~Irish Twins~

Today is the last day that I will have a 6-year-old and two 4 year olds.  Yes my two youngest are what people call “Irish Twins“.  They were born 11 months apart.

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Baby M left at 3 months Baby Z right at 3 months

There was a time that I lived in such a fog, that if someone were to tell me I would make it this far into motherhood I might have questioned it.   I knew I wanted two kids.  And we planned them to be close together (14 months apart).  What we didn’t plan was the surprise of number 3…11 months after number 2.

I remember sitting at my friend’s house, having a playdate.  Which is really just code for mothers to get together and let the kids play while they cackle like hens and possibly have a cocktail or two.

She asked me how I had been feeling since having baby number 2 and I said all was good but that my body was still out of whack because it had been a couple of months and I still hadn’t had a period but I guessed it was from hormones and breastfeeding.

She looked at me and told me I should get a pregnancy test…I laughed out loud…really loud.

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I explained that there was no way that could be, because at the time my husband was only coming home once a month (his job had him working out-of-town), I was breastfeeding, and I hadn’t had a period so how could I possibly be pregnant?

A couple of weeks went by and I decided one evening that I was feeling like an ice-cold beer.  It had been hot outside that week and I was just craving it.  So off to the store I went.

I remember standing in the beer aisle…and I kept yawning.  I had taken a 5 hr energy that day so I didn’t understand why I was so ……F*****CK.  I left the beer isle and went straight to the pregnancy test isle.

My husband was home at the time and we both quickly proceeded to the bathroom so that I could pee on the stick and we could put to rest the fact that I was not going to be having 3 babies in 3 years.

I peed.

We waited…staring aimlessly at the stick.👀

With our first two the second line came up immediately…but this time there was no second line.  My husband skipped away happily.  But me….I just sat staring at the stick.

And what should appear a few moments later???


I told my husband he may want to come take a second look.😳

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We couldn’t believe it.  But it was true.  After peeing on several more sticks I made an appointment with the doctor and it was confirmed that yes I was going to have my 3rd baby in 3 years.

Today it seems impossible that I made it through the last 4 years without ending up in a straight jacket.  Of course I couldn’t begin to tell you the amount of money I have spent on wine.  But I made it.  And although my two girls are considered to be “Irish Twins”, they are nothing alike.  And in a way…I am thankful for that.

Because I am quite certain our youngest will be living with us until she is 40 something.

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