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It’s hard to believe that our vacation is coming to a close.  The week has flown by and we didn’t do a fraction of the stuff we wanted to.

I have discovered that vacationing without kids leaves you wanting to do nothing but relax and catch up on sleep.  Oh…and eat at restaurants that you wouldn’t normally eat at because the bill, when you have 4 kids,  would give you a small heart attack.

We only visited with a couple friends which was disappointing as I was hoping to see more but apparently everyone has lives and don’t have the time to take out of their schedules to come visit.  Just in case that sounded bad let me explain myself.

We drove 5 hours to drop our kids off with my mother, then sat in an airport for 4 hours to wait and board a plane for an hour flight.  By the time we got to our destination it was 10pm and our day started at 8am.

I feel that if I spent all that time to get here then anyone wanting to see me could find the time to come where I am rather then me driving all over the place to visit everyone.  Especially since I already took 14 hours to get here.

But on a lighter note, I have enjoyed spending this time rebonding with my husband,  who I have discovered is truly my best friend and the person who I enjoy spending my time with the most.  Well, next to my kids who I have missed like crazy and can’t wait to hug and squeeze them.  

Apparently they have been asking grandma how many more sleeps until mommy and daddy come get them.  I’m quite certain grandma is now counting the sleeps as well.  

I’m not looking forward to getting up at 4am on Sat and starting our journey home again which is actually going to take longer than it did to get here but in the end seeing the friends and family that we did made the journey well worth it.

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So for now I’m going to enjoy our last 36 hours here…I’m going to sit by the pool, consume a few cocktails, eat some more great food, and embrace this time that I have left before the chaos returns. 



Daily Prompt Writing Challenge


I have had many friends come and go throughout my life.

When we are young it’s so easy to make friends.  We just walk up to some random little person, like ourselves, and say “hey! Wanna play?”.  Instant friendship.  I can still remember some of my early childhood friends and I actually follow one of them on Instagram.  I have known her since the 3rd grade but although we follow each other on Instagram…we haven’t spoken to one another since I moved away after 7th grade.

Moving to a new town at the age of 14 wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t easy to make friends either, but over time I did.  Most of those friends I graduated with and we follow each other on Facebook.  Some I actually even chat with via Facebook chat.  And before Facebook chat I actually talked to them on the t-e-l-e-p-h-o-n-e.  These days, talking on the telephone is almost obsolete with 3 tiny monsters having “mommy’s on the phone, let’s act like assholes” radar.

Next are my pre-children friends.  They were the ones who knew this crazy girl that liked to drink and party a lot and was always just a phone call away when they needed someone to hang out with at last minute notice.  I was always ready and willing to keep someone company while they or myself drowned our sorrows at the bottom of a beer glass together. Or for just plain fun.  But once I had kids I think that some of those friends didn’t really know what to do with the “mommy me” person I had become.

friends friendships relationships best friends

So here I was at 36, just had my first child, and felt completely alone.  I had given up my career (which involved talking all day to adults) to be a stay home mom and found myself talking to myself most days.  The infant was listening I am sure, but not understanding a word that was coming out of my mouth.  He just cooed and smiled at me.  I could drop 100 F-bombs and he would just grin from ear to ear.

Then I started getting out and meeting other mommies.  At first it was just plain weird for me.  It just feels abnormal trying to make friends with complete strangers when you are an adult.  By adulthood you have become opinionated and judgmental and there are very few women whose personalities I found I clicked with.   I think I must have met about 25-30 mommies during a 3 year span of time and I still have relationships with only 5 of them.  And 3 of the 5 are related to one another.  Those are pretty horrible odds if you ask me.  But I cherish the 5 that I have and although we all live in different places I talk to them regularly and a couple of them have even come to visit me since moving here.

I can count on two hands the friends in my life who will be friends for a lifetime.  The ones that no matter how long it’s been since we see or talk to one another we just pick up right where we left off. These one’s will always be the Thelma’s to my Louise.

Thelma and Louise friendships friends best friends

The friendships that have faded I refer to as seasons, reasons, or just filler…and I’m ok with that.

I have also met a lot of wonderful people through blogging.  People all over the world that I have never met but I consider to be friends.friends friendships online social media  And what will always baffle me is how I can communicate with these people almost on a daily basis but in the two years I have lived here, there are neighbors I still have never done anything more than waved hello to.

Guess it’s because maybe it’s easier to strike up a friendship through a social network than it is face to face.  That comes with the awkwardness of being an adult.  As adults, we don’t just walk up to random other adults and say “hey, wanna be friends?”.  Sad but true.


Yours truly,

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~Childhood Memory~

Today’s Daily Post writing prompt is entitled : “Childhood Revisitedchildhood memories daily writing prompt

childhood memories children friends

My childhood is bits and pieces stuffed away in my head. ¬†It’s funny that there are some parts we remember and other parts we don’t.

I remember very little about my childhood before the age of 5.  I have been told some stories, but when your parents were divorced before you were even a year old, the stories are told by two different people and are two completely different stories.

I think for me the memories that stick with me most are the times my grandparents and I would travel from our home in Rock Springs, WY to the house in Salt Lake City, UT.  I loved that house.  Not because of the house but because of the little girl and her very large family that lived next door. Her name was Katie and she had like 10 brothers and sisters.

Their house was 4 stories and huge! ¬†And I just remember that I wanted so much to just stay there because there was always so many kids and Katie and I were inseparable. Like as soon as my grandparents bright red old style cadillac would pull into the driveway I couldn’t get out of it fast enough and run to her house. ¬†I was an only child and spent a lot of time by myself. ¬†I longed for siblings my age.

Our favorite thing to do was play hide and seek in her house.  There were so many places to hide.   So many places to play.  And her family always made me feel like I was one of their own.

There was a huge park right next to her house if I remember correctly.  Or maybe it was her yard.  These memories are all around the age of 3-5.

We ended up moving to Las Vegas, NV after I finished kindergarten and my grandparents sold the house in Salt Lake, UT. ¬†I tried to visit Katie one time later in my youth. ¬†My dad had taken me by there to visit but she wasn’t home. She was away visiting somewhere if I remember correctly. ¬†I still think of her from time to time and wonder how her life turned out. ¬†I don’t have a last name. ¬†I remember once while I was in Salt Lake I tried to find the house with no prevail.

But the memories of the fun we had remain imbedded in my head forever.

She was was not only my first real childhood memory but also my first childhood best friend.


Quote Of The Week ~ December 20, 2015

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I have never been one to prefer hanging with the “cool kids”  which usually were the prettier and more popular.  In high school I hated the mean girls and usually preferred to hang out with the less “I need attention” types.  I didn’t care what side of the tracks you lived on as long as you were nice to me, I was nice in return.

I have always been more attracted to personality.  If your personality rocks then you have my full attention. Personality truly is what makes a person because without it, no matter how beautiful you are on the outside, ugliness lives on the inside.  

Always remember to stay awesome…for those of you I call my friends, are truly the beauties in my life.


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~Throwback Thusday #1~

Throwback Thursday #throwbackthursday #tbt friends

The following year at the same time….I was pregnant. ¬†Love good friends and old times.

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Dear Everyone

This is a post dedicated to everyone that matters in my life.

I know that lately it has seemed that I have become consumed with blogging. ¬†Well that would be because it’s true. ¬†I found something to be passionate about that is all my own. ¬†No one else can poop on it, spit on it, drop food on it, fart on it, eat 20 bites of it, burp on it, drool on it, throw up on it, break it,….you get my point. ¬†I have total control over it and in many ways blogging keeps me from going insane.

I know the house has been a bit neglected but hey the dirt will still be there tomorrow…and the next day…and…well at that point I am sure my OCD will set in and I will spend hours cleaning. ¬†The important thing is that the kids are still alive…that’s most important right?


I am still in the midst of trying to find a balance between my home life and my blogging life and somewhere in there I need a social life too other then via the internet. ¬†But please understand that my internet “posse” has filled a void that was empty for quite some time. ¬†I can finally communicate with people who understand exactly what the hell is streaming from my crazy mom brain. ¬†I don’t have to justify to them why I drink wine by the box, or why I sneak my food as quietly as I can because they already get it! ¬†They understand what it’s like to never have a cracker to yourself let alone a whole meal without tiny someones wanting a bite or half your plate. ¬†They understand the stresses that come along with being a stay at home parent and that wine, beer, vodka…whatever….is a necessity sometimes. ¬†And I love reading their stories that relate to my entire life!

I apologize that I have completely taken over the computer like a crazed lunatic and spending hours at a time doing stuff related to blogging. ¬†But I am still figuring a lot of stuff out. ¬†I am far from being a techie so half my time is spent trying to figure out how to get something to work and the other half is spent waiting for the damn rural internet to work. ¬†No need to worry, once I get everything running smoothly and can organize my time better I will come out of the blogging fog. ¬†I will never give up blogging. ¬†It is something that has grabbed me and I just don’t see it letting go. ¬†Nor do I want it to.


So please stop looking at me with that blank stare on your face when I start to talk about what I did in the blogging world today. ¬†For those of you that wonder “what is a blog anyway”. ¬†Well if you read Huffington Post…guess what? ¬†That’s all bloggers. ¬†All those articles that people post via Facebook and other social medias…yeah came from blogging. ¬†You Tube? ¬†Yeah that’s called vlogging ….short for video blogging. ¬†I know that when I tell some people that I blog that they really don’t care and guess what neither do I. ¬†I don’t have time for that negativity in my life. ¬†You can either support me and be happy for me, ¬†don’t say anything at all, ¬†or here…let me give you a little shove off my boat. ¬†For those of you who have been a great support I thank you. ¬†I appreciate you. ¬†And that’s why I have written this letter for YOU.




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Appreciate Your Fellow Blogger


I haven’t been blogging for very long so nothing about blogging makes me any kind of an expert. ¬†I started my blog in October of 2014 but never really started putting an effort into it until around the end of Feb 2015. ¬†And it’s true that if you water your plants they will grow!

Along the way I have embraced many splendid blogs and the enchanting people behind them. ¬†I would have to say that the blogging world has probably saved my sanity on so many levels. ¬†I was a wandering momster, new to this small town I live in, ¬†searching for anyone who I could just relate to. ¬†Having a hard time meeting people in real life, in a whim of 5 minutes I created my blog and now I have formed an online “posse” all of my own. ¬†And I love every day that I get to be a part of the blogging world. ¬†I used to rely on Facebook for my daily entertainment but now I have discovered a whole other world besides that place.


Some blogs I have read lately have made me wonder about why some just aren’t as supportive of their fellow bloggers as others. ¬†We are all in this blogging world together and for the most part I think that the majority of us just aim to be a part of something. ¬†Something that we can call “all our own”. ¬†Some may have started blogging for one reason but have found a completely different reason to keep doing it. ¬†Regardless of the reasons we should all be supportive of one another. ¬†We should be happy when someone has a viral post, ¬†for “most” of us would want that too. ¬†Don’t be jealous of what other’s have…congratulate them and be happy for them. ¬†And you never know…in the realm of your support you just might discover a hidden silver lining.

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