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I have been in the land of the linkys for quite some time now and thought I would share a few linky etiquette guidelines.  For those of you who know me, you know that I host #momsterslink weekly.  I also link up to several linkys a week, for it is a great way to promote a post and gain some new followers.  But at the same time, this only works if everyone follows some etiquette participates in the #bloggerlove.

You want to host a linky.  GREAT!  I encourage anyone who wants to do that to go ahead and give it a try …just be warned that if you do them correctly then it can be a very time-consuming adventure.  This is because, as the host/hostess, you should be commenting on every link that links up to your linky.  If there is more than one host/hostess then this task can be shared, but at least one of the host/hostesses should comment on every post linked up especially if stated in your “rules” you want everyone to comment on the host/hostess post.  It is also appreciable to share your linkers posts across at least one of your social medias…this would fall under etiquette and isn’t quite a rule but merely a guideline to follow.

Aslo as a host, if you want linkers to read and comment on your post please try to remember to mark it with (HOST) in the title.  And I always try to list mine first although sometimes I forget to post my link before the linky starts and so I put it in whatever the next position is.  This is all personal preference, but makes it much easier for your linkers to find your post.

You want to link up to a linky.  FABULOUS!   It is customary to leave the host/hostess a comment thanking them for hosting, even if some do not have that in their “rules”.  It’s just a nice gesture to say “hey, thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule to run this fab linky that I can link up to”.   Granted I know that some of us get really busy, or we lose our linky planner **raises hand** and don’t always get to all the commenting, but doing this weeks in a row, to me, is just not showing proper linky etiquette.  It’s called linking and leaving and as a guideline I find it to be quite rude.  I see this happening through several social media.  We all like our stuff to be shared but try to live by the good old guideline, “you have to give to receive“.  I have also stopped linking to some linkies because after starting to keep track, I realized I wasn’t getting a single comment from the host/hostess.  And some, I wasn’t getting a single comment AT ALL.   This is very frustrating when there is more than one host/hostess post to comment on plus commenting on the required “rule” amount.  I find that the best way to comment on others after linking up is to comment, share, or both on the one directly before yours and then one of your choice.  This almost ensures that everyone gets at least one comment per linky.  But most important is to just follow the host/hostesses rules.

A Few Linky Etiquette Guidelines #linky #bloghop #bloggerlove

Note: Linkers who link up, please make sure that it is easy to share your post. Check your share buttons to make sure they are working properly. It is especially helpful if your twitter is set up to tag you automatically. And I personally, love pinning everything to Pinterest so please make sure you have pinnable images on your post. Making sure your images are done correctly also helps with SEO.

Linking up to the linky doesn’t mean that you have to do the commenting right away.  I realize that some linkys start when some of us are getting ready for bed, due to the several different time zones we all live in, and who wants to do a bunch of commenting when we are taping our eyes open to stay awake?  Thats’s why I have a linky planner page that I print out every week that consists of the linky name, host name, and then 3 commenting columns for keeping track of what I have gotten done.  If you would like my template please send me an email at domesticatedmomster@gmail.com and I would be happy to email it to you. Below is a picture of what mine looks like.

A Few Linky Etiquette Guidelines #linky #bloghop #bloggerlove

I use the last comment column to keep track of how much interaction I got from that particular linky.  After I have commented on the host/hostess’ post I put a star by the host/hostess name and once I have received a comment from the host/hostess on my post I put a star next to the linky name.  The other 2 commenting columns are used to mark when i have commented on others linked up which in most “rules” is 2 for every 1 post that you link.  This planner is a life saver for me and I keep it pinned to a peg board in my office.

Now, some of you are new to the whole “linking up with linkys” world and it can be confusing and scary to the point that some just avoid it all together.  When I first started linking up the hardest part for me to get down was the placing of the host/hostess linky badge into my post.  We spend a lot of time designing and figuring out the techie problems for those badges, so please, please, please, make sure to put them on the posts that you are linking up.  For a fantastic informational post about linking up to linkys please click here.  Becky at Cuddle Fairy’s guide is a step by step instruction with visual keys to help you.

Please note that this is not targeted at anyone in particular and just a general post that I thought some newbies may find helpful.

If there is anything that anyone else can think to add to this post please feel free to leave it in the comments and I will run an updated version at a later date.

Happy Blogging,

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