Monday’s Music Mantra ~ Jan 11, 2016

monday music mantra

Is it seriously almost the middle of January already?

Today is a very special day because 6 years ago on this day I was giving birth to my mini monster B man. ¬†Can’t believe it’s been 6 years. ¬†Happy Birthday my little man!

And now onto my Monday’s Music Mantra picks for this week.

I am not sure how new these guys are but they are new to me.  This song is so catchy to me, and I find myself turning up the volume every time this song comes on.

Imagine Dragons ~ Radioactive

This next song is a song I have grown to love from taking my Zumba classes. ¬†Probably because I know that the class is over and it’s the “cool down” song. ¬†Yes let’s just pretend that it’s not the theme song for 50 Shades Of Gray. ¬†Loved the books but they should have never made a movie out of them. ¬†Unless it would have been in the form of let’s say a porno x-rated film.

Ellie Goulding ~ Love Me Like You Do

Since it is my little man’s birthday and he sings along with this song every time it comes on the radio I must put this in today’s line-up. ¬†I love these guys and have been listening to them for a long time.

Shinedown ~ Cut The Cord

Getting back to my real roots here. ¬†I do and always will love me a good punk rock girl band. ¬†I used to listen to these girls ALL THE TIME. ¬†Think it’s time to dig out some of my old music.

Go Betty Go ~ Saturday

I happened to catch this video on a Facebook post this week. ¬†It’s a great remix of a great classic by¬†Simon And Garfunkel

Disturbed ~ The Sound Of Silence

Quite the eclectic mix this week…but that’s me…never listening to the same beat.