~A Relationship With Food~

Relationship to food…

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Who in their right mind doesn’t have a love for food?  Yes I realize that those who struggle with eating disorders may have a different view about food but thankfully I have never had any type of eating disorder.  I do however have a long list of other disorders.  But let’s stick to the subject at hand here shall we?

I love everything about food…except having to shop for it as I have written before.

I watch endless amounts of cooking shows to help improve my culinary skills.  I even save some of them to my DVR to have reference to when needed.  I have so many recipes pinned on my Pinterest that every time I try to look one up I spend more time scrolling to locate it then I actually do preparing it.


If I am hungry then I also get super cranky and become a crazed lunatic angry human in 2.5 seconds if food does not quickly come in contact with my mouth.  I am talking PMS related cranky with a side of psychotic behavior….more then my usual psychotic conduct.  And if we go to a restaurant and there is too much of a wait I will insist that we get back in the car and drive to another location…which yes I realize is a catch 22 because sometimes it can take longer deciding where else we want to go and then traveling to said destination instead of just waiting at the first preference.


My favorite food to inhale indulge, until I have to unbutton my pants, is Sushi.  Here in Nevada we are a bit spoiled because most sushi places in the city are “all you can eat”.   And I consume well over my “all you can shove in your mouth eat” price.  Even talking about it right now my mouth is literally watering.  **wipes drool off the keyboard**  My Little B Man loves it too.  I ate sushi during my entire pregnancy…yes I know they say you aren’t suppose to but what do you think the Japanese do?  Stop eating sushi while pregnant?  Heck no and look how smart they are.  Little B Man is well above his age spectrum as well and literally will take a raw piece of salmon and shove it in his mouth just like his mama.  I really don’t know if his being smart, and me eating sushi while pregnant, has any relation but I was simply stating he came out fine.

Now as for the loving food but not wanting to be fat is simple.  It has nothing to do with looks but more with health.  I have a long line of “weight related” illnesses in my gene pool and well I really don’t want to be another statistic.  This is the main reason I have recently decided to make a change and start exercising.  I really don’t eat much bad food.  (wine doesn’t count) But I am falling short on being more active.  This doesn’t mean that I constantly deprive myself from “goodies”  but I believe everything should be within moderation….again wine doesn’t count.

For The Love Of Food,

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 13

Someone You Have Always Wanted To Meet…

Well for those of you close to me it would be no surprise that my answer to this would be Gwen Stefani.  I have been an idol of hers since before she was a star on the map.


I was a “No Doubt” fan at first but quickly realized that she would eventually become a phenomenon.  She was the reason behind that band being such a huge success.  She was one of the first female artists to lead a band with the type of music style that they possessed.  Her energy even today is beyond implausible.  She’s in her 40’s and still protrudes more effervescence then the majority of her younger rivals.


She has more then just singing under her belt.  Her sense of fashion has been remarked on around the globe as well.  All this while juggling 3 boys and a famous husband.  And she makes it look so easy.  She has made quite the brand for herself and has so graciously interpreted her life through the many pages of song lyrics.  Pouring out her deepest thoughts for everyone to know.

I am sure if I ever did get to meet her in person I would be star struck, speechless, and baffled for a single word to recite.


30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 12

Someone I Miss:

Must I narrow this to only one?  It’s my writing challenge therefore I am going to do what I want…oh wait…I do that all the time anyway.

I miss my maternal grandmother.  She has been gone for many years but there are so many pieces of me that I wish she could have seen.  I was still in my “selfish-all about me” stage of life when she past and I regret not telling her how much more appreciative of her I was.  She pretty much raised me and regardless of the generation gap between her raising her own children and then raising me I realize now that she always put me first.  I wish she could have met my children and seen how happy I am now.  When she was alive I was so contingent about who I was or wanted to be and usually I was just an asshole.

I miss my bestie.  I met my bestie at a playdate for our littles.  Problem is we didn’t realize how much we adored each other until a couple years later.  We are both kind of introverted in our ways and neither of us knows how to step over one’s boundaries.  But somehow we finally managed to do so…the year before I moved.  I miss our SAHM afternoon wine tastings and watching our kids all bond like they had been born in the same womb.  I miss going to the “wine and canvas” event with her(yeah we are a couple of winos…what of it?)…even though we had only attended two of them…I know that if I still lived there…we would still be attending them regularly.  I miss dinner “dates” that we would take our littles to.  Her daughter and my son are absolutely smitten with one another and there isn’t a day that goes by that my little B man doesn’t ask to go see his “girlfriend“.  He still doesn’t understand that we don’t just live down the street anymore.  I just miss spending time with her in general.

I miss my family.  I really don’t get to see any of them often enough due to the fact that we all live in different places.  I have the means to go visit them but 1 mom + 3 toddlers on a road trip = MOMMY IN A STRAIGHT JACKET by the end.  I did it one year with an infant and a toddler all while 7 months pregnant.  I survived but by the time we got home I thought I had done lost my mind somewhere between Salt Lake City UT and Las Vegas, NV, and someone had run over it.

I miss all my friends I had to leave behind due to moving.  I miss seeing their faces regularly and laughing until my cheeks and abs hurt.  I miss seeing their little people and being a part of their lives.  I really miss “girl-chatter“.

I realize that life just keeps changing.  We miss certain things and a lot of someone’s.  We experience new things and meet new someone’s.  And of course they can never replace the former ones but make new transitions worth the transitioning.


30 Day Writing Challenge: Days 10 and 11

I am going to combine two days into one since I have fallen behind in this challenge and they are both topics that can blend together, weather and something unusual:

Well I would say that the weather we are having here in Winnemucca, NV has been completely unusual and unpredictable.  The landscaping is all blooming and I woke up to a chilling 20 degrees outside this morning. Not that 20 degrees is chilly to me of course…ever since I turned 40 I swear it’s like my internal thermostat is stuck on “sweating”.  I only turn on the heat in this house because I have little ones.  Otherwise I would have it at a constant 60 degrees.  And if my husband or the teenagers ever complained that it was cold…I would just tell them to put more clothes on or get a blanket.  “Cause if mama ain’t happy…she will make everyone’s lives a living hell ain’t nobody happy!”


I don’t dare talk about the W word that was roaring like the 1920’s outside yesterday….shhhh!

Now I am a sunshine girl.  Love the sunshine, love all the things that come with summer…except…HOT weather.  I am not a fan of extremely hot which is funny since I lived in southern Nevada for over 20 years.  And people used to ask me, “How do you live in such extreme temperatures?”  Well that would be due to A/C and swimming pools of course.  Not that either of those would be available anymore during a zombie apocalypse but that’s what vodka and sleeping pills are for.

You’re probably now wondering if I was serious about that last statement…

The vodka and sleeping pills would be to feed the zombies of course…duh!


Back to the weather being unusual…what a boring topic to write about  really.  Today it is sunny and beautiful outside and tomorrow’s forecast calls for rain and snow flurries.  Go figure.

This is how unpredictable it is…I just checked my weather app again and now it says just partly cloudy with a chance of meatballs for tomorrow…2 days ago it said rain and snow. Unpredictable and unusual…that is the weather.



30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 9


Your Favorite Thing To Do Right Now:

Sleep.  I have lost countless weeks hours of sleep since having children.


I remember the days before children when sleeping all day felt like a waste of a good day.  But now I would do just about anything for an entire day of sleep.  Except eat a bug.  I don’t care what is offered…I cannot and will not bring myself to eat a bug.  I also wouldn’t have sex with any animals.  No way…uh uh.  No bugs and no sex with animals…I do have my priorities people.

Between kids, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome…sleep has become a constant struggle for me.  I now take medication to help with the insomnia and restless leg syndrome which is occasionally successful.  As far as a medication to help with the kids…that’s called wine.



5 Things From My Bucket List


5 Things From Your Bucket List:

1.  Skydiving.  I was supposed to complete this on my 40th birthday but it has yet to have happened.  I think that some of the things I once thought about venturing to do have now changed since having kids.  I fear of leaving them motherless.

2.  Compete on the “Amazing Race“.  Nothing like a good competition and a trip around the world all while being filmed on television.  I know that my husband and I would make an excellent team, however, I also know that we would be the ones who kept the audience tuning in each week for the “Francis and Trista” show.

3.  Own a business.  I have many ideas in my head for businesses.  The key is narrowing it down to one that will fit in with my life and this little town I live in.  I also have about a half dozen manufacturing ideas in my head and every time I watch “Shark Tank” I think to myself **why haven’t I done this yet?**  Oh yeah…because I am busy raising 5 kids at the moment.

4.  Have a piece of my artwork published.  Whether it be something from my blog, one of my photographs, or one of the paintings I plan to start painting with the art set my hubby bought me for my birthday.  I love being creative.  It’s what truly makes me happy with myself.  And getting noticed for it would just be the topping on my “life” cake.

5.  To see my children grow into families of their own.  This is most important to me.  I don’t want to miss anything about their lives.  They grow up and leave the nest but that’s not where it ends.  I look forward to graduations, weddings, careers, kids, and every step in my children’s lives.  I want to be there to witness it all!

Do you have a bucket list?

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 7



My parents divorced when I was 9 months old.  My mother had two more children in another marriage and as of “today“, I am still the only child to my father.  He’s going to be 71 this year so let’s hope I won’t be gaining anymore siblings via him…he’s not fixed to my knowledge and still dates girls who are the same age as me.  I’m 40 something.  But my years of being his only child have set in and let’s face it…I don’t need siblings who are younger then my children…awkward!

When I was 7 my mother had a baby.  It was a boy and I remember being thrilled to be a “big sister“.  It was like having a real life doll to play with and I played the roll of “big sister” very well.  I lived with my father at the time so would only get to see him when I was on a visit with my mom but I loved every minute with my little brother.


A couple years later my sister came along.  And as the same with my brother I stepped right into the “big sister” roll once again.  I showered her with anything girly.  I remember always doing her hair and taking pictures of her and my brother that would later become part of a very important scrap book.

When I was 14 I decided that I wanted to live with my mother.  Mostly in part because I was lonely being an only child living with my dad but raised with my grandparents.  When I went for visits at my mom’s I enjoyed being around my siblings.  It was like having a friend to play with all the time regardless the age difference between us… at the time.

The age difference became a problem once I reached high school…

Like every young girl surviving her way through high school, I was no different.  I often wanted to hang out with my friends rather then be at home with my family.  I remember always wanting to hang out after school but instead I had to come home and look after my siblings.  The same siblings that used to remind me daily that I wasn’t the boss of them nor was I their real sister.  It was such a joy.  **sarcastic eye roll**  They tattled on me for everything!  And if I had friends over my brother instantly turned into a little asshole crazy lunatic.  He would take off all his clothes and proceed to run naked through the house in front of my friends.  One day, while he was in the midst of doing this, I decided to lock him outside.  We lived on a busy street corner and it was late afternoon when the traffic past our house became very engaged.  I remember him screaming that he was going to tell on me, therefore I left him outside even longer because I figured if I was going to get in trouble then I mind as well make it worth it.


For years we all tormented each other, as I am sure most siblings do, but I believe our affliction had a lot to do with the age difference between us.  I couldn’t relate to them nor vice versa.  As we turned into adults we all changed of course and a “sibling friendship” blossomed.  We all live in different places so only get to see each other once or twice a year usually on our annual family vacation.  We all lead busy lives and are horrible at keeping in touch so thank goodness for social media.  I think that because of my experience with my siblings I wanted my children to be very close in age…and boy did my wishes get granted….and then some.