Dear Mr. Winter

I know that less than 6 months ago I was complaining that I was sick of sweating and ready for the cold weather to arrive.  I absolutely hate being hot.  One can always put more stuff on to get warm…running around naked still doesn’t cool one off…nor would I like to see some people naked.

naked people whoa funny humor
Enough said?
This is our second winter in the northern hemisphere.  We came from a place where the swimming pool was a daily activity for like 9 months of the year.

Last year it snowed but only stuck once and melted within a couple of days.  This year I don’t think there has been a day that I have looked outside and there hasn’t been some form of what resembles snow lurking around. snow neighborhood winter 2016 For the last week my yard has been a solid white blanket.  And yes I think it’s beautiful and I am not complaining about it because it would take years of this kind of weather to replace what the drought has taken away.

The photo to the left is a picture I took from my front yard yesterday.  I really need to take one when the road is also covered and not a single car without 4WD would dare to take on that hill.  You can’t tell by the picture but that hill is steep and brutal when freshly blanketed with snow or ice.

What I am complaining about is the toll it takes on my little monsters.  I want to take them out to go sledding but just when I think it’s the right time suddenly I start to hear the horrible deep coughs and the sneezes that that blow out boogers resembling something like this…

snot kids colds runny noses funny humor
“So Snot Funny”
I want to take them out and do a photo shoot but I just know that I will be editing out the snot and chapped red lips that resemble that of a clowns…no I am not joking.  And yes I buy them chapstick…it usually ends up in the wash, lost in the car, or used all in one day by my 3 year old.  I am quite certain she eats it.

Now I am sure it’s not just old man winter to blame for my kids constant battle of the common cold.  There are germs lurking everywhere.

Let’s take last night for instance, and the disgusting fool who was sitting near us in the bleachers at the wrestling tournament with his can of “chew spit”.  As we were leaving and I gathered up my kids’ stuff I noticed something wet on my daughters coat.  Yep, you guessed it…the guys can of “chew spit” had spilled ON MY DAUGHTER’S JACKET!  The thought of it is seriously making me gag.  And had he have still been around when I discovered it…the mommy psycho from hell would have come out in me.bad mommy parenting motherhood

But he was gone…leaving his trail of spilled “chew spit” in his revolting, repulsive, gross, ghastly path.

So what did this mother do?  Well she hunted his ass down, of course, and ran him over with her SUV placing his spit can beside him as a reminder to all “chew can spitters” TO THROW THEIR CONTAINERS AWAY!  **One can only dream**  Actually I came home and put the jacket in the washer on the hottest cleaning cycle…twice.

I am somewhat of a germaphobe so when I see my daughter licking the handrail at said high school gymnasium, that probably hasn’t been touched with any sort of disinfectant since being placed there, I slightly come unglued and wonder if she was switched at birth at the hospital.

The sun is shining today and it’s a perfect day to get some great snots shots of my kids in the snow…so for now I am going to stick with that plan because who knows when the next opportunity should arise to do so.  I mean what’s the worst that could happen…pneumonia?

Cheerios and Boogers,


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~IntelliDent MouthGuard And Toothbrush Shield~

I was contacted by Lisa at IntelliDent to do a review of the latest products, toothbrush and mouth-guard shields.  Please note that the following review is of my own opinion and all words and photos are that of my own.

I am sure that everyone thinks that because they clean their teeth with their toothbrush that their toothbrush is clean right?  Wrong.  The bacteria living on your toothbrush includes fungi, viruses, and just a profusion of various germs.  Germs that can live for months…although if you are keeping your toothbrush for months then you have horrible hygiene.

Now, I have known for quite some time that upon flushing your toilet, germs can travel as far as a 6 foot radius.  I have also read that scientists have found more than 10 million bacteria on ONE. SINGLE. TOOTHBRUSH.  Some of that being feces people!  After reading that I always flushed with the lid down.  Now, how many of you have your toothbrush container sitting on the sink right next to the toilet? And also how many of you share a toothbrush holder with other member’s of your family’s toothbrushes?  There’s enough germs jumping back and forth between your toothbrushes to put a germaphobe into OCD overload.  Well that’s where these fabulous toothbrush covers come in handy.

Here’s a great article entitled “The Disgusting Truth About Your Toothbrush” I found.

IntelliDent Review #toothbrushes #germs #bacteria #health #toothbrushgerms

The container I received for review came with 10 shields and they last up to 7 days and then you just throw them away.  This cuts down on the costs of toothbrushes especially for a person like me who buys a new toothbrush for her kids every time one comes in contact with the floor.  The toothbrushes…not the kids.

They also have mouth-guard shields.  I have a mouthpiece that I have to wear at night because I grind my teeth in my sleep.  Probably due to the fact I deal with 3 toddlers all day.  Imagine how horrified I was after reading about all the bacteria that lives in the little plastic container that holds my said mouthpiece.  And I wash it before putting it in there!  Goodbye plastic container…hello disposable mouth-guard shields.  I think I will be taking this product to show my dentist as well.

IntelliDent Review #toothbrushes #bacteria #germsonatoothbrush

If you would like more information on these or where to get them please visit their website at

Disclaimer:  I am not a germ specialist nor did I have any of my toothbrushes tested in a lab to see if these actually helped aid in the protection of my toothbrush from any bacteria.

I want to thank Lisa and the IntelliDent team for letting me review their product.


What Do You Mean My Kid Has MRSA?

A few days ago I noticed that 2 of my 3 toddlers had sores on their noses. ¬†My first thought was that we had been on vacation and in the moist ocean air and upon returning to the desert they just got really dry. ¬†But as it wasn’t looking any better and actually started to move from one nostril to another…literally overnight…I knew it was time for a trip to the doctor.

**scary music**

After the doctor said MRSA…I don’t remember much after that. ¬†I remember sitting there thinking how the hell did this happen? I am always telling my kids to wash their hands. ¬†When I take my girls into a public restroom I won’t let them touch ANYTHING! And we still all scrub our hands when we are done and I open the door with a towel before chucking it in the trash.germs antibacterial MRSA kids health

I clean my house regularly and wipe all the doorknobs and light fixtures with a bleached rag. ¬†My kids take baths and showers and practice as good of hygiene as kids at their age can. ¬†Mind you…I have never been one of those mothers that is spraying every place she goes with an antibacterial spray or carrying bottles of hand sanitizer on her belt loops….but now I am.

After coming out of the fog of the doctor saying those dreadful words I scooped up my kids, dropped them off at home with daddy, and off to Wal-Mart I went where I spent $80 on anything and everything from Lysol to 10 bottles of hand sanitizer.antibacterial MRSA ¬†I also picked up 2 tubes of prescribed antibiotic ointment and some children’s probiotics which were recommended by the doctor.

The doctor informed me that I needed to cut their fingernails pretty much to the quick and to apply the ointment up their noses and onto the tips of their fingers…3 to 4 times a day. ¬†And to keep them from coming in contact with each other since my 4 year old doesn’t have any signs of it. ¬†Do you know how hard it is to keep 3 toddlers from touching their faces and each other?!?!? ¬†She wouldn’t know cause her kids were 10 years apart! germs germ-X antibacterial hand sanitizer MRSA health kids

Now of course I did as every mother does and started looking up everything about MRSA on the internet. ¬†To the point where I just had to stop because the more I read the more it all started to scare the shit out of me. ¬†The only thing that was helpful in reading is that they could have gotten it ANYWHERE! And all they had to do was touch the infected area and then touch their face. ¬†Not that it’s good news but it made me feel a little relieved in knowing that it wasn’t my fault.

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Sick Of Being Sick

It’s that time of year when the “crud” starts making it’s way through my house on a regular basis. ¬† Usually begins with the teenagers (who I am quite certain never wash their hands at school) bring it into the house and expose all of us to it. ¬†First it’s the little ones who get it. ¬†Starts with one and by the next couple of days all 3 have it.

Now usually I am too busy to even notice whether or not I have the sniffles.  Too busy opening numerous boxes of tissue and spraying everything that contains a surface, with germ killer.


I am a germ-o-phobe to begin with but mix it with any common cold “cooties” and I am in overdrive. ¬†And no matter how long I have been a mom the look of snot running down my kids faces grosses me the f@*k out!!! ¬†And I mean more then poop or puke in any form. ¬†And believe me I have seen lots of forms of poop.

Nothing like moving along throughout your day and then BOOM!!!  The sickness comes on like a ton of bricks and you are down for the count.


Usually one calls in sick when feeling this way but as a mother of 3 toddlers and a wife of a hard working husband there is no calling in sick for me.  (Wonder if calling in dead is an option)