~Squid London Review~

I was contacted by Emma from Squid London who so generously mailed me one of their changing color umbrellas to try.  All the way from London!  It took a while to get here but imagine my kids excitement when I told them about an umbrella that changes colors in the rain!!!

Squid London makes various rain gear all of which is made from a material that changes colors from dry to wet.  Now we don’t get much rain here in the high desert…but in the last few days it has pretty much been raining non stop.   So we finally got to put the umbrella to the test.

Squid London Rain Gear

As you can see in the middle picture it starts out white and as soon as the rain starts to hit the surface it begins changing colors.

The umbrella is a durable material and the perfect size for small children. And all 3 of my toddlers were able to open and close it without any problems.  I have been carrying it in the car to walk the kids to and from anywhere we go.  Squid London makes items for adults too!  If you would like to see more of their products please visit their website squidlondon.com.  

For kids items click here.

For adults click here.

Disclaimer:  I was given this umbrella in exchange for a review of the product.  All above is 100% of my own opinion.

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