Mid-Summer Update

I can’t believe that we are already nearing the end of July.  It seems like just yesterday I was patiently waiting for the kids to get out of school and now I am anxiously patiently waiting for them to go back.  Here’s a little mid-summer update of what’s been going on.

We started off our summer with a two week vacation to northern California which you can read about here.

No sooner than we got back from there and it was off to southern Nevada to pick up our oldest son, monster B, who is now officially an adult (1 down…4 to go), to come visit before he ships off to boot camp next month.  It was a quick there and back trip, spending most of the time in the car.  But did get to spend some quality time at grandpa’s.

It was just a little hot there…

This video ^ still makes me laugh every time I watch it.  With a little help from Snapchat and my silly voice it came out quite comical.

summer grandpas house swim spa

This is a picture of all the kids in the swim spa which is like a small swimming pool.  Grandpa also has fun things like chickens, an orchard with a pond, and a game room equipped with an old school arcade game that had Pac-Man on it which kept mommy entertained for hours.  It’s also fully stocked with booze that we adults happily helped ourselves to.  I am quite certain the shenanigans lasted until the wee hours of the morning.

I had some fun times with my 16-year-old thinking that my jalapeños from the garden weren’t hot.  His older brother and I dared him to eat a whole one.  So of course he did it.  Because he pretty much does anything he’s dared to do.

Afterwards he was caught guzzling a half-gallon of milk and shoving a half a loaf of bread in his mouth.  He still claims “it wasn’t hot”.

We then headed off for our second family vacation to Idaho.  We visited a place called Brownlee Reservoir which to me looked more like a lake it was so huge.  We were off the grid for 5 whole days.  No internet and no cell service.  At first it was a little weird but then I actually liked the fact that everyone was either fishing, boating, riding their bikes, or playing board games.

This was our view for 5 days

Our friends, who have a boat, invited us.  My 6 and 4-year-old loved being pulled on the tube behind the boat.  The 5-year-old not so much.  Which amazes me as she loves speed.

The above video is her riding her bike down a hill, at the campground, as fast as she could go.  She did this at least a dozen times while we were there but unfortunately biffed it once while trying to race her brother.  Luckily she landed in the grassy part and not the pavement and managed to walk away with only a small scrape to the knee.  Mommy on the other hand almost suffered a small heart attack.

My 16 year old’s girlfriend flew off the raft and lost the entire top bracket of her braces.  And even the hubs and I got in on the action.  Needless to say it’s just as fun as when I was younger, only it’s now, days later, and I am still feeling the effects of holding on for dear life and hitting the water hard enough to obtain quite a few bruises on my legs.

We also took a drive across the dam to a place called Hell’s Canyon.  We took the scenic byway which ran along side the Snake River onto the Oregon side, and it’s literally one road in, turn around and come back.  But absolutely breathtaking scenery.

Hells Canyon Scenic Byway Oregon

Everyone did some fishing but the only ones who caught anything were the teenagers.

fishing brownlee reservoir idaho
Oldest son monster B holding some catch of the day.

Of course that’s pretty easy to do when you don’t have 3 little kid’s poles to keep having to attend to.  Seems like every time I looked, my husband was fixing a pole.  He did get to do some fishing the last night we were there but without any luck.

We stayed at a campground called Woodhead Park Campground which if you are ever in the area I highly recommend.  The bathrooms and showers were the cleanest campground facilities I have ever experienced.

Our friends stayed on the B side but we ventured up to the C side where we found the perfect shaded spot overlooking the reservoir.  Supposedly the camp host on the C side isn’t very nice but we never heard a word out of him.  And the 8 of us could be pretty loud…one night well after 1am.

It was a long ride home yesterday and I was happy to get here and shower in my own shower and sleep in my own bed.

Now just a few days and my best friend will be visiting for a whole week!!!  We will be attending a baseball game in Reno while she’s here and I am sure plenty of other shenanigans to blog all about.

The busy summer isn’t ending anytime soon.  But is quickly flying by.

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~Trees Of Mystery Adventure~

trees mystery vacation California redwoods adventure family

This place is AMAZING!  It’s inexpensive(around $50 for the 6 of us), beautiful, and a great little hike for all members of the family.  My 3 year old did it with no problem.   It’s nestled in the Redwoods National Forest in California about 10 miles south of Crescent City.  The name is Trees Of Mystery and you can click the link to get more information about the place.

When you pull into the parking lot the first thing you see is the huge Paul Bunyan and Babe his blue ox.

trees mystery California Northern Coast Redwoods Paul Bunyon  trees mystery blue ox babe redwoods adventure California coast

Paul Bunyan speaks to you and makes jokes.  We never did locate where the person was watching from…they are very good at hiding it.  The kids of course thought it was really this large statue talking to them and got a total kick out of it.

Once inside it’s a trail just full of redwoods and the beauty of nature.  They have little signs with descriptions of certain trees and even a sky tram that takes you above the trees and up to the top of a wonderful lookout.

Here is a picture of 2 of the 4 kids on the boot of Paul Bunyan and my husband trying to get up there with no success.

trees mystery redwoods California coast adventuretrees mystery California Coast Adventure Redwoods

trees mystery adventure redwoods California coast family vacation

trees mystery adventure redwoods California coast family vacation

trees mystery adventure redwoods California coast vacation family

Some people have chosen this wonderful place to “tie the knot”

trees mystery adventure California redwoods forest family vacation weddings

trees mystery California family vacation redwoods

There is a section with all these little wooden plaques listing all the couples who have given their life away gotten married here.  Love this idea!

trees mystery weddings redwood forest adventure vacation California

This is the “Brotherhood Tree” If you click the link it shows a video on how they measured the tree.  It’s huge!  And I love what the sign represents.

trees mystery adventure family vacation California redwood forest

trees mystery redwoods forest California adventure family vacation

Once you have come to this part of the trail you have the option to ride the sky tram.  Of course everyone wanted to do this.  Except for a gentleman who said he didn’t trust anything that didn’t have screws to connect it to the cable.  My kids didn’t skip a beat and were all thrilled to get in the little cable car.

trees mystery sky tram adventures California family vacation redwoods forest

trees mystery adventure California family vacation humor sky tram redwoods forest

trees mystery sky tram adventure redwoods forest family vacation

trees mystery adventure California redwoods forest family vacation sky tram

We went around 10am and it wasn’t busy at all.  But as we were leaving it was starting to get pretty packed.  Therefore, I am glad we went earlier.  It was a beautiful, almost cool morning so it made for good exercise.  The picture of the view above really doesn’t give it justice.  The whole Redwood Forest is just breath taking!

Below are a couple of facts.  These signs are all throughout the hike and it’s very interesting to learn more about the redwood forest and it’s history.

trees mystery California facts redwoods forest family vacation adventure

trees mystery adventure facts redwoods forest California vacation family

If you are ever visiting the Northern California coast, I highly recommend stopping in and having a hike through this place.  We plan to return again someday.

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