A  Great Day With My Mini Me

She never wakes in a good mood…just like her mother.  Today was no different.  Even after I told her that it was going to be a “mommy and me” day all she could  mumble was “I want waffles.” as she rubbed her head full of tangles.

Her birthday was last weekend, but because we were out of town we only got to celebrate part of it.  Unfortunatley it was the part that she didn’t get her presents.  And trust me it has been an everyday event of asking how many sleeps until we go to Reno.  And today finally came.  Regardless of how grumpy she was when she woke I knew it would all change the minute we walked through the doors of Toys’R’Us.

She has been wanting a guitar now for awhile after strumming the 3 cords on her brother’s “kiddy” guitar he got over two years ago.  So over to the music section we go.  Now here’s where she shocked me.  I thought for sure she would pick the pink one…but nope …no more pink for this girl.  She picked the wood color one  with a swarm of  stars cascading up the front and side of it.  Yes it was a proud mommy moment.  I regret never learning an instrument but have always had an ear for music and I LOVE TO SING.  But I want each of my children to find an instrument they love and want to learn.  I am sure you are wondering how I plan to teach her.  U-tube baby…U-tube.  And instructional videoes of course.  I would love to get her lessons but have yet to of found anyone in our small little spot on the map.

She also decided that she could not part with a zebra she had come across in isle 457.  (Not really but the store seemed that big walking through it) .  She loves the zebra and never put it down the rest of the day.


Next we headed to the toy electric car section for “grandpas present”.  My girl has expensive taste for the first one she laid her hands on was a range rover with the price tag of $350.  I quickly talked her out of it.  After about 5 more changed decisions,  she went with a jeep that only she can sit in and not have to fight with a passenger over whose going to drive it.

Last stop was lunch at Olive Garden.  Her favorite food is pasta.  And the great thing about there is that kids get to choose their own pasta shape, sauce, and topping.  She chose marinara and shrimp of course.

It was a great day!  It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is with 1 instead of 3.  Although she kept asking all day where her siblings were and I know she missed them.  I love that they have that kind of bond that they don’t really like being separated.  It makes a of the chaos of 3 so well worth it.


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