Staying On Track: 2 Months Now

I can’t say it has been a solid two months of getting in shape but I am however being consistent. ¬†I am finally noticing a change in my fleshy anatomy body and my poundage weight is down by 12 numbers on the scale. ¬†And regardless if I have a few days of “unhealthy” eating it stays steadily at that weight. ¬†My next goal will be another 10 pounds and to have it regulated at that weight as well. ¬†I do this so that the chances of gaining the weight back are less likely to sneak up on me.


I will be the first to admit that I loathe going to the gym. ¬†Especially if it’s at 4:30 in the morning. ¬†My body just does not know how to operate in that kind of manner anytime before noon. ¬†I will take a 5 hour energy, get to the gym at 4:45, and when I get ¬†back home sometimes go right back to sleep. ¬†No joke. ¬†Other days I am up, showered, and waiting for the kids to wake up. ¬†Thankfully those early morning gym times aren’t everyday.


A couple days ago my workout partner and I attempted a new torture device exercise machineUnknown

It’s working great don’t you agree? ¬†Oh whoops that’s not me. ¬†Anyway that’s what the machine kind of looks like and let me tell you every muscle from my neck to my ass hurts. ¬†I was a walking conglomeration of Salonpas last night even after a hot epsom salt bath and a gallon jug bottle of wine. ¬†And today isn’t any different only I no longer smell like medicinal mint and I am out of wine…again.