Letting Go OF The Linky Guilt

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There are so many linkys now days and I am here to finally say that I just don’t have enough time to always link up with every one of them.  I link when I can, when I have something worthy of linking up, and when I know that I have time for the commenting.  When I get behind in the commenting I have to put linking aside all together.

As a blogger who also runs her own linky, I am ALWAYS reading, commenting, and sharing  on almost every blog post I read.  Sometimes to the point that I don’t even have time to write or read anything besides those blogs.

And I love to read.

And I love to write.

And I love blogging.

I have a gazillion things to write about but I just haven’t had the time to write about them. There’s 24 drafts in my draft folder right now.  What does that tell you?

I have 2 T-ball games, dance classes, T-ball party, awards ceremony, Memorial Day glamping, two graduations, hair and car appts in the city, dress rehearsals, a dance recital and then preparing for our first big summer vacation…all in the next 3 weeks.  I am sure I am missing something in there.

So yes, this is indeed why I have decided that I must let go of the linky guilt.  Even the blogging guilt.  That’s the great thing about this being my blog…I can do what I want to with it.

Same goes for those of you who sometimes may not have time to link with #momsterslink.  I indeed understand and don’t take it personally.  As long as I see you all linked up from time to time I am happy.

We are all busy not only with blogging but with home, kids, spouses…LIFE!

Linkys are a lot of work to run.  For those of you considering starting one, I would suggest that you understand that most of your blog reading will be done reading the blogs that link up.  And if your linky is successful it will become harder to have time to write and network.

I have tried putting myself on a blogging schedule but it inevitably gets messed up due to my husband’s work schedule because on his days off there’s stuff to do and I know for awhile there he thought I was having a love affair with my blog.

I am also trying to gather more knowledge for my love of photography and design.  Which sometimes with my OCD can become completely time consuming due to perfection and getting something exactly how I want it or watching tutorials to learn something new.

I encourage everyone to let go of the linky guilt if you are suffering from it.  If you host one and need a break then take one.  BREATHE.  There’s so much more to life than linkys.  Buuuuut…it is the best way to find your blogging posse, get your blog read, and meet new bloggers.

So linky on but sometimes take some time off if you need to.

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