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I took this picture on the last sunset of our vacation.  It was sad knowing that our vacation was coming to an end but a reflection of all the memories we had made.  Writing about our adventures and taking a ton of pictures will help preserve these moments that I know one day will just be moments to remember.  One day my kids will all be grown and moved away (fingers crossed) and have lives of their own to live.  It will be nice to be able to show them the memories of these earlier years and the stories I have written about their growing up.  It will be not only a collection of their lives, but also a collection of my own.


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Favorite Quote #7

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One of the biggest lessons in my “40 something” years of life, that I have learned, is to never be a follower…always be a leader.  Set trends and never be someone that you are not.  Be yourself and be true to yourself.  Be the best person you can possibly be and never let anyone “second-rate” that.  Love who you are and the skin you are in…own it… all of it.

I used to always doubt myself when I was younger and now that I have children of my own I never want them to doubt themselves.  I want their self-esteem to shine and withstand anyone who tries to break their spirit.  I wrote a piece to my daughters and I hope they listen to my words and know that I will always want what is best for them.

You can read more about Judy Garland and her brilliancy here.


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Friday’s Top 5: 5/1

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Goodbye April….hello May!!!  I don’t know about everyone else but I am looking forward to SUMMER!!!  The littles and I function so much better in the summertime.  It’s all about being outside.  Any who here we are with another #FridaysTop5

I didn’t get as much reading in as I wanted this week but here’s my list:

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Growing Up Kater Tot (She has lots of DIY crafts for kids)

Mom Of All Capes



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