Quote Of The Week ~ November 8, 2016

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I truly believe that we all carry skeletons in our closet.  Stories that we will most likely take to our graves.  Secrets that are only shared within ourselves.

I have learned a lot about this quote in the past year.  I have been working on my inner self and trying to discover the moments of my life that I have spent a lifetime suppressing.

And for me, there are some stories I just might choose never to share with the world.

My chapters.

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Quote Of The Week ~ June 13, 2016

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This quote speaks volumes to me about relationships, including friendships.

In most relationships there’s always one side of the relationship that tries a litter harder, loves a little more, and gives more of themselves to keep the relationship going.

Throughout my life I’ve been on both sides and as I get older I’m starting to realize that some relationships are just not worth my effort any longer.

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Quote Of The Week ~ May 1, 2016

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This morning I was watching my husband and kids walk down to the river before we got ready to leave.  It was a beautiful morning.  Sun was shining, no wind, and a clean crispness in the air.

The happiness and sounds of their laughs made me realize that no matter what regrets I have made in my life, that in that exact moment, that one little fragment of time I was reminded of everything I have to be thankful for.

Them.  My life now.  

Sometimes in the smallest of hours is when we need to reflect on not what we’ve done wrong but all the things that have gone right and brought us full circle to this very moment.

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Quote Of The Week ~ March 13, 2014


 Success has never been made from someone just sitting on their butt.  Well maybe there have been a few but personally I would like to achieve success by getting up and taking control of it. Working for it.  And being proud of myself when I’ve accomplished it.

I may be a stay at home mom, but you won’t catch me just sitting around on my butt very much.  That’s not to say that I don’t have designated lazy days but lately they are becoming less frequent.  

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Quote Of The Week ~ Feb 29, 2016

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Love ❤️ this quote especially since I have been working on getting my photography page up and running.  

I’ve loved photography since before I can remember.  In high school I used to spend hours just taking pictures and using the developer room at school to develop them.

I love capturing life’s moments whether it be my own or someone else’s.  

“Develop from the negative” … Learning from mistakes is part of the journey in life.  Taking chances sometimes doesn’t always work out but you can always start over and try again.  Moving forward…always moving forward.


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Quote Of The Week ~ Feb 1, 2016

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Well I really splurged over the past several days and yesterday was really feeling the effects of it.  

I dwelled on it all day yesterday but decided that today is a new day and the best thing about starting over is just that…getting to start over.  So I am focused and back on track! 


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Quote Of The Week ~ Jan 10, 2016

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I feel like we are always so busy comparing ourselves to the next person.  

They’re prettier, smarter, wittier, more outgoing…seems like they have it all.

In doing this we don’t stop to realize our own selves as beautiful creatures as well.

It’s ok to admire someone else … Just always remember to recognize the beauty within yourself first.


Cuddle Fairy