~Monday’s Music Mantra~

monday music mantraMonday’s don’t always have to suck. ¬†At least not while there is still music to listen to that is. ¬†I am sure that some of you are back to work today after having some time off for Christmas so I am here to brighten your day with a little music choices of what I have been listening to this week.

First up is a group I have been listening to since sometime in my 20’s but had kind of forgotten about until one day I caught this song being played on the radio. ¬†This is Sneaker Pimps “6 Underground”

This song will always make me think of my mini monster B because every time it comes on a certain commercial he jumps up and starts singing it. ¬†This is Rachel Platten “Fight Song”

This is a band I hadn’t heard of. ¬†I happened to be driving home from the city one day when this song came on and I really liked it. ¬†This is Coldrain “Gone”.

I just really like this song. ¬†This is Asking Alexandria “I Won’t Give In”

Yes I know the radio totally outplayed this song but have you heard the story behind the song? ¬†If not, click here. ¬†This is Nothing More “Jenny”.

What’s your favorite song these days?