Quote Of The Week ~ May 1, 2016

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This morning I was watching my husband and kids walk down to the river before we got ready to leave.  It was a beautiful morning.  Sun was shining, no wind, and a clean crispness in the air.

The happiness and sounds of their laughs made me realize that no matter what regrets I have made in my life, that in that exact moment, that one little fragment of time I was reminded of everything I have to be thankful for.

Them.  My life now.  

Sometimes in the smallest of hours is when we need to reflect on not what we’ve done wrong but all the things that have gone right and brought us full circle to this very moment.

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Cuddle Fairy

An Outing With Old Planes

Sunday afternoon our tiny municipal airport put on an exhibit of old planes, cars, tractors, helicopters etc….

It turned out to be a beautiful day outside and even though I was feeling the effects of “a night out with friends” from the night before…I am so glad I took the kids and had an opportunity to capture some moments which we all know I love to do.

oldplane mazelhelicopter

Blazeoldtruck zoelleplanes

March Moments


When it reaches 50 degrees….we picnic!

A Letter To My Little M

A Letter To My Little M.

My Little M…


My little M

My little miss tomboy…

My little miss funny…

My little miss attitude…

My little miss mini me.

For The Love Of Baseball And Fatherhood


My photo pick of the week…my husband teaching my son how to hold a baseball bat.  He starts T-ball soon.  He is growing so fast.  I am so glad that me and my camera get to stop time and save the moments like these.