My Love of Wine

I love wine!!! ¬†And lately I am all about trying many different kinds of reds. ¬†So I decided why not blog about it? ¬†Don’t all mommies drink wine? By the box? ¬†I thought about doing a Wine for Wednesday ¬†but today is only Tuesday so then I thought maybe a Tipsy Tuesday but the truth is I like wine any night of the week. ¬†So while at the store tonight, my husband and I strolled down the wine isles in search of something new to try. ¬†Tonight’s selection is “Dead Bolt” and “The Middle Sister


Can you tell who chose what? ¬†¬†Both were under $10.oo and if you buy 6 bottles of any wine you get it for even cheaper! ¬†That’s my kind of deal. ((holds up bottle for you to see while looking at reciept)) ¬†The middle sister reminds me of my little M who is also a middle sister. ¬†And she is full of sweet and sass all rolled into one. ¬†Just like this wine.

I have been wanting to try Middle Sister for some time now, and the label has many different flavors and a very clever name ¬†for each flavor. ¬†And well let’s face it…the art work on the label is just so eye catching. ¬†Therefore the catchy names and label just seal the deal for me.(oh yeah…the “Rebel Red” is very tasty)

The Dead Bolt was very good as well. ¬†Dry with a very small hint of sweet. ¬†According to my husband I had more of that bottle. ¬†What does he know?… ¬†Other then the more tipsy I am, the more likely I am to ((beep beep))…there goes the roadrunner.


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