~National Kiss And Make-Up Day~

National Kiss And Make-up Day

Have you and your spouse, relative, or friend been fighting?  Well today is “National Kiss And Make-Up Day“.  Have you been pondering over killing apologizing to someone?  You and the other half happen to have a serious argument, squabble, disagreement, shitstorm, or falling out last night or even this morning?  Well then today is the day to put all the knives away from “National Knife Day” which was yesterday and chomp on a good old-fashioned piece of humble pie.

I will be the first to admit that I am horrible at holding grudges.  And even though I have forgiven someone I never forget their back stabbing, double crossing, wrong doing to me.  I have also been known to start an argument or 50 with my husband just to be nothing other than an asshole.  Argumentative behavior is some how in my nature.  Probably stemming from the fact that I come from a long line of arguers.

Here are some tools to avoid arguments:

Don’t have an opinion.  Especially if someone didn’t ask for your opinion.  No one cares about your opinion unless of course they ask then I say put it all out on the table.  This especially holds true for friends that look like they shouldn’t have left the house that day.  Unless they ask you how they look, just keep your mouth shut.  And then avoid them at all costs as not to be seen with said friend.

Try not to roll your eyes when someone says something stupid.  This is kind of just like having an opinion because the eye rolling is an obvious indication that what they are saying is not registering right with you nor do you think their brain capacity is much more than that of a small field mouse.

Don’t walk away while mumbling obscenities under your breath.  They will most surely ask “did you just say something” and then you will have to make up a lie and say “no, I didn’t say a word” which is turn could start  a serious argument.

Try to be a good listener.  Even if you could care less about what the other person is saying just stare them in the face and watch their lips move nodding from time to time and saying “uh-huh”.  Just don’t let them realize that you aren’t really paying attention to a single word escaping from their lips, because this could seriously set them off.

National Kiss And Make-Up Day Avoiding Arguments

Try not to wait long periods of time calling or texting.  This especially applies to relatives and friends, even though it’s just as easy for them to pick up the phone and do the same.  Yet some how they think of themselves as more important, and if not the recipients of such treatment, then somehow you just don’t care about them anymore.  Couldn’t possibly be because you are busy.  Friends and relatives who don’t have busy lives get upset very easily at yours.

Try to see things from the other person’s point of view.  This isn’t always an easy task especially if you find that the other person’s point of view makes no sense at all.  This also is hard to apply to alpha personalities because alphas think they know everything.  Not only do I live with one but I am one and therefore know this first hand.  If you are the bigger person and decide to just let whatever it is just roll off your shoulders, don’t start your next sentence with “but”.  This just opens a whole new can of worms.

Skip any heavy conversations if you are hungry.  Hunger causes misfiring in the brain and not only are you hungry and upset about being hungry but that in turn can make an argument over something as little as “Where the f**k do you want to eat?” into a full-blown attack on one another.  Obscenities will be fully heard loud and clear from anyone within a 50 yard radius.

Politics and religion should never be discussed.  It doesn’t matter who you are or who they are, there is always going to be disagreement in those two subjects.  And highly political or religious people should just be avoided at all costs.   Especially those who are always trying to shove their “opinions” down your throat.

Kiss Make-Up Avoid Arguing #Arguments

Walk away.  This is the absolutely the best way to avoid an argument.  Nothing more needs to be said.  This is especially great if an argument has already started too.  The other person will not only be more pissed that you are now avoiding the argument but will most likely not talk to you again for a period of time which then gives you the utter most peace and quiet.

This has been a public service announcement and I am not a relationship expert.  I share this information from my own personal experiences.