“Sister Wives”

No I am not one. ¬†Although the idea of it has crossed my mind a time or two. ¬†But I know in the deepest depths of my soul that sharing my man with another woman on a permanent basis would drive me to drink more wine then I already do. ¬†Not only because of jealousy issues but for the pure fact that I wouldn’t want another woman prying in my own beliefs of how to raise my children or how to make my man happy.

I have followed the show “Sister Wives”¬†through every season since the beginning. ¬†Not because I agree or disagree with their lifestyle but because I am curious about it. ¬†In the beginning they all seemed so united. ¬† The children were much younger but when there were only 3 wives the dynamic seemed so much more simultaneous. ¬†They worked as a team but were 3 individual mothers and wives. ¬†They relied on one another and each knew their place.

Enter moving to Las Vegas, NV and adding a fourth wife

Now when I watch the show it seems like such a train wreck. ¬†First of all why, after 15 years of the dynamic being the same, would “the husband” want to change it by adding another wife? ¬†Not only another wife but a younger, thinner, and prettier wife? ¬†I personally think religion has nothing to do with his behavior…I think he is just a typical male that doesn’t ¬†want to be confined to only one female. ¬†Therefore, human nature. ¬†But somehow because they stamp a religion on it then it makes it “OK”. ¬†Maybe ok for him but what I can see, in the expressions of his wives, is that everything has changed. ¬†They no longer form a “unit”….they are now 4 individual units…living in four different houses….and none of them connecting as actual “sister wives”.

sister-wife (plural sister-wives)- In a polygamous marriage a woman who is simultaneously a sister, and co-wife to another. *wiktionary.org 

One of the wives has even moved her mother in so that she has someone to help her with her children. ¬†She has 3 sister wives (one of which has no children living at home anymore), yet she has to call on her own mother for help? ¬†That in itself shows how much the “energy” between the wives has changed. ¬†The only closeness I see in them is when they are all seated on the couch talking about the current episode.

I now see four women, who after years of giving up their lives to raise children and working together to do so, now wanting to gain their own independence and individualities apart from each other and “the husband”. ¬†Like somehow burying themselves into “finding” themselves somehow takes the focus away from the fact that none of them are “happily” married. ¬†And in my opinion, I think that leaving the situation is not an option for them. ¬†Because leaving would mean failure. ¬†Failure to a religious belief that life is supposed to be lived that way. ¬†Therefore, giving up on the situation would be giving up on their religion. ¬†But like I said…that’s just my opinion.

One man cannot be emotionally available for all those wives and children. ¬†It is just not “humanly” possible. ¬†But I will give him kudos for trying. ¬†I will also give the wives kudos for trying to adapt to that lifestyle over and over again with no prevail. ¬†And then having it publicly displayed on television for all the world to judge and form opinions about them. ¬†And although I don’t agree or disagree with their lifestyle…I…like so many others have formed¬†opinions¬†about it. ¬†But in the end it’s not our life to decide. ¬†It’s theirs. ¬†They chose it and they live it. ¬†And they have taken the courage to share it with the rest of us…would you be so bold as to share your life and all your skeletons on public television?

My Love of Wine

I love wine!!! ¬†And lately I am all about trying many different kinds of reds. ¬†So I decided why not blog about it? ¬†Don’t all mommies drink wine? By the box? ¬†I thought about doing a Wine for Wednesday ¬†but today is only Tuesday so then I thought maybe a Tipsy Tuesday but the truth is I like wine any night of the week. ¬†So while at the store tonight, my husband and I strolled down the wine isles in search of something new to try. ¬†Tonight’s selection is “Dead Bolt” and “The Middle Sister


Can you tell who chose what? ¬†¬†Both were under $10.oo and if you buy 6 bottles of any wine you get it for even cheaper! ¬†That’s my kind of deal. ((holds up bottle for you to see while looking at reciept)) ¬†The middle sister reminds me of my little M who is also a middle sister. ¬†And she is full of sweet and sass all rolled into one. ¬†Just like this wine.

I have been wanting to try Middle Sister for some time now, and the label has many different flavors and a very clever name ¬†for each flavor. ¬†And well let’s face it…the art work on the label is just so eye catching. ¬†Therefore the catchy names and label just seal the deal for me.(oh yeah…the “Rebel Red” is very tasty)

The Dead Bolt was very good as well. ¬†Dry with a very small hint of sweet. ¬†According to my husband I had more of that bottle. ¬†What does he know?… ¬†Other then the more tipsy I am, the more likely I am to ((beep beep))…there goes the roadrunner.


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