5 Things From My Bucket List


5 Things From Your Bucket List:

1.  Skydiving.  I was supposed to complete this on my 40th birthday but it has yet to have happened.  I think that some of the things I once thought about venturing to do have now changed since having kids.  I fear of leaving them motherless.

2. ¬†Compete on the “Amazing Race“. ¬†Nothing like a good competition and a trip around the world all while being filmed on television. ¬†I know that my husband and I would make an excellent team, however, I also know that we would be the ones who kept the audience tuning in each week for the “Francis and Trista” show.

3. ¬†Own a business. ¬†I have many ideas in my head for businesses. ¬†The key is narrowing it down to one that will fit in with my life and this little town I live in. ¬†I also have about a half dozen manufacturing ideas in my head and every time I watch “Shark Tank” I think to myself **why haven’t I done this yet?** ¬†Oh yeah…because I am busy raising 5 kids at the moment.

4. ¬†Have a piece of my artwork published. ¬†Whether it be something from my blog, one of my photographs, or one of the paintings I plan to start painting with the art set my hubby bought me for my birthday. ¬†I love being creative. ¬†It’s what truly makes me happy with myself. ¬†And getting noticed for it would just be the topping on my “life” cake.

5. ¬†To see my children grow into families of their own. ¬†This is most important to me. ¬†I don’t want to miss anything about their lives. ¬†They grow up and leave the nest but that’s not where it ends. ¬†I look forward to graduations, weddings, careers, kids, and every step in my children’s lives. ¬†I want to be there to witness it all!

Do you have a bucket list?

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