Quote Of The Week ~ Feb 29, 2016

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Love ❤️ this quote especially since I have been working on getting my photography page up and running.  

I’ve loved photography since before I can remember.  In high school I used to spend hours just taking pictures and using the developer room at school to develop them.

I love capturing life’s moments whether it be my own or someone else’s.  

“Develop from the negative” … Learning from mistakes is part of the journey in life.  Taking chances sometimes doesn’t always work out but you can always start over and try again.  Moving forward…always moving forward.


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That’s A Wrap ~ December 12, 2015

Christmas is in full swing here in Souzaville.  We really enjoyed last Saturday by starting off our morning going to the movies to see “The Good Dinosaur”.  My husband’s company he works for  paid for the entire event including popcorn, drink, and candy.   The movie is a really good movie and it’s a good thing I had a scarf on to wipe the tears from my face.

We then headed to the city to see Santa Claus.  I couldn’t believe how packed the mall was and it was only the first shopping week into December.  I figured we were ahead of the game.

The line for Santa was insane and after being in line for an hour a lady came with a sign and luckily put it one person behind us telling everyone that Santa wouldn’t be back until later that evening.  I felt bad for everyone behind the sign that had already been waiting but was happy we made the cut off.

Christmas2015 santa visit mall
Once my kids got their turn to see Santa my daughters knew exactly what to tell him they wanted but my son completely forgot.  He had a full on conversation with Santa but forgot to tell him what he wanted.  When Santa asked him he just blurted out “I’ll take whatever”!

After we got into the car he suddenly remembered what he wanted and then insisted that daddy call him (since daddy’s been telling him for a few weeks now that he has him on speed dial) and tell him what he wanted.  He still wasn’t convinced so after we got home I told him to tell Markle the elf to relay the message to Santa.

I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday being super mom and cleaning and organizing 3 little kids rooms getting them ready for all their new Christmas stuff.

cleaning organizing kids r rooms
I organized drawers, closets, toys, and even washed and put away all their clothes and cleaned all their bedding and made their beds.  Of course now it looks like I was never in there but it was nice for the 30 seconds it lasted.

I also had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with a 1 week old newborn baby who was so tiny compared to the 10 pound babies I gave birth to.  I have been busy trying to get a couple a day edited.  Such a busy time of year that I just need more hours in my day.

photography photoshop newborn photos western
I thought we were so ahead of the game on the wrapping of presents until several packages came this week so it looks like daddy and I will be busy wrapping up a storm this weekend.

I haven’t been to the gym this week and I can tell in my energy level the past few days.  It’s so hard to stay on track with all the holiday goodies floating around.  Hopefully next week I can get back on track.  Come Jan 1st there will be no more excuses.

My 15 year old has started his wrestling season and beat his opponent last night 17-3.  So proud of him he really does give his all to every sport he participates in.  He’s the one on the right and weighs in at 106 pounds and barely 5 foot tall. He’s managing to keep good grades, participate in sports, slacks on his chores sometimes 😉, and has had the same girlfriend for about 6 months now.  It’s hard to believe that he’s come so far from the 8 year old kid I met when I met his father.

wrestling Lowry High School Winmemucca

Hope you all had a fab week!


~Throwback Thusday #1~

Throwback Thursday #throwbackthursday #tbt friends

The following year at the same time….I was pregnant.  Love good friends and old times.

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~Heather And Girls Photo Shoot~

Recently I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with my friend Heather and her two girls.  I love photography and only wish I had a chance to do more of it (besides the gazillion pictures I take of my own kids).  I have taught myself to work quite well with photoshop and the in’s and out’s of my camera.

These were shot at sunset using a Canon 60D camera and edited with photoshop.

Heather And Girls Photo Shoot #photography #photoshop #Canon60D

Heather And Girls Photo Shoot #photography #photoshop

Heather And Girls Photo shoot #photography #photoshop #canon

Heather And Girls Photo Shoot #photograhy #photos #photoshop #memories

Heather And Girls Photo Shoot #photography #photos #memories #photoediting

Heather And Girls Photo Shoot #photography #photos #memories #photoediting #photoshop

Heather And Girls Photo Shoot #photography #photoshop #photoediting #photos #memories

If you would like to see more of my photography please visit here.

What is your go to photo editing program?  What kind of camera do you use?

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~Favorite Quote #13~

I took this picture on the last sunset of our vacation.  It was sad knowing that our vacation was coming to an end but a reflection of all the memories we had made.  Writing about our adventures and taking a ton of pictures will help preserve these moments that I know one day will just be moments to remember.  One day my kids will all be grown and moved away (fingers crossed) and have lives of their own to live.  It will be nice to be able to show them the memories of these earlier years and the stories I have written about their growing up.  It will be not only a collection of their lives, but also a collection of my own.


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Photography: Connect

Mother Child Connection

Connect.  The most substantial connection for me is the one between my children and I.  There has never been a greater moment in my life then the one when I first laid eyes on each of my 3 children and knowing that from that point on I would lay down my life for any of them.