~National Cheeseburger Day~

National Cheeseburger Day #NationalCheesburgerDay

It’s my weekly post dedicated to a “National Day” of my choice.  This week I am picking…National Cheesburger Day.  I mean really… who doesn’t like a good burger?  Vegans and vegetarians need not answer that question although there are so many ways to substitute meat these days.  But I myself just like good old fashioned meat as a burger.  I also like a lot of pickles and mustard and occasionally a good slice of onion depending on what my plans are for later **winks**.  Oh and let’s not forget the bacon, mushrooms, jalapeños, etc.  There’s not much I don’t like on a burger.

Here’s a little history of the burger

So for today forget about the diet plan and changing of eating habits.

National Cheeseburger Day #NationalCheeseburgerDay

What is your favorite toppings on your cheeseburger?  Where is your favorite place to get a cheeseburger?  Answer in the comments below!

Bon Appetit!

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