TruSkin Naturals Review and Giveaway

TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum

About a month ago I ordered some vitamin C serum from TruSkin Naturals.  I have always liked vitamin C to use on those dreadful, I hate to even say out loud, **whispers** age spots.

To my surprise they asked me to do a review of their product and they also sent me a free one to use in a giveaway!!!

I have been using the product for about a month now and have noticed a little bit of a difference on a spot on my face in which was really bugging me.  I spent a lot of time in the sun in my early teens before I learned the importance of sunscreen, and it takes approximately 20 years for sun damage to appear, so this is why I am starting to notice it in my 40’s.  **coughs**

I have noticed a considerable difference in the over all appearance of my skin since starting to use this product.  It has lightened up some of the dreadful spots and evened out the tone of my skin.  So much so that I plan to give some of their other products a try.

I am a licensed Aesthetician so I am always looking for new beauty regimens to try to slow down the aging process.  My best advice is to always protect your skin when outside.  People don’t realize that you can still get a sun-kissed glow even with wearing sunscreen.  The sunscreen just helps you not to burn which is what causes the damage.

TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum giveaway

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Good luck ūüćÄ to everyone who enters!

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Quote Of The Week ~ Jan 17, 2016


Amy Schumer is my new “it” girl.  If you have never seen her stand up act I highly recommend it.  She’s vulgar and hilarious…two fabulous traits every woman should have.  

In a world that puts everyone under a judgmental microscope I find this quote to be totally empowering.  

There’s always going to be people who don’t like you or agree with you.  They might think that what you have to say doesn’t matter to them.  But it matters to someone….you.  

They may think you’re unattractive or that you aren’t making the right choices for yourself.  They may think a lot of negative things about you.  But the only person you should bother trying to impress is yourself.  Of course I always think a person should be kind to another person but opinions are just that …opinions.  I am learning to go by the motto of… I don’t give one unless I’m asked.

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Cuddle Fairy

~Ageless Beauty~


ageless beauty aging youth getting old

With a new year approaching and the fact that I have taken time to get over my  blogging burnout during the holidays,  I have decided to challenge myself a bit and am going to try and write at leasts 3 posts a week using daily writing prompts.  This will be along with the other ideas I have decided to challenge myself with as well.

Today’s writing prompt is entitled “Young At Heart“.

youth staying young aging getting old time

I am a true believer that looking young, even as you get older, stems from good genes and how you treat your body. ¬† I saw a post on Facebook the other day of a woman who was 103 and didn’t look a day over 70.

My grandmother, in her 90’s, would go to the doctor and the nurse would say that they must have grabbed the wrong chart because she didn’t look a day over 60.

My father is still dating girls my age…and he is 71. ¬†Granted, most of them know he has some money but I don’t see a 71 year old man when I look at him.

And the same goes for my mother. ¬†Even with her gray hair, that she no longer dyes (which she is also lucky to have the perfect gray hair with highlights and low lights in all the right places) I don’t see a woman on the down slope to her 70’s. ¬†Even my toddlers told her she didn’t look old and we all know how brutally honest they can be.

I am also a true believer that you are only as old as you feel. ¬†Granted some days I feel older than others. drinking partying hangovers aging¬†Those are usually days followed by a night of too many cocktails and not enough sleep. ¬†But when I am doing something fun with my kids, working out at the gym, or even bopping around the house getting a ton of stuff done…I still feel the youth in me.

But when I speak of ageless beauty I am talking about who we are on the inside. ¬†What kind of adults have we grown into? ¬†Are we good or evil? ¬†It’s so easy to see all the evil people plastered all over the media that it’s hard to believe that there are still a majority of us that are kind, caring, and helpful to our fellow mankind.


This quote is so true on so many levels. ¬†People who render hate are usually just miserable themselves. ¬†And you know the old saying…


It’s not to say that we don’t all experience a bit of misery from time to time but it’s how we choose to distribute it into the atmosphere.

When I am miserable it’s usually taken out on those in my household. ¬†They have also learned that when I am feeling miserable or grouchy to just leave me alone and let me do my own thing.

Ageless beauty can also come in the form of an object. ¬†Like an old painting, building, or even those 20 year old pair of shoes in your closet that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away. ¬†Maybe the memories they hold are just too valuable, even if you haven’t put them on in the last decade.

Or an old pair of jeans that have been worn so many times that holes are starting to appear in places that parts you wouldn’t want others to see¬†¬†will soon be hanging out of…isn’t that what patches are for?

It can be a beautiful landscape that changes through the years but still looks beautiful.

aging beauty ageless growing old staying young at heart

There is so much ageless beauty in so many things…including we as human beings. ¬†It just takes choosing kindness over bitterness. ¬†Happiness over sadness (which I know first hand can be hard to do without ¬†wine¬†vodka medication sometimes).

I am not afraid of growing old…but I am afraid that I will get grumpier in my old age, as I see a pattern in the generations of women before me.

How do you feel about growing old?…how would you define ageless beauty? ¬†Do you have an item that you just can’t let go of?


Try to stay beautiful on the inside…always.


I also wrote a recent piece entitled “Love Who You Are Today” if you would like to read more about how I feel on this subject.




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Love Who You Are Today

This morning I was listening to my morning Pandora radio as I was huffing and puffing along on the treadmill and I am not sure what the song was that came on but it was basically about being afraid of getting old and looking aged.  That there isn’t beauty in growing old.

Now I will agree that I get upset every time I see a new gray hair appear on my head or a laugh line on my face, especially since I usually have “resting bitch face” going on.  I have always tried to take good care of my skin since becoming a licensed aesthetician over 20 years ago.

 self confidence youth beauty 
 I lather on the sunscreen…sometimes I forget the other parts of my body but I always have it on my face.  I wear hats and sunglasses.  But the truth is that someday…if I am lucky enough to live a long healthy life…I am still going to look…old.

I can remember at a very early age having an issue about my body image.  I was a tall girl.  Taller than the majority of my friends and back then I didn’t appreciate it at all.  I wanted to be short.  I hated being the tall drink of water that entered a room.

Then around 8th grade my boobs started developing.  I remember being in the locker room and watching girls stuff tissue into their bras and all I could think was “why the fuck are you doing that?”  Cause I was over here trying to smash mine into a 2 sizes too small bra, then a sports bra, and then the biggest t-shirt or sweatshirt I could find.  I even tried duct taping them to my body once.  Yes no joke … But feel free to laugh because it hurt like hell taking it off.  Not the brightest moment of my teenage years.

I look at pictures of me now from when I was in high school and think to myself…wow you dumb girl…why didn’t you love yourself more…you had the body of a Victoria Secret’s model for fucks sake!


Ok I might be exaggerating a bit but just saying.   But as the years went on I was just never satisfied with the way my body was.  And now when I see pictures of myself from previous years I think…how come I didn’t think I was skinny enough or pretty enough?How come the majority of women are never satisfied with what they look like?  

I guess what I am trying to say is this…enjoy who you are…love yourself today…tomorrow you will be older…next year you might have gained a few pounds…have more gray hair…more laugh lines.  Especially you young teenage girls that I see on social media everyday complaining about how ugly and fat you are.  SHUT THE FUCK UP and love yourself because you will never be that age, in that moment, ever again.

I have more confidence now in my 40’s than I did in my teens and as ridiculous as that may sound…it’s true!   I no longer try to smash my boobs down and actually these days won’t buy a shirt that isn’t a v-neck.  I go to the gym not because I feel fat but because I want to feel healthier and have more energy.  Ok yeah, and I like to rock my jeans  feel better in my clothing.  I’d also like to take some boudoir pictures while my body still has elasticity to it. I encourage every woman to take some.  Put them in a keepsake box, make a calendar for your husband …hell do some hot pictures WITH your husband or boyfriend!  *By the way I am a photographer and would love to do a session of a couple…just putting that out there **grins**

 youth beauty confidence couples  
So ladies I say embrace the age you are and I believe there is beauty in every age and like I said before, if you are lucky enough to make it to old age embrace it because not everyone is lucky enough to get the chance.signature5


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~Boxycharm Beauty Boxes~

boxycharm beauty cosmetics hair skin nails box

I have been receiving these tiny boxes, full of cosmetic goodness, from BOXYCHARM, for quite some time now and I thought hey, why not blog about them. ¬†I signed up for the boxes about a year ago and it’s worth the $21 a month. ¬†You get a sexy little box in the mail once a month and I have yet to be disappointed in the selection. ¬†Did I mention the $21 includes shipping too? ¬†Yep. ¬†Awesome right?

Below is what I got in my July box which was waiting for me when I got home from camping. ¬†Nothing says “girl you need a good shower and some body love” like a tiny little box of beauty goodies.

boxycharm gorgehair beauty box hair skin nails
*gorge I’ll make you look amazing daily spray $30
Boxycharm MDMflow beauty box hair skin nails mascara
MDMflow Greater Than Mascara £21
yourMinerals Transparent Veil Setting Powder Boxycharm beauty box
yourMinerals Transparent Veil Setting Powder $26
Versant Professional Blush Brush $29

I also received an OFRA Cosmetic Universal Eyebrow Pencil which is not pictured because my lovely mini monsterettes got into the box and I have yet to come across it.  I am sure it will decorate a wall just fabulously.

They also include a little information card with each box giving you a little detail about each item and the retail price.  I have included links above if you would like to check out any of the items websites.

My favorite item of this months box~the brush.  I absolutely love make up brushes for I use everything in powdered form.  This is great since there is usually one brush per box I receive.

Please note:  This is not a review I was asked to do by Boxycharm.  This is my own personal review to share with my readers.


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Daily Post: Third From The Top

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Third From the¬†Top.”

Head to “Blogs I Follow” in the Reader. Scroll down to the third post in the list. Take the third sentence in the post, and work it into your own.

Ironically when I followed the instructions…the blog I landed on “SOMETIMES“…was also blogging about this challenge. ¬†The third sentence…”I hope he won‚Äôt mind”

I wonder if he will notice the few pounds I have shed and how hard I have been working to regain part of my “pre-baby” body. ¬†Does he see that I have been shedding my daily “SAHM” attire, which usually consists of a pair of sweats, with a half dozen holes in them and a shirt that still has spit up stains from nursing my babies so many moons ago? ¬†Instead, I have replaced them with the new pairs of jeans that he insisted I buy for myself and the new tops that I purchased on clearance because the price of the jeans almost gave me a stroke.

Has he noticed that I have been trying harder at keeping the house a bit more tidy and not letting the kids just string everything they own from one end of the house to the other? ¬†I too like a clean house…it calms my OCD restless mind.

Is my cooking improving?  Are all those hours spent watching the Food Network and skimming through Pinterest paying off?  I bet he would notice if I made something with Mayonnaise.  He hates that stuff.  I keep threatening that I am going to rest his ashes in a bulk sized container of it.

Wonder if he notices that my hair is in an imperative state and a patch of new gray hair has appeared, I swear, overnight on the China Express. Or how about the toe nail polish on my feet that is so grown out it looks like a french manicure. ¬†And don’t let me even get started on my fingernails that do nothing but peel and chip since moving to the northern hemisphere of Nevada. ¬†All of this is so ironic since I spent 20+ years working in the beauty industry.

Will he notice another laugh line appearing due to the fact that I have been laughing a lot more lately? ¬†Or maybe because I am going to be another year older in a couple days. ¬†We all know that on our birthday we wake up with some sort of random justification that “old age” is setting in. **wink wink**

Has he noticed that I stopped playing “Farmville2”? ¬†Well not completely stopped but surely quit the slight obsession I had with it.

Occasionally all of these thoughts run through my head about my husband. ¬†I am a real person with real emotions and concerns about how I am perceived in the eyes of my other half. ¬†It’s what makes me a wife. ¬†His wife. ¬†It’s not a question of love, that I know…just a confirmation that I am doing right by him and that in a conversation amongst his friends he would be proud to call me “his wife“.


Photography: Art and Beauty

Spent the afternoon creating masterpieces with my littles. ¬†And of course playing the role of “mammarazzi“.


Zoelle3-13    IMG_3583