What’s Happening Today?

Every time I turn on the news these days there is some kind of hate crime happening.  It leaves me asking myself daily “What’s Happening Today?”.

We the people” starts with YOU as an individual.  In order to have a strong, good, and kind community…you need to first start with who YOU are.

You want to change hate…start with yourself first.

hate crimes corruption change surrender
Be a good person.  Hold a door open sometimes when you see someone coming in behind you.  Smile or give someone a compliment.  Follow through with acts of kindness…don’t just “think” about doing them all the time.

Don’t cause harm to other people.

Help someone in need once in awhile.  (I know this is a tough one as it’s hard to help those who don’t want to help themselves)  But at least you can say you tried.  At least you can say you tried to be a better person.

It’s not about who’s standing beside you…it’s about who YOU are.  How YOU treat people.  How YOU react to things.  It’s the choices YOU make.

It’s not about what our ancestors did to one another but what we are doing to each other today…the here and now.  Yesterday is gone.  TODAY is here.  And it’s time to change.

The person standing beside you didn’t tell you what choices to make.  Of course this rules out your parents.  Yeah maybe your parents didn’t make some good choices which then caused a failure in choices for yourself as well.

So then change who you are right now.  TODAY.  Let your past remain in the past and not make you into a miserable person.  *could use a dose of her own medicine*

Don’t become a hateful person.

I don’t care what nationality you are, I don’t care about your religion or your political views, I don’t care what your sexual preference is (as long as you’re not a pedifile), or what you and your lover do in your bedroom. I DON’T CARE….as long as you aren’t out to harm innocent people, then be whoever the fuck you want to be.

Just be kind.

KINDNESS MATTERS.  Because without it then no. person. matters.

I can’t even begin to touch the irony of a man tired of the hate crimes against his nationality by policemen but then goes and shoots INNOCENT PEOPLE! hate crimes corruption evil People who had nothing to do with the original controversial act.  Just because they were policemen.  Now that’s a true act of HATE.

Hating another human being who you know nothing about.

Hating them so much that you, as a human being, just want to kill another human being for NO REASON.

For no reason other than HATE.

I don’t care who you are…if you are a corrupt, dishonest, unethical, untrustworthy, fraudulent, EVIL individual then you are a menace to this society.  To your community.  You are POISON to humanity.

hate crimes corruption change
So think about who YOU are.  Change who YOU are if you are unhappy with who you are.  Because change doesn’t happen unless change in yourself happens first.

Don’t be the poison of humanity.

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~Love/Hate Challenge~

Love Hate Challenge #lovehatechallenge

I was tagged by two lovely people for this challenge ~ The Domesticated Goddess ~ and ~ But I Smile Anyway ~

10 Things I love:

*My family and friends of course.

*Red Wine. You can click here for some of my wine reviews.


*Blogging. I have a great story here about being consumed with blogging.

*(All in that order)

*Rainy days when it’s warm outside.

*A clean house (although lately I have lowered my standards of clean just a wee bit)

Love Hate Messes House

*Air Conditioning (especially this time of year when it’s nearing 100F* outside)

*A good scary or suspenseful movie

*A hot bubble bath in the candle light with the window open (especially if it’s stormy outside).

*My life.

10 Things I hate:

*Doing the dishes (of course I don’t think I have met anyone who enjoys that chore)

hate washing dishes

*Laundry (it’s never done…you think it’s done but then you realize the clothes you and all your little family of monsters are wearing…still needs to be washed!).

*Insomnia and Restless Leg Syndrome (they are bound to keep me awake most nights…like some kind of “YOU NO SLEEP” team).

*PMS and the bloody hell that follows.  No explanation needed.

*My children fighting with one another.

*Being hot and sweaty.  Nothing attractive about that.

*Rude cell phone talkers.  You know the ones.  They are loud and obnoxious while they insist on talking on their cell phone in public.

*The Whirlpool products still in my kitchen. You can read about my headache with them here.

*Gray Fucking Hair!

gray hair love hate

*Bugs, scorpions, snakes, and anything else that creeps and crawls in the night.

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What Defines Me


When I was a teenager I thought I knew the answer to everything. ¬†I thought that I had my life planned out long before I had ever even graduated high school. ¬†I thought I wanted to marry my high school sweetheart and live in the same town I grew up in, for the rest of my life. ¬†“Urban Cowboy” was my favorite movie and “Bud and Sissy” seemed like they had it all with their mobile home that they “could move it wherever they want to”. ¬†I also loved “Flashdance“. ¬†Watched it almost everyday and wished that I had her determination, and of course that I lived in New York.

By my senior year everything that I “thought” I had known, completely changed. ¬†I no longer wanted to stay in that small town. ¬†My first love turned out to be an asshole. ¬†And “Bud and Sissy” were no longer my ideals of a relationship.

Fast forward 24 years to present day…..

I am married with 5 great kids! ¬†My life is filled with chaos on a monumental ¬†basis. ¬†This life is not what I ever imagined or could have tried to even fathom. ¬†There are days that I have “Terms Of Endearment” and then there are days that resemble “Overboard“. ¬†Granted I don’t wake up to Kurt Russel every morning in a house that resembles that of shed filled with filth. ¬†But life is still teaching me lessons.

The truth is…being a mom and wife is what defines me. ¬†I love and hate it all at the same time. ¬†All of it. ¬†There is no other way to describe it. ¬†When the kids are all playing and getting along it’s a moment of pure bliss. ¬†When they are fighting and scratching each others eyes out it makes me want to rip every last piece of my hair out until I am lifeless on the couch and mumbling “ba baa bbaaabbabba”

humor mom kids meltdown

The same goes for marriage. ¬†When it’s good it’s it’s like….(wow I googled movies about good marriages and their wasn’t a single one!) ¬†Therefore I am going to pull the first one that comes to my quirky little mind… and that is “Sex Tape“. ¬†Don’t judge…we all wish we were that hot of a couple that we could just leave our homemade ¬†porno in ” the cloud”! ¬†And when It’s bad it’s more like “The War Of The Roses“.

Regardless of what “movie” may resemble my real life…the truth is…this is my life and nothing resembles it. ¬†I love my “not so little” family and I wouldn’t change it (well except maybe for the fact I would have more possibilities of someone babysitting for more then a few hours…I think my husband and I are in a serious need of a timeout… in a hotel room…not the corner). ¬†My “Ever After” is in the here and now.

That’s Life,

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