Imagination Matters ~ The Garden

Imagination Matters The Garden

Last year my husband built me two beautiful garden boxes.  I started my plants from seed as I was determined that I was going to be a certified gardener.  That didn’t go as planned.  I live in an area where there is a chance of freezing right up until Memorial Day Weekend.  Needless to say the plants froze one night and died.  And because we had just moved into this house the yard that lead to my garden boxes began to grow weeds…quickly.  Could someone please tell me why weeds grow without any maintenance or water!!!  I also live in an area where snakes and scorpions like to dwell so there was no way I was venturing outside and having a chance encounter with one hiding in them weeds.

We got landscaping put in at the end of summer last year but it was too late to plant anything.  So this year I decided to go with already established plants.  The kids were beyond excited to get to planting.  So on memorial day weekend I ventured off to the local nursery and purchased an assortment of herbs, peppers, tomatoes, and strawberries.

Imagination Matters The Garden Domesticated Momster

My mini monster B man has been a bit more interested in it then my girls have been.  He’s 5 and full of imagination and absolutely loves to learn about anything and everything.  So everyday he has been going out and watering our garden boxes, twice a day, since it has been dreadfully hot here.  He has patiently waited with anticipation for something….anything to grow.

Imagination Matters The Garden

Lastnight he finally got to have a taste of the fruits of his labor in the juiciest, yummiest and probably most satisfying tomato either of us has ever eaten.  As you can see below pictured on his face.

Imagination Matters The Garden

I have also used all of the herbs we planted.  Basil, oregano, dill, and cilantro.  The basil is growing like crazy which is a good thing that I use it in a lot of dishes I make.  I can’t believe I was paying close to $4 for a small bundle of it at the grocery store and now here I can go and get it out of my garden for FREE!  It just doesn’t get any better then that my friends.

Happy Gardner,

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Favorite Quote #4

Favorite Quote #4

I felt this was the perfect quote to sum up my weekend full of family and fun!  I am proud to say that there weren’t any tv’s or tablets present.  We planted trees, and did yard work.  We had a fire in the fire pit and roasted smores and lots of marshmallows, and visited with friends.  The kids had a camp out on the trampoline with lots of blankets and pillows.  We discovered a beautiful place called “Water Canyon” which is literally 10 minutes from our house.


We bought a slip and slide and it will probably be the best $30 we spend this summer because the kids thoroughly enjoyed it.


And I finally got our garden planted with the help of my 5 year old who has informed me he wants to be a gardner.   It was a great weekend to say the least and I am so happy to have spent such quality time with my family and friends!  And officially Summer has begun.




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