~National Tequila Day~

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Today is not only Friday but it is also National Tequila Day!!!

My personal favorite is Patron.  Yes it’s pricey but it’s smooth and doesn’t leave you with that dreaded hangover.

It’s best chilled and you don’t need the “training wheels” with it. (salt and lime)

Here is some Tequila Wisdom…

*Tequila has a very relaxing quality.  One shot can relax a person enough to fall asleep and sleep even better.  A few shots and you don’t even need a bed to sleep in.

tequila booze cocktails

*It has been used as a pain remedy.  Place a couple dabs on a sore tooth…drink half the bottle and you can pull that dreadful tooth out without feeling a thing!

*It can be used as an aphrodisiac.  I am pretty sure that is how my second child was conceived.

*Lowers cholesterol and your inhibitions to make good sane choices.

tequila funny cocktails booze

*You can add it to cooking for some great flavor.  **puts a little in the sauce…pours a little in her cup**

*Know what else it’s really good in?  Maaargaaariiitas!

#HappyFriday, Bottoms Up!

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National Teddy Bear Picnic Day ~ June 10

Teddy Bear Picnic National Day

Today is National Teddy Bear Picnic Day!  So grab your little monsters and their little furry friends (not the dust balls behind the couch)…and have a picnic.  Too hot? Raining? Then have a tea party inside.  And remember to take lots of pictures.

For us parents it is also…

Pina Colada Day Cocktails Frozen Drinks

So while you are enjoying your children and their “teddy bear picnic”.   Make sure you enjoy a glass or 3 of this yummy frozen goodness.  Just watch out for brain freeze.

These public service announcements brought to you by yours truly,

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Local Flavor: Winnemucca

Local Flavor: Winnemucca

I live in the middle of nowhere a very small town with very little restaurants to choose from.   My husband and I try our best to have a couple date nights a month.  We had heard about Ormachea’s from some friends and decided to check it out.

When you first walk in the door your nose is greeted with flavors.  It’s a small antiquated dining room but don’t let that discourage you.  It’s obviously been around for awhile which usually means the food is yummy.  Now if Gordon RamsayUnknown-1 walked in the place I am sure the first thing he would comment on is where the bloody hell am I the decor but I guarantee he would love the food.

Although there are linens on the tables, the staff is dressed very casual which for Winnumucca, NV is quite the norm.  The first time we went in there my husband felt we were underdressed.  But the hostess was wearing jeans so I felt that we fit right in…and I like that feeling.

The menu is small but they always have a list of specials.  You get a glass of wine on the house with your dinner.  Which of course leads to buying 3 or 4 cases the bottle because who can have just one tiny glass of wine?  They also have a full bar for those who would like to get a bit tipsy wet their palletes with something other then wine.

Bread, soup, and salad are all served in a family style setting.  The soup is to die for.  And is devoured right down to the last drop.  Even if that means picking up the bowl and drinking it.  Or using the bread to sop up the final little dribbles.  I could honestly just go there to eat the bread and the soup.  Did I mention the bread is fresh…like right out of the oven to your table fresh!

Now if you are ordering steak and they ask you if you would like garlic with it… be prepared.  It isn’t a tiny amount of chopped garlic.  It’s whole pieces of roasted garlic and enough of it to keep 100 vampires from ever entering a 500 foot radius of your realm.  No, I am not kidding.  It’s a lot of garlic.  And I love garlic but even I had to take some of it to go.  The steak is done to perfection and if you ask for rare by golly it comes to your table still mooing.  It is so juicy and packed with flavor.  Even after you know your stomach is bulging over your pants about to explode you still keep packing it in just to keep your mouth watering.

They also serve many side dishes with the entrees.  Steamed veggies, potatoes or fries, beans, and they are all served family style so you can just dish whatever amount onto your plate you desire.

As far as price, it is a little on the pricey side but well worth it.  The food is plentiful and the staff has always been very helpful and pleasant.  It’s family friendly too, although I wouldn’t dare take my mini-monsters in there, it’s nice to know that I could if I was crazy enough wanted to.  So if you are ever here in this little town of Winnemucca and feel like steak, seafood, lamb, or fish…it’s your one stop eat.  Happy Trails.

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Wine Review: Uncensored

Tonight’s selection is “Uncensored” Red Blend by Geyser Peak.


I am all about a catchy label or a catchy name and in this case it was both.   Let’s face it…most of my life is uncensored so why not drink the wine that tells the same story.   This wine is a tasty one.  Even the description of the ingredients on the back of the bottle had my taste buds watering.  Especially with the talk of dark chocolate and a whiff of toasted marshmallows from a campfire.  Makes me want to start a fire in my fire pit outside if only the wind wasn’t blowing 100 miles an hour which makes it feel like below zero this time of year.  So instead I will finish off this delicious bottle in the comfiness of my recliner, in the warmth of the four walls of my bedroom.