Quote Of The Week ~ April 24, 2016

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I have just fallen in love with this picture this week and decided to put a quote with it.

My youngest has not been able to play sports with her two older siblings because she wasn’t old enough yet.  I heard about a Spring dance class and decided that I wanted to sign her up. She’s my girlie girl and loves anything pink, purple, and covered with princesses and sparkles.

I didn’t want her older sister to feel left out so I asked her if she too wanted to try dance.  She is the opposite of her sister and wants nothing to do with long hair, pink, purple, and refuses to wear anything that remotely resembles princesses or sparkles.  As a matter of fact if it’s not a super hero it doesn’t even get looked at.

I explained that the class was ballet and that it would be all girls and wearing pink would be a requirement.  To my surprise, she still said yes.

Yesterday we went to the city for a “fun day” and while there went to a dance store to buy the ballet slippers.  She put them on and I asked her again if she was sure she wanted to do this.  She looked at the pink ballet shoe on her foot and looked up at me and replied, without hesitation, “yep”.

When she wanted to cut her hair I worried that she would get teased about looking like a boy.  Because even at that young of an age kids, especially girls, can be so cruel.  

While sitting at the playground one day I overheard a little girl ask her if she was a boy or a girl in which my all of 4 years old daughter replied “Does it matter?” I knew then, at that exact moment, that she was fine with who she was and didn’t care what others thought.  

I realized…that somewhere…she had learned to dance to the beat of her own drum.

Proud mommy of an irreplaceable tomboy,

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