30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 9


Your Favorite Thing To Do Right Now:

Sleep.  I have lost countless weeks hours of sleep since having children.


I remember the days before children when sleeping all day felt like a waste of a good day.  But now I would do just about anything for an entire day of sleep.  Except eat a bug.  I don’t care what is offered…I cannot and will not bring myself to eat a bug.  I also wouldn’t have sex with any animals.  No way…uh uh.  No bugs and no sex with animals…I do have my priorities people.

Between kids, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome…sleep has become a constant struggle for me.  I now take medication to help with the insomnia and restless leg syndrome which is occasionally successful.  As far as a medication to help with the kids…that’s called wine.



RLS And Sleep Deprived

RLS And Sleep Deprived.

Browsing through some archives and came across this one…I now take a medication specifically for this condition and so far it seems to work pretty well.