5 Things From My Bucket List


5 Things From Your Bucket List:

1.  Skydiving.  I was supposed to complete this on my 40th birthday but it has yet to have happened.  I think that some of the things I once thought about venturing to do have now changed since having kids.  I fear of leaving them motherless.

2. ¬†Compete on the “Amazing Race“. ¬†Nothing like a good competition and a trip around the world all while being filmed on television. ¬†I know that my husband and I would make an excellent team, however, I also know that we would be the ones who kept the audience tuning in each week for the “Francis and Trista” show.

3. ¬†Own a business. ¬†I have many ideas in my head for businesses. ¬†The key is narrowing it down to one that will fit in with my life and this little town I live in. ¬†I also have about a half dozen manufacturing ideas in my head and every time I watch “Shark Tank” I think to myself **why haven’t I done this yet?** ¬†Oh yeah…because I am busy raising 5 kids at the moment.

4. ¬†Have a piece of my artwork published. ¬†Whether it be something from my blog, one of my photographs, or one of the paintings I plan to start painting with the art set my hubby bought me for my birthday. ¬†I love being creative. ¬†It’s what truly makes me happy with myself. ¬†And getting noticed for it would just be the topping on my “life” cake.

5. ¬†To see my children grow into families of their own. ¬†This is most important to me. ¬†I don’t want to miss anything about their lives. ¬†They grow up and leave the nest but that’s not where it ends. ¬†I look forward to graduations, weddings, careers, kids, and every step in my children’s lives. ¬†I want to be there to witness it all!

Do you have a bucket list?

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Photography: Art and Beauty

Spent the afternoon creating masterpieces with my littles. ¬†And of course playing the role of “mammarazzi“.


Zoelle3-13    IMG_3583




My Little M…


My little M

My little miss tomboy…

My little miss funny…

My little miss attitude…

My little miss mini me.



This photo came out blurred after taking it…but something about my daughter’s fingers in action…captured me.


Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue….what would any color be without them?




It’s amazing what a little bit of paint and some little $2 wooden crafts from Wal-mart can do for an afternoon in “toddler nation”

I cover the table with brown paper which you can find in the packing section at Wal-Mart. ¬†It is very thick and the kids love to paint on it as well. ¬†We don’t have a craft store here in our little town so I rely on the craft section, consisting of one isle, here at our local Wally World.

I love that they have the “artsy” part of me in them. ¬†I usually leave the painted on paper on the table for a few days to just look at and enjoy regardless of how “abstract” it is.