Throwback Thursday ~ 25 Things That Piss Me Off

I wrote this post about a year ago and realize that all these things still annoy me and I could probably add to the list but I will just make a Part 3 instead.  But I have chosen this post for my Throwback Thursday pick!


Things That Piss Me Off Mad Anger Annoying

Another 25 things that really put me in a tizzy…you can see the first 25 here.

People at bars these days…did I act that stupid when I was young?

People In Bars Things That Piss Me Off

When my little monsters decide that they want to nap at 5 in the evening and then stay up half the night.

Anything relating to cleaning.  I usually just turn on an episode of “Hoarders” and then realize that my house looks just fine.


The Raiders football team along with The Chiefs and The Chargers.

My husband’s smoking.  Although he is in the process of quitting.

(UPDATE:  He quit for a minute and has finally realized that he can’t casually smoke while drinking, he started Chantix again yesterday…let’s keep our fingers crossed that it sticks this time)

The 1st of the month at Wal-Mart.  Have you ever been to Wal-Mart on the 1st of the month?  I would highly suggest NOT doing it.

When I order food and they get it wrong.  I never complain about it either cause I am afraid they will take it back and spit in it….I do however leave a reflection of it in my tip.  I have also been known to leave notes on the backs of my receipts to let them know why their tip wasn’t more.  And if you are ever mad about an order from a fast food establishment…call the corporate office and complain!  They will send you coupons for FREE stuff!

When a TV show that I love either ends or gets canceled for no reason!  This is especially true when I watch a first season of something and LOVE it and then it never gets a second season.  And I am just left dangling about what happened.  So annoying!

Pissed Off My Show Was Cancelled

When the temperature gets over 100 degrees.  Anything over 100 is just plain hot, hot, hot!

When I am out of wine vodka whiskey beer booze.  This is a shitty bad situation for all of those around me as well.

Recently my neighbors have made me mad asking that my husband and I keep it down in our own backyard.  And it was just the two of us!

Getting old.  My mind says I am 20 something but my body has a tendency to tell me otherwise.

When I spend precious time watching a horrible movie.  I feel like it is just such a waste of my time.

Bored Pissed Off

When I forget to take said movie back to Redox and end up paying way too much for it.  That really irritates me!

Toys!  Everywhere there are toys!  Because some days I am just too fucking preoccupied busy to constantly tell the kids to pick up their toys.

Stepping On A Lego Toys

Trying to think about “What’s for dinner” every single day!

Sticky floors.  Especially summertime when Watermelon is in season and popsicles.

When someone asks me the same question that I already answered a few times before.  My husband is notorious for this.

Liars.  I can’t stand people who lie.  Especially when the truth was so much easier to tell rather then a snowball of lies.

Solicitors.  I even have a “No Soliciting” sign on my front door and those beepity beep beep beepers still ring my doorbell.  Which then rally’s up the kids and my nerves!

PMS.  Probably the cause of this entire rant!

Whirlpool Corporation.  You can read all about that story here.  I am actually surprised it took me this long to mention them.

(UPDATE:  After all the fuss I made and being blocked from their Twitter, they did finally replace the part at their own cost…it now sits in my garage as a back-up washer.)

Every time that something in my house breaks.  I mean what happened to shit lasting?  Nothing is made right anymore.  Yes I realize I have a large family but seriously so were most of the families I knew growing up and they had shit that lasted for d-e-c-a-d-e-s!

When my kids keep getting up after I have put them to bed.  I have a great story about that here.  Make sure you watch the video narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.  It’s hilarious but make sure your kids aren’t in “ear” distance.  The F-bomb is said….A LOT!

Yours Truly,

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Life As I Know It Is About To Change

On Monday, my life as I have known it for over 5 years now, is going to change.  All three of my toddlers will be going to school.  My 5-year-old starts kindergarten and the 4 and 3-year-old girls actually started preschool last Monday.  I really don’t know what I am going to do with myself from 8-11:30 without one of my 3 mini-monsters in my presence.

Let me think about that….

I could…

Come back home and go back to sleep.  But that just seems like a waste of such a valuable few hours.  Not to mention that once I am up…I am up.

My Life As I Know It Is Going To Changes #changes #motherhood #humor

Take a shower and get ready in a timely manner.  With 3 toddlers I am lucky to even get a shower let alone have the chance to shave my legs (and various other parts), put real make-up on (instead of just some sloppy brazed mascara), DO MY HAIR (I recently cut my hair that was past the middle of my back, to now the nape of my neck).  This was to avoid the “hair piled in a messy bun” look that I was starting to trademark use EVERYDAY.

Life As I Know It Is About To Change #shower #shaving #motherhood

Blog.  This is a given.  I will be able to complete a thought without being interrupted 300 times.  That’s 100 times per child and no I am not kidding.  Between them and the horribly slow internet, I am surprised I am able to get any blogging done at all.

Watch TV.  Nah, I’d really rather blog.  Although I have found that I do enjoy my morning cup of Joe while watching some “Good Morning America”.  And usually this isn’t possible because of course the minis want to watch the 50th re-run of “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”.  It’s truly sad that I have watched so many of their shows that I now just sing the tunes even when the television isn’t even on.

Workout.  This is already on my list.  Monday starts my body transformation.  Juicing and exercise which I will be blogging all about my disasters failures bitching about progress and sharing my results with you.  If you missed the first part of my “herb uses” you can read about it here.

Life As I Know It Is About To Change #exercise #workout #motherhood #humor

Sit in silence and read.  I have a book that I literally started last year on a family vacation and I am still in the process of reading it.  Probably because most of what I read these days is blogs.  But maybe without all the interruptions I will actually have time to read a book and the blogs.

Make a phone-call.  Have you ever tried to talk on the phone with 3 toddlers?  I actually had a lady put me on hold one day because the sounds of my minis in the background noise, was too noisy for her.  No kidding.

Go to the bathroom without anyone knocking on the door.  If you are a parent, there is no explanation needed here.  If you aren’t a parent, there is still no explanation needed.

Now there will be days that my husband will be off…

**rethinks writing anything about what will be happening there**

Life As I Know It Is About To Change #sex #marriage #motherhood

Needless to say I just want to enjoy this time that I have never experienced in over 5 years.  Since moving into this house…I have never had any time to myself in the house.  There was one day my husband attempted to take the kids to the park to give me a break…only he came home 15 minutes later because it started to pour rain.  I think I cried a little.

I am sure the first day I will be confused and a little sad…..oh who am I kidding!

Life As I Know It Is About To Change #motherhood #humor #excitement

Counting The Minutes,


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