Friday’s Top 5: 5/22

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It has been another crazy busy week here in bloggerville.  I am currently hosting three links a week and it can be quite time consuming but such a great way to meet new bloggers and discover new blogs.  Please come link up with me if you ever get the chance.

Here are my Top 5 for Friday May 22.


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Welcome to another weekend of #momsterslink

Friday 8am(PST)US until Sunday 11:55pm(PST)US.

It is open to any new or old blog posts that you would like to link up! For anyone who is not sure how a link up works don’t be afraid to ask me in the comments or you can email me at I am happy to answer any questions or help you with linking up. Linkys are a great way for others to read your blogs and for you to discover other new blogs! It’s all about sharing the #bloggerlove! My lovely friend Becky at Cuddle Fairy has just created a helpful post all about how to join linkys and linky parties…pop on over if you are confused on what to do …her link is oh so very helpful and can be found here.

Rules are as follows:

  • Please copy and paste my badge, which is located at the bottom of this post,  into the bottom of the post that you choose to link up in the HTML/TEXT portion of your post.  This helps others discover this linky!
  • Then copy and paste the URL from your post and return to this page and click on the blue button at the bottom with the little frog on it. Fill in the blanks and link up! Once you get the hang of it you will want to link up to every linky there is! Trust me!
  • Please make sure to check out at least 2 other blogs that are also linked up and comment on said blogs. Commenting is a great way to interact and get noticed in the social world!
  • When using any social media please use #momsterslink especially via twitter so that I can retweet along with tagging me @domesticmomster.  Please note that I will be sharing all posts across all my social media.
  • If you choose to, you can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ but not a necessity!

Above all… just have fun…meet other bloggers… and discover new blogs to follow!

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Friday’s Top 5: 5/15


My goodness it has been a busy week for me in the blogging world.  I have discovered the world of linking and it has taken me by storm probably in the form of a tornado or hurricane really.  I have had the pleasure of hosting a great linky #foodpornthursdays with Becky at Cuddle Fairy and Rod at Modern Dad Pages.  They both have wonderful blogs so please do check them out!  I am also up and running with #momsterslink and #momstermondays(check in on Monday for it)  if you get a chance to, please come link up with me.  All of the linkys are great with sharing across a variety of social networks and a great way to get new readers. I have discovered so many great new people and blogs this week that it is really going to be hard to narrow it down to 5 but here goes…


Random Musings– My random thoughts, feelings, rants, raves and opinions on anything and everything.

The life of Abigail & Ellie


A Momma’s View– My thoughts about homeschooling, health and fitness, being an expat, kids and just life in general. My personal Lifestyle Blog!



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Appreciate Your Fellow Blogger


I haven’t been blogging for very long so nothing about blogging makes me any kind of an expert.  I started my blog in October of 2014 but never really started putting an effort into it until around the end of Feb 2015.  And it’s true that if you water your plants they will grow!

Along the way I have embraced many splendid blogs and the enchanting people behind them.  I would have to say that the blogging world has probably saved my sanity on so many levels.  I was a wandering momster, new to this small town I live in,  searching for anyone who I could just relate to.  Having a hard time meeting people in real life, in a whim of 5 minutes I created my blog and now I have formed an online “posse” all of my own.  And I love every day that I get to be a part of the blogging world.  I used to rely on Facebook for my daily entertainment but now I have discovered a whole other world besides that place.


Some blogs I have read lately have made me wonder about why some just aren’t as supportive of their fellow bloggers as others.  We are all in this blogging world together and for the most part I think that the majority of us just aim to be a part of something.  Something that we can call “all our own”.  Some may have started blogging for one reason but have found a completely different reason to keep doing it.  Regardless of the reasons we should all be supportive of one another.  We should be happy when someone has a viral post,  for “most” of us would want that too.  Don’t be jealous of what other’s have…congratulate them and be happy for them.  And you never know…in the realm of your support you just might discover a hidden silver lining.

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Friday’s Top 5: 5/1

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Goodbye April….hello May!!!  I don’t know about everyone else but I am looking forward to SUMMER!!!  The littles and I function so much better in the summertime.  It’s all about being outside.  Any who here we are with another #FridaysTop5

I didn’t get as much reading in as I wanted this week but here’s my list:

Carrie On, Y’All-My kids will NOT thank me for this someday.

Please Excuse My Dust-I’m a work in progress.


Growing Up Kater Tot (She has lots of DIY crafts for kids)

Mom Of All Capes



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Friday’s Top 5: 4/24

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Better late then never I always say!!!  It was a crazy Friday last week for me and I had limited internet access so let’s just pretend it’s still Friday shall we?

My picks for the week are as follows:

Queen Of Three – A mommy of identical twin boys.

The Sonia Show – Writer. Mocker. Beer Drinker. Old Movie Watcher. Mother. Goober

Mother Beerist – Motherhood should come with a manual and a cold glass of beer.

The Joy Of 5 – 1 mummy, 5 kids, 7days a week.

Life, Love, And Dirty Dishes – Tales from the parenting frontline: What life without love and a few dirty dishes?

Sorry for the delay and hope you enjoy!!!

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Friday’s Top Five 4/17


Another Friday is upon us!  It’s been a crazy week here in the land of #Souzaville.  But of course I made time to find some new blogs this week and here they are:

The Gold Brick Road

Sippy Cups And Booze Becase sometimes trying to raise 8 boys is like trying to nail jello to a tree!

So Then Stories Sharing the funny…one story at a time

Choking On Applesauce Seeking the positive in motherhood’s most honest moments

Doctomum Prescribing sarcasm, self medicating on toddy and hand rearing the kids (usually into a cupboard)