Quote Of The Week ~ Feb 29, 2016

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Love ❤️ this quote especially since I have been working on getting my photography page up and running.  

I’ve loved photography since before I can remember.  In high school I used to spend hours just taking pictures and using the developer room at school to develop them.

I love capturing life’s moments whether it be my own or someone else’s.  

“Develop from the negative” … Learning from mistakes is part of the journey in life.  Taking chances sometimes doesn’t always work out but you can always start over and try again.  Moving forward…always moving forward.


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Quote Of The Week ~ Jan 3

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I have liked “U2” for probably as long as I’ve loved “No Doubt”.  I even got to see  both of them in concert together which was one of the best concerts I’ve been to….and I’ve been to a lot.

Bono has always been about trying to make the world a better place not only with his music but many acts of kindness around the globe.

But sometimes, even being rich and famous can’t solve the worlds problems.  But you can always start with yourself.

2016 is truly going to be my year of goals and changing the world in me.


Quote Of The Week ~ December 20, 2015

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I have never been one to prefer hanging with the “cool kids”  which usually were the prettier and more popular.  In high school I hated the mean girls and usually preferred to hang out with the less “I need attention” types.  I didn’t care what side of the tracks you lived on as long as you were nice to me, I was nice in return.

I have always been more attracted to personality.  If your personality rocks then you have my full attention. Personality truly is what makes a person because without it, no matter how beautiful you are on the outside, ugliness lives on the inside.  

Always remember to stay awesome…for those of you I call my friends, are truly the beauties in my life.


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~Favorite Quote #18~

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This goes right along with my recent post about “What Kind Of Kids Are We Raising“.  There will always be people who are going to disagree with you…and it’s ok.  The importance is believing in yourself and showing that you aren’t afraid to defend yourself when needed…even if it means having enemies along the way.

Always Believe In Yourself,


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