Quote Of The Week ~ April 17, 2016

I guess there’s quite a fine line between someone’s opinion of you and their critiquing of who you are.

It’s kind of like the old saying of “There’s no such thing as bad press”.  

I’ve always considered myself pretty good at taking constructive critisicm.  I believe one cannot grow without knowing if others think they are good at something or need improvement.  As humans there are always ways to improve ourselves.

It’s called living.

And I would rather be noticed for saying, doing, and being me than to be a nobody.

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Cuddle Fairy

Momsterslink ~ February 18, 2016

Welcome to another fabulous weekend of #momsterslink. ¬†It was a great week “sinking my teeth” into all of your fabulous posts last week and I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who linked up with me. ¬†Please don’t think that I have missed you if I haven’t commented on your post yet. ¬†Between family visiting, kids being sick, and now I am pretty sure I am getting sick…the ¬†blog is suffering. ¬†But I never leave a link unloved.

My winner for last week’s most viewed post is the kick ass Agent Spitback

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Friday’s Top 5: 5/8

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I have had such a blast in the blogging world this week and read so many great new blogs!  I have fallen in love with link-ups and am so happy to have found out how to link to them and to create one of my own (click here).  And now without more chatter I give to you my list of favorites this week.

Flip Flops Everyday – Nothing Fancy Here

Days In Bed – A Lifestyle Blog With A Twist

The Domesticated Goddess – Journey To Becoming A Domestic Goddess

My Little Babog Blog – (She has a great linky for linking up your “list” style posts)

S.D. Gates



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Domesticated Momster

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Writing 101: Unlock The Mind

So many things racing through my mind today! ¬†Up most of the night with a sick kid. ¬†Missed my morning gym visit at 4:45am. ¬†Nothing like trying to text my work-out partner with one eye open to let her know I wasn’t going to be there.

Woke up and called the clinic to get an appointment for Little M today in which they replied for me to bring her in right then because there was no one else there. ¬†Get up, get her up, rush her to get dressed, I rush to get dressed…off we go….only to get there and the doctor on duty doesn’t see kids under 6! ¬†WTF??? ¬†No point in yelling at the front desk lady. ¬†I could tell by her voice that she wasn’t the one that informed me to bring her in without asking her age.

Back home we go….

Off to kindergarten registration goes my husband with Little B man. ¬†Let’s not mention that my husband is a bit grumpy today due to the fact that he isn’t feeling well. ¬†Yeah let’s not mention that.

Husband returns and then grabs all the info he needs to go and register our new family-mobile. ¬†One advantage to living in a small town is the fact that the DMV is never really busy. ¬†He was there and back in about 30 minutes. ¬†$700 for vehicle registration!! Holy Shit!!! ¬†**feels a headache coming on** ¬†Still can’t believe my Little B man is starting kindergarten this fall. ¬†**wipes bittersweet tear of joy from her cheek**

Meanwhile I am trying to catch up on some blogging since yesterday it was completely out of the question. ¬†Drive for 2 hours to the city, sit in a tattoo chair for 3 hours, run a few errands…realize I am not feeling well one bit…while loading up the truck with my Costco goods a truck full of middle eastern men…not kidding like 6 of them packed into a truck…stop to ask me if I would like to follow them back to their body shop and repair the dent in the back of my truck. ¬† Do I look stupid? ¬†Upon staring at them in a dumb founded look I notice that their own truck needs some work done to it so I reply…”Maybe you should fix your own truck first.” ¬†I go about my business and they drive off. ¬†2 hours I drive back to get home. ¬†I am tired…do a bit of social media and off to bed I go.

Now my poor sick little girl has been coming in every 5 minutes and asking when we are going to go see the doctor…she has an appointment at 11:30. ¬†I can’t see past the snot and eye boogers to see what is usually her pretty little face. ¬†My husband is currently on the phone making our family trip reservations and is so proud of himself that he is gyrating ¬†thrusting his hips at me like he somehow wants a pat on the the balls head. ¬†It appears that he must be feeling better about himself.

Now that I have been interrupted numerous times during this writing challenge that I am just supposed to write whatever is coming to my mind…my mind is lost…and even after explaining to my husband what I am trying to do ….he is still foaming at the mouth talking about who knows what. ¬†“I am sorry honey did you say something?” ¬†Oh look at the time….