off every calorie consumed yesterday at the gym and couldn’t even finish my routine due to utter exhaustion. ¬†I refuse to get on the scale even though it feels like a giant elephant in the bathroom, and although I am not hungry, per say, every time I open the refrigerator I see every bit of everything that looks good including the wilted lettuce that is probably a day away from being mush which sits right next to the cold beer that looks like it has a light layer of frost on the bottle which I know is just my alcohol deprived mind playing tricks on me. ¬†But I go on looking forward to my next meal (although I don’t call two hotdogs and a cup of broccoli a meal) and in looking forward to I mean checking and rechecking the diet list for day two which never changes no matter how many times I look at it.