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boxycharm beauty cosmetics hair skin nails box

I have been receiving these tiny boxes, full of cosmetic goodness, from BOXYCHARM, for quite some time now and I thought hey, why not blog about them. ¬†I signed up for the boxes about a year ago and it’s worth the $21 a month. ¬†You get a sexy little box in the mail once a month and I have yet to be disappointed in the selection. ¬†Did I mention the $21 includes shipping too? ¬†Yep. ¬†Awesome right?

Below is what I got in my July box which was waiting for me when I got home from camping. ¬†Nothing says “girl you need a good shower and some body love” like a tiny little box of beauty goodies.

boxycharm gorgehair beauty box hair skin nails
*gorge I’ll make you look amazing daily spray $30
Boxycharm MDMflow beauty box hair skin nails mascara
MDMflow Greater Than Mascara £21
yourMinerals Transparent Veil Setting Powder Boxycharm beauty box
yourMinerals Transparent Veil Setting Powder $26
Versant Professional Blush Brush $29

I also received an OFRA Cosmetic Universal Eyebrow Pencil which is not pictured because my lovely mini monsterettes got into the box and I have yet to come across it.  I am sure it will decorate a wall just fabulously.

They also include a little information card with each box giving you a little detail about each item and the retail price.  I have included links above if you would like to check out any of the items websites.

My favorite item of this months box~the brush.  I absolutely love make up brushes for I use everything in powdered form.  This is great since there is usually one brush per box I receive.

Please note:  This is not a review I was asked to do by Boxycharm.  This is my own personal review to share with my readers.


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Nail Shavings

I have somewhat a phobia of nail shavings. ¬†Which is quite ironic since I have worked in the nail business for the last 20 plus years. ¬†I have dug toe jam that could be dated back to the 1960’s out of peoples toes. ¬†I have seen heels with cracks in them that could put the grand canyon to shame. ¬†I have seen nail fungus, mold, and various other nail diseases. ¬†I have dealt with a lot of “gross” stuff but the one thing that gets me is nail shavings (well and hair that isn’t attached to the head really grosses me out too I remember the days I used to have to clean my own hair out of the shower drain…I would literally gag and almost throw up…thank goodness the drains now days in new homes are loose hair accommodating).


Well my husband, along with most of the general population, thinks it’s a good idea to cut his toenails in various odd places. ¬†One time even in our bed which I had a total mental melt down over and even posted it to my Facebook page in which he then reported me for spam and I couldn’t access my Facebook for 24 hours…so NOT funny. ¬†Then he decided it’s a good idea to cut them over MY tub…my clawfoot tub that I had to fight with the builder and the plumber over to even get put into the house! ¬†As I walked in on him doing such act I had a sudden vision of me getting into the tub and settling in like I do only to have one of those hard suckers stab me in my ass!!! ¬†“I will wash them down the drain” he says…yeah ok cause I am going to trust that. In case you missed it I just did a serious eye roll here.

So the other day I am in the shower and I go to reach for my razor and sitting on the same shelf as said razor sits ….drum roll please…a toenail clipper! ¬†With toenail shavings sticking out from it! ¬†At first I gasped…but then it dawned on me that he was at least trying not to flip me out. ¬†I have asked him to cut them outside but I guess cutting your toenails when it is only 40 degrees outside was not an option. ¬†Instead I just mentioned to him that he needs to make sure to remove the clippings from the clippers before setting in on the shelf next to my razor. ¬†And by the way I totally forgot to shave that day because I was so overwhelmed with the clippings that I forgot what I was doing….hope he likes my hairy legs tonight.