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I was tagged for this post by two lovely bloggers Laura at Laura’s Lovely Blog and Claire at Tin Box Traveller.  I want to thank both ladies for thinking of me for this.  I love to read and get to know more about those who I come across in the blogoshere!

Laura’s Questions:

You’ve won a new life to somewhere amazing, no costs spared – where would it be and who would you take with you?

~My husband and children of course and my best friend and her family.  As for where, I recently saw a show filmed in Tahiti and it looks absolutely amazing there.  Who doesn’t love the beach?~

If you could cure one disease in the world what would it be?

~Cancer.  It robs too many young people of their lives.  And no child should EVER have to endure something as evil as being robbed of their life.~

Shoes or handbags?

~I am going to have to go with handbags here.  Even though I don’t own a bag over $50, I still purchase them more often then shoes.~

Which famous person would you be tempted to have an affair with?

~Matthew McConaughey.  Bet you all thought I was going to say Channing Tatum huh?  Don’t get me wrong…Channing is charming but Matthew is like an aged fine wine ;)~

What is your all-time favourite film?

~Flashdance.  Something about that movie will always reminds me to never give up on my dreams.~

And your all-time favourite book?

~The Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz.  Although I haven’t picked up a book in FOREVER!  Busy reading too many fabulous blogs these days.~

Would you ever have plastic surgery?

~YES!  Not on my face though.  Messing with the face is tricky and you can come out looking worse then when you went in.  Just for the record though the only surgery I have ever had is 3 C-sections.  In 3 years time.  Therefore I have no rush to go under any knives right now.~

What is the best part about being a parent?

~Loving someone unconditionally.  Knowing that no matter what…you will always love those tiny little humans that you produced…even when they grow up and start lives of their own.  The first time I laid eyes on all three of my (gave birth to) children I can’t even begin to explain the amount of emotion that poured out of me.  I knew my life would change forever…and I wanted it to.  Being a step-mom is important to me too.  But the love you have when you give birth to a child is just unexplainable….no one else will ever be their “mommy”.  My step sons have a mom…therefore I will never be their “mommy”.  I am “Trista” to them and always have been.~

What is the reason behind your blog name?

~I knew I wanted the word Domesticated in it since I have become just that since getting married and having kids. (If you knew me prior to this, you know exactly what I am talking about)  The “momster” part came from the fact that I knew when I wrote about motherhood…I wasn’t going to sugar coat it.  There are good days and bad days and I like to tell it all with a little bit of sarcasm attached to it.~

If you were a super hero what would your super power be?

~To clean the entire house from top to bottom and get all the laundry done instantly.  Like snap my fingers and BOOM it’s done!  Isn’t that every housewife’s super power dream?  I hate wasting any of my time on that stuff but I am also know it needs to be done and I always feel so much better about it when it is.~

If you could wear one outfit for the rest of your days, what would you choose?

~A sun dress.  They are super comfy but still able to be worn out in public without looking like a frumpy housewife.~

Those were some great questions Laura!

Claire’s Questions:

   Where did you go on your last holiday?

~To the Redwoods in Northern California.  It was beautiful and some valuable family time spent!~

 What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?


Tent or holiday villa, and why?

~I would have to go with the villa cause even when I camp, it’s in a camper and not a tent.~

Who do you admire the most?

~There are actually a lot of people who I admire.  I have answered this question before with “myself” only because I know that when there is no one else to rely on I can rely on myself.~

   What’s the most recent thing that made you laugh out loud?

~Wow that is a tough one because the things my kids say make me laugh out loud every day!~

Who do you text the most?

~My husband.  We have always texts each other.  Even when we first started dating.~

   How many countries have you visited and which was your favourite?

~I would really have to think about how many I have been to.  But the one I liked the most was Jamaica.~

  What chore is always at the bottom of your to-do list?

~Windows.  I would rather hire someone to do it.~

What’s your greatest fear?

~Something or someone harming my children of course!  Second is leaving them motherless.  I never want to leave my children motherless while they are kids.~

  What’s at the top of your summer holiday packing list?

~Bathing suits!  Summer is just not summer at all without a bathing suit.~

 If you had one tip for new bloggers what would it be?

~Be social and share your fellow bloggers work.  It only takes a minute but produces an everlasting smile.  I am always about the #bloggerlove!~

Great questions Claire!

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My 11 questions are:

What would you consider is your greatest strength and your worst weakness?

What is the one thing on your bucket list that you are destined to accomplish?

What’s your favorite dinner to make?

What’s the best blog post you have read in the last 3 days?

What is your favorite blog post of your own blog?

Favorite Disney movie?

Would you ever want to be president?

What vegetables are in your fridge right now?

Have you ever won anything in a contest? If so, what was it?

Spring or Fall…which season do you like more?

Would you ever want to be famous?

Thank you again to Laura and Claire for tagging me in this challenge and if you haven’t been tagged and would like to participate PLEASE DO!  Leave the link to your finished post in my comments or tag me with it on Twitter.

Thanks for participating,

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~For The Love Of The Beach~

love beach ocean sand water

Who doesn’t love the beach?  It’s all about the sand in your ass crack between your toes.  The sun on your face.  And the people who shouldn’t have left the house in that watching.  Personally I have always loved the beach which is ironic because I have lived more then half my life in the desert.  Maybe because I couldn’t afford to live at the beach…who wants to work when you live by the beach?  I would be calling in sick all the time.  Which as a stay at home mom would probably be frowned upon.

We are actually planning our family trip to northern California this summer.  A fabulous 9 nights only a mile from the beach.  We will be staying in our home on wheels camper all snug like sardines.  I am sure we will smell like sardines by the time the trip is over.  My husband has been rambling on about it for the past 3 months.  I of course just started getting excited about it over the past few days.  That was after the stress of having to pack a camper for the 6 of us settled in my head.  Luckily there are no diapers to have to pack this year.  I don’t know how we ever survived on vacations when we had 3 in diapers and 2 on bottles.  Bins, bins, and more glorious pain in the ass bins!

We have been to the beach many times as a family and I am quite certain that the mini van, we just traded in, still had bits of sand deep within the carpet and cracks of the seats amongst all the other bodily fluids memoirs of all our trips.

The following are some of my photographed memoirs (all by me) from one said trip.

beach love sand ocean vacationbeach ocean love sand vacation

beach vacation sand love oceanbeach vacation love sand oceanbeach vacation love sand ocean


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Friday’s Top 5: 4/24

top5widget copy

Better late then never I always say!!!  It was a crazy Friday last week for me and I had limited internet access so let’s just pretend it’s still Friday shall we?

My picks for the week are as follows:

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Sorry for the delay and hope you enjoy!!!

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Friday’s Top Five: 4/3

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Writing Challenge: Day 2

Write about something you look forward to in the next 12 months…

That’s a whole year of things to look forward to.  Do I need to pick just one?  Well that is just impossible so here is a list of  my top 5…

Warmer Weather  Right now I am looking forward to the summertime and the fact that we actually have a completed yard this year….with GRASS!  Grass in which my children can enjoy the “slippery when wet” happenings of a large piece of yellow plastic positioned on the lush green landscape.  Yes I am referring to a “Slip ‘N’ Slide“.  Although the invention has come a long way since the days of my fun with it.


My Little B Man Starting Kindergarten  This is a bittersweet moment really.   I still have to remind myself daily that he is now 5 years of age.  And as happy as I am that he will be starting another journey in his life, I am also sad that I can’t slow down the hands of time sometimes and bask more in his full on “toddlerness“.

Getting In Shape  I am sure it will take me the next 12 months to successfully get where I want to be.  It’s been a slow going process but I am still on track and now with the faithful enthusiasm of my workout partner,  my motivation will succeed!  I still have those great pair of “before babies” jeans hanging in the closet…staring at me every time I think I want to eat a bag hand full of chips.

VACATION Yes that is all in capital letters.  My husband and I haven’t had an overnighter…alone…together…since our friends wedding in August of 2012.  Wow…typing it…really puts it in perspective.  Date nights are great but we are in desperate need of a night full of drunken stupidity including…an uninterrupted dinner, at a quiet table for two, in the dark corner of a restaurant, with a “not so cheap” bottle (or 3) of wine, a visit to the strip club, a hotel room with only one bed, pay-per-view porn, whip cream, nipple clamps, lots of shenanigans between the sheets without worrying about the bedroom door not staying locked, and the ability to sleep until our eyes “want” to open instead of being slapped in the face by several toddlers persistently screaming “I’m hungry!!!”


A New Vehicle The time has come to replace the “mommy-mobile” with something “cooler”…and I am not referring to air conditioning.  Not that driving a minivan somehow dwindles  my level of awesomeness but the fact that I have to crawl into the back, while consistently hitting my head on something to buckle everyone in, and the fact that it’s not 4WD and we now live in a predominantly 4WD part of the country, makes the minivan useless and impractical to me.  Of course long gone are the days of a 2 seater but I welcome an SUV.


A year is a long time…full of many changes and a “bigger” list then 5, of things to look forward to.  I cherish every moment of life and remind myself often that “everyday is a gift“.


The 30 Day Writing Challenge: Day1

I have decided to attempt this 30 day writing challenge and see how well I do.  I found this challenge upon glancing through a fellow mommy blogger’s blog “Humblefit Blog

Day 1 is to write basic things about yourself…

Today we visited the accountant to get our taxes all in order and the nice man behind the desk asked me if there was a second W2 to add to the forms.  In which I replied, “no”.  He then looked at me and while saying the word he also wrote it down….”housewife”.  I chuckled to myself and asked if there was a box that said, “domesticated goddess”?  He looked at me strangely and proceeded to carry on with his work.  I don’t take any kind of offense to being called a housewife but let’s face it, there are a lot of titles rolled into that one precise word.

I am a mother, wife, chauffeur, nurse, referee, chef, housekeeper, kisser of all boo boo’s, teacher, official toosh wiper, dentist, psychologist, CEO of all of Souzaville, coupon cutter, grocery shopper, laundry expert, story teller, computer specialist, cheerleader, dancer, planner, landscaper, counselor, warden, and let’s not forget….a certified momster!


Statistics claim that the average stay at home mom averages 95 hours a week worth of work.  That’s equivalent to 2 full time jobs in case anyone was having problems with the math.  Is being a SAHM laborious? Not always.  Yes there is always a mess to clean up and housework to be done.  We live in a house with 7 people so of course it’s never neat and tidy all at once.

Being a stay at home mom is not all that defines who I am.  But it is the biggest “make-up” of myself.

My “life pie diagram” would look something like this…

My Life Diagram

Although the friend and wife part could fluctuate between one another, because sometimes I am a better wife then a friend and vice versa.  But being a mom never changes.  It is the biggest part of my life and who I am.  And nothing about it is basic.  Being a human is “basic”.  Same basic needs…food, love, shelter, etc.  But being a mom…well that’s a superpower!

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