~The Day After Christmas Blues~

To say I am feeling a bit depressed today would be an understatement.

Christmas2015 depressed blues Christmas


I can’t believe that Christmas has come and gone..poof..just like that.

All the time, preparation, and anticipation that goes into it just to have it gone in one day. death of Christmas 2015 blues sadness
The presents that took hours to wrap were all tore to shreds in less than 30 minutes.  A first week of Christmas break already gone.  I had stuff planned…what happened?

My husband returns to work tonight and my dad left this morning before the sun even came up.  Probably due to the fact that he didn’t get much rest the past 2 nights.  Not only because my house is noisy but also he had a cold with a cough that would just not let up no matter what remedy I fed him.

My house is a disaster and I have no desire what. so. ever. to clean it up.  The sun is shining but it’s so cold that none of the snow is melting.  I should take the kids sledding or something but it’s literally only 18*F outside.

Can I just go back to bed?

Oh yeah my husband is sleeping because he has to go to work tonight and I have kids…no going back to bed for me.

So I blog…

My teenager even had wrestling practice to return to today and will be leaving for a match for a couple days….IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE WINTER BREAK.

My kids got a new gaming system for Christmas, and my husband is sleeping so if I even want to watch tv it has to be on my iPad with a set of headphones in my ear.

I bought some adult coloring books but hate the pens that came with them and it’s just too damn cold and snowy to go to the store to get some colored pencils.  I know….whaaaaa!   I should be grateful for the Christmas day I had yesterday…and I am…guess I just wish I could have a repeat button.

New Year’s Eve is approaching fast…2015 went by so fast that even as I was looking at pictures from last Christmas it seemed like it was just yesterday. happy birthday
This is the last month that I will have a 5, 4, and 3 year old as my mini monster B will be 6 in a couple of weeks.

time phrase comment one line

I look forward to our 2016 adventures.  The new plans is which I plan to carry out with my health, happiness, and marriage.  Getting back in the saddle of a regular blogging routine.  Getting a list of projects put together in an actual list and getting them completed.

In the meantime….for just a moment…I am going to stare at my 5, 4, and 3 year old with the Santa of 2015.

Christmas2015 Santa kids


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That’s A Wrap ~ December 19, 2015

That's A Wrap Week 2

Is anyone else looking forward to December being over?

It seems like I have something to do almost everyday and today I woke up with that dreaded heaviness in my chest which reared it’s ugly head at this same time last year.  And by New Year’s Eve I could barely breathe let alone move around and my husband had to celebrate without me.  I refuse to let that happen again this year.

I am happy to report that I have finally finished my tattoo sleeve on my arm.  I might just need one more touch up appointment but I am so glad to finally have it finished.  It has been a work in progress for over a year.

Tuesday I drove into the city and had my hair done.  They had my appointment messed up and only had me down for a haircut which thankfully they worked out because there was no way I was leaving until my platinum pieces of wisdom gray hairs were covered.  I can go without a haircut much more than the color.

hair color hair styles Atlier Beauty Bar
My 4 year old monster M had her preschool program where they invited the parents and had us listen to them sing several out of tune Christmas songs.  It was such a cute performance and would have been so much more enjoyable for me if my monster M would have actually sang the songs instead of staring around the room like she wanted to be anywhere but there.

holiday program Christmas2015 kids preschool performance

We had a major snowstorm come through this week and of course the littles and I went and played in it.  We tried to sled in the freshly laid powder  but because it was so fresh it wasn’t compacted enough to get the sled to move.  However, monster B found a group of older boys who had been sledding down it enough to compact it and they were nice enough to let him join in.  (If they hadn’t the mother bitch bear in me would have come out)  He got a couple good runs in but his poor sisters whimped out of anything to do with the snow after about 30 minutes when they suddenly decided they were freezing and wanted to sit in the Yukon to warm up.

snow play snowman park winter

I had another photo shoot this week with a wonderful family.  We shot it at a local park and although the sun was out it was only about 28*F,  so we moved quickly.  Their little boy was such an absolute cutie, full of life and made the entire time so much fun for me.  In the picture below, I didn’t even ask him to kiss his sister’s forehead, he did that all on his own.

photography tristasouzaimaging photoshop memories

I am happy to say that I think we are pretty much done with the wrapping of presents and are all counting the “sleeps” before the big day.  I myself am looking forward to having two weeks of not having to set an alarm to get up and get 4 kids out the door to school.  Although I am not looking forward to the sibling rivalry that I am sure will be endured daily.  I am hoping that the baking and crafts I have planned will keep them occupied until Christmas day and then I am relying on all their new Christmas stuff to keep them quiet.  **wishful thinks**

We also had wrestling sign ups for little monster M and B this week.  That will start in January and I am interested to see how well my 4 year old girl is going to tackle someone to the ground.  But she swears that she wants to do it so I support her.  Monster B participated last year and ended up taking 3rd place overall.  Maybe he could give his sister a few pointers.  My poor 3 year old is bummed that there is yet another sport that she is too young to play.  I am sure she is sick of hearing that when she is 4 she can play sports.

My working out has been put on hold the past couple weeks and I have no excuses other than everything else this month has been more inportant than myself.  Story of #mommylife.  Even my blogging has been put on the farthest back burner, but I plan to be back in full force come January!

Hope all of you have a fabulous week and a very Merry Christmas!




That’s A Wrap ~ December 12, 2015

Christmas is in full swing here in Souzaville.  We really enjoyed last Saturday by starting off our morning going to the movies to see “The Good Dinosaur”.  My husband’s company he works for  paid for the entire event including popcorn, drink, and candy.   The movie is a really good movie and it’s a good thing I had a scarf on to wipe the tears from my face.

We then headed to the city to see Santa Claus.  I couldn’t believe how packed the mall was and it was only the first shopping week into December.  I figured we were ahead of the game.

The line for Santa was insane and after being in line for an hour a lady came with a sign and luckily put it one person behind us telling everyone that Santa wouldn’t be back until later that evening.  I felt bad for everyone behind the sign that had already been waiting but was happy we made the cut off.

Christmas2015 santa visit mall
Once my kids got their turn to see Santa my daughters knew exactly what to tell him they wanted but my son completely forgot.  He had a full on conversation with Santa but forgot to tell him what he wanted.  When Santa asked him he just blurted out “I’ll take whatever”!

After we got into the car he suddenly remembered what he wanted and then insisted that daddy call him (since daddy’s been telling him for a few weeks now that he has him on speed dial) and tell him what he wanted.  He still wasn’t convinced so after we got home I told him to tell Markle the elf to relay the message to Santa.

I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday being super mom and cleaning and organizing 3 little kids rooms getting them ready for all their new Christmas stuff.

cleaning organizing kids r rooms
I organized drawers, closets, toys, and even washed and put away all their clothes and cleaned all their bedding and made their beds.  Of course now it looks like I was never in there but it was nice for the 30 seconds it lasted.

I also had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with a 1 week old newborn baby who was so tiny compared to the 10 pound babies I gave birth to.  I have been busy trying to get a couple a day edited.  Such a busy time of year that I just need more hours in my day.

photography photoshop newborn photos western
I thought we were so ahead of the game on the wrapping of presents until several packages came this week so it looks like daddy and I will be busy wrapping up a storm this weekend.

I haven’t been to the gym this week and I can tell in my energy level the past few days.  It’s so hard to stay on track with all the holiday goodies floating around.  Hopefully next week I can get back on track.  Come Jan 1st there will be no more excuses.

My 15 year old has started his wrestling season and beat his opponent last night 17-3.  So proud of him he really does give his all to every sport he participates in.  He’s the one on the right and weighs in at 106 pounds and barely 5 foot tall. He’s managing to keep good grades, participate in sports, slacks on his chores sometimes 😉, and has had the same girlfriend for about 6 months now.  It’s hard to believe that he’s come so far from the 8 year old kid I met when I met his father.

wrestling Lowry High School Winmemucca

Hope you all had a fab week!


~Quote Of The Week December 6, 2015~

 quotes Christmas2015 kids favorite quotes

When I was a child I loved Christmas.  I would count the days starting right after Thanksgiving.  I would watch every holiday show, look at every house I saw with Christmas lights, and check every package under the tree to see if it had my name on it.  Christmas Eve I barely slept and as soon as there was a glimpse of light on my window I was up!

Once I became an adult Christmas just wasn’t the same anymore.  The only thing I really looked forward to was having a day off.  There were some years I didn’t even put up a tree.

Then I had kids…and it all changed.  

It’s almost better than when I was a kid because I get to watch all their excitement.  I get to know what it feels like to create that for them.  To watch their fascination as I tell them different things about Christmas and start Christmas traditions of our own.
The happiness in my ❤️ is unexplainable.  Having children is a blessing all its own but having children at Christmas time is truly magical!


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