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When I was a teenager I thought I knew the answer to everything.  I thought that I had my life planned out long before I had ever even graduated high school.  I thought I wanted to marry my high school sweetheart and live in the same town I grew up in, for the rest of my life.  “Urban Cowboy” was my favorite movie and “Bud and Sissy” seemed like they had it all with their mobile home that they “could move it wherever they want to”.  I also loved “Flashdance“.  Watched it almost everyday and wished that I had her determination, and of course that I lived in New York.

By my senior year everything that I “thought” I had known, completely changed.  I no longer wanted to stay in that small town.  My first love turned out to be an asshole.  And “Bud and Sissy” were no longer my ideals of a relationship.

Fast forward 24 years to present day…..

I am married with 5 great kids!  My life is filled with chaos on a monumental  basis.  This life is not what I ever imagined or could have tried to even fathom.  There are days that I have “Terms Of Endearment” and then there are days that resemble “Overboard“.  Granted I don’t wake up to Kurt Russel every morning in a house that resembles that of shed filled with filth.  But life is still teaching me lessons.

The truth is…being a mom and wife is what defines me.  I love and hate it all at the same time.  All of it.  There is no other way to describe it.  When the kids are all playing and getting along it’s a moment of pure bliss.  When they are fighting and scratching each others eyes out it makes me want to rip every last piece of my hair out until I am lifeless on the couch and mumbling “ba baa bbaaabbabba”

humor mom kids meltdown

The same goes for marriage.  When it’s good it’s it’s like….(wow I googled movies about good marriages and their wasn’t a single one!)  Therefore I am going to pull the first one that comes to my quirky little mind… and that is “Sex Tape“.  Don’t judge…we all wish we were that hot of a couple that we could just leave our homemade  porno in ” the cloud”!  And when It’s bad it’s more like “The War Of The Roses“.

Regardless of what “movie” may resemble my real life…the truth is…this is my life and nothing resembles it.  I love my “not so little” family and I wouldn’t change it (well except maybe for the fact I would have more possibilities of someone babysitting for more then a few hours…I think my husband and I are in a serious need of a timeout… in a hotel room…not the corner).  My “Ever After” is in the here and now.

That’s Life,

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The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback

Avoiding Dumb And Dumber

It’s no surprise that I am not a big fan of “stupid” comedy.  Therefore when my husband rented “Dumb And Dumber To” this evening I quickly declined wanting anything to do with watching that.  In my opinion, there are just more superior things that I could be doing with my said time….like working on my blog!


Now sometimes I take one for the team and I sit down in my comfy chaise on the couch.  I pretend like I am paying attention to the brainless flick unraveling before my eyes…but in the end I have either fallen asleep or found something more entertaining on my phone to peak my interest.  Because anything is more entertaining then trying to pretend I am interested in a movie that is literally shaving points off my IQ with every passing moment.  I think the worst 2 hours of my life being taken was while watching “Cyrus”….at least I think that’s what the movie was called.  But regardless the name, it’s two hours of my life that I will never get back.  Even watching Miley Cyrus lick something would be more entertaining then that movie was.  To this day my husband holds the award for worst movie pick EVER!!!

Unknown<——look what I found on a search!

So here I sit…blogging with my glass of wine…”Sweet Red by Barefoot” …still one of my favorites…and the only thing missing is silence…silence that will not be obtained due to the fact the the movie is echoing throughout the house.  And the parts that I have heard so far…no matter how loud the testosterone in my household is laughing at them…are, in lack of a better word….dumb.


“American Sniper” The Movie


If you haven’t seen the movie yet I highly advise that you do.

Movies about war are always so hard for me to watch but also a need for me to see the reality of what goes on during war.  My husband and I had a date night last night and on our agenda was to go see this movie.  Most I have talked to say it was a love story between a man and his wife which was partly true.  But the biggest knowledge I took away from it is how much our soldiers suffer when trying to blend back into the society that they left behind to go on these tours of war.  I couldn’t begin to imagine what it would be like to have to endure the mental turmoil that our soldiers experience being in the middle of a war.

The movie starts out with this particular soldier, Chris Kyle, played by actor Bradley Cooper, having to make a split decision when an Iraqi mother sends her child in the street with a grenade.  He had to shoot that boy to save his comrades.  That is the reality. Makes me understand that my life, no matter how broken I feel some days, could never compare to that.  He was doing what he was trained to do and I support our troops 100% and if you don’t, and you live in America, then you don’t belong here.  Hate war not our soldiers.  Because while we are home enjoying our freedoms and hugging our children there are so many sacrificing their lives for us to continue that freedom.  But I am not one to talk much about religion or politics since I am not an expert of either.

Back to why I started this post in the first place…

The movie painted a picture of PTSD.  And it’s not a pretty picture.  It is commonly experienced by soldiers of war and unfortunately there is not a lot of help for them.  Which means they are forced to deal with it or overcome it which then can lead to a lot of pain or death.  It’s because of this very disease that Chris Kyle is no longer alive today.  I am sure you all know the story of the trial that is trying to take place.  If you don’t then you must not watch the news.  News is depressing but still need to turn it on sometimes.

I left the movie theatre feeling very disturbed by the “based on true story” events that unfolded on the screen before me, but I also have a better understanding that the kind of strain not only on our soldiers but their families as well are put through.  I can only hope that they all come home to their families and that they are able to overcome any tragedy that they had to experience while being away and that at some point our government realizes that they need more help then what they are getting.  How much life has to be lost on our own soil because of this disease?

“Chef” The Movie

I love movies and now that I have started blogging I will be blogging about the movies I watch.  My husband has been known not to pick the winners at the Redbox but tonight’s selection was surprisingly entertaining.

The movie starts out somewhat confusing…not in the writing itself but in the fact that you sit and ponder how Jon FavreauUnknown lands himself Sofia VergaraUnknown-1 as an ex wife and Scarlett JohanssonUnknown-2 as his current flame.  My only answer to that is either A: he must REALLY know how to cook or B: he is hung like large zucchini squash.  Or maybe both…in that case…kudos to him.  Oh yeah this is the movies not real life.

Job Favreau plays Carl Casper, a chef struggling with his own demons of insecurities about his food after a very popular food blogger comes into the restaurant where he works and blogs negatively about his food.  Of course “Carl” is upset over the critic’s blog entry and ends up quitting his current chef position after a heated argument with the restaurant owner.  And in what seems to be a case of “things not turning out right” actually becomes a blessing in disguise leading him on a journey through a path of unexpected happiness.

This movie is a great family watch and full of enough humor that I found myself giggling out loud.  I give it 4 stars.

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